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7/2/07 11:02:27AM
Speaking from a warm Albuquerque, New Mexico, Mark Bocek took time out of his busy training schedule to discuss how things are going just a week away from his UFC lightweight debut against Frank Edgar (Pictures), slated for July 7 in Sacramento, Calif.

7/2/07 4:10:11PM
HFC coming ot Edmonton is awesome. I live in Lethbridge and I have seen a lot of the guys from Lethbridge fight and to have a show like this is great for everyone. I hope that Jason is right about his UFC debut. That would be great to watch. I always enjoy watching him fight and it sucked when he lost to Cote. I am glad to see that that loose did not affect his chances with the UFC.
7/2/07 4:54:25PM
speel chek kash
7/2/07 4:58:17PM
I think his win over Jonathan Goulet two weeks after his loss to Cote helped a bit.
7/2/07 5:16:13PM
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