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POLL: Is Kos really portrayed as a "Bad guy" to George's "Good guy"?
Yes - worse than I imagined 26% (11)
Yes - but not as bad as I thought 26% (11)
No - he's not that cool but not that bad 17% (7)
No - I'm impressed with him as a coach/person 19% (8)
No - I'd like him to marry my daughter! 2% (1)
Don King is the bad guy. 10% (4)
10/7/10 10:20:21AM
I'm interested in knowing if (so far) TUF12 is changing Kos' image or if it is exaggerating it in the minds of the fans.
10/7/10 10:21:50AM
I think he's a solid coach just from what I've seen.
10/7/10 10:25:20AM
He's a good coach but has terrible character.
10/7/10 10:29:47AM
I was expecting (and secretly hoping for) him to be more of a d*ck towards GSP. I also understand that it's still early in the season...

Impressive so far.
10/7/10 8:30:59PM
I don't see how he's being portrayed as the "tough guy". He's not doing a very good job. He's like the school-yard bully wanna-be that eventually gets curb stomped for thinking he's tougher than he really is. I'll admit that I was neautral with Koscheck going into the season, I wasn't happy with his fight against Anthony Johnson, but I had nothing against him. I actually sorta liked him just because he trained at my favorite camp, AKA. But when the TUF started up and I seen how stupid he was in his interviews and confronting GSP, I lost all interest in him.

I mean, seriously, how do you poke fun at a guy whose dominated you and almost every fighter you've faced as well? Koscheck knows that if GSP was the sort of guy to throw down in public, he'd be getting his ass kicked every day. Like in the last episode of TUF, when Koscheck was poking fun at what GSP liked to wear inside the octagon, you kinda notice Koscheck laugh akwardly, and you can even see Jon Fitch hesitate to laugh in the background. It's like Liddell and Ortiz, hard to make fun of someone that already beat your ass.
10/7/10 9:35:00PM
I'm finding Koschecks failed attempts at gettting under GSP's skin so far to be one of the more entertaining parts of this season. I like him a lot more as a coach than I did when he was a contestant.

10/7/10 11:02:28PM
I picked yes but not as bad because no matter what he will just because GSP is so nice but kos is holding up nicely so far.
10/8/10 12:45:29AM
i was waiting for the hairy dude from revenge of the nerds to show up and back up kos when he said he didn't want to lose to a nerd. he could've shown up in the background and just said "NEERRRRRDDDDSSS" with alot of disdain and that would've really cemented how kos feels on that subject
10/9/10 11:53:00AM
I know that selective editing goes on but you can't edit words into somebody's mouth. I can't stand Kos. I never could, since his time on TUF. The dude doesn't need any help playing the role of villain.

Unless Kos has just said the words "nerd" "lose" and "want" in separate interviews and they smoothly spliced it together.


If in conversations with GSP in front of the cage (while him self wearing a speedo) he at separate times said "why", "do", "you", "wear", and "speedo's". Again, the TUF Editing Team must be better than any other I've ever seen..
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