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3/27/09 4:44:19PM
the part that i thought was interestin was..

"In Saturday's Main Event, Remy Bonjasky will meet Alistair Overeem -- the Dutch MMA fighter who shocked K-1 fans with a dramatic KO victory over Badr Hari last New Year's Eve. Bonjasky has been cast in the role of avenger here, with the reputation of K-1 fighters on the line. So gravely is the test regarded that K-1 Event Producer Sadaharu Tanikawa declared a Bonjasky loss on Saturday could amount to "The end of K-1."

The fists and feet fly tomorrow -- today we had a rhetorical thrust and parry.

Bonjasky: "I hope it will be a fantastic event, good luck to everybody."

Overeem scored the first point: "I am 100% ready. Now, we know Remy and we respect him as a three-time champion, but even more, we respect his acting -- both in movies and in the ring. And so we arranged a little something..."

On cue, Overeem's girlfriend Anne took the stage to present a plastic "Oscar" statuette to a smiling Bonjasky.

Bonjasky stood up and responded in a beat: "I will put this with all my trophies, the big ones! And Alistair, maybe you should stop the drugs, because you're also getting big, bigger and bigger, even your clothes don't fit you any more!"

Overeem's comeback attempt, "I'm from Holland, everybody in Holland does drugs," didn't earn him the win today. Will this size and power get him the glory tomorrow? Or will it be Bonjasky's speed and technique? The world is watching."

thought that was a funny comeback from Overeem..it kinda shows he not too witty with his words..but what he was tryin to do was kinda funny too..since Bonjasky acted like he was hurt in the Badr match..when we all know he could of gotten up..that was an Oscar Award..with all that said..i still got Overeem by 2nd round KO...

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