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8/6/08 5:20:24PM
Tito Ortiz (Pictures) knows it’s all about the timing.

Which is why most of the fight community tuned in to a news conference Wednesday in Las Vegas for the Oct. 11 Affliction 2 "Day of Reckoning" only to hear that the fighter would not only not be attending, but also that he has not yet been signed by the promotion.

8/6/08 7:44:28PM
Nothing against you Mchubb. This is an affront on the article itself. It's sort of the who cares article of the century. "We would like to announce that Tito won't be watching from the stands and we haven't signed him." THANKS Sherdog. Because we know so much more now than we did two seconds ago.
8/7/08 1:15:27AM
seems lame if he doesn't sign,
but it wouldn't be a shock if he signed with the ufc
8/7/08 1:26:31AM
He won't.
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