What K-1 (kickboxing)fighter would make the best transition to UFC or Pride?

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8/24/07 5:43:20PM
Bonjasky, maybe Mirko can talk him into it. I think if they put together a camp(like their doing now) they could both dominate the HW div. Imagine Bonjasky throwing his flying knees, the US crowd would looove him.
8/25/07 4:08:16AM
i dunno y but wit his athleticism and frame i just envision remy having an incredible sprawl and if he keeps it on the feet.. watch out for those knees!!
8/25/07 6:26:10AM

Posted by hippysmacker

Yeah Bojansky has the ability..

He could probably learn quite fast, but I'm not sure I'd want to see him in MMA. I love watching him in pitched battles on his feet, so seeing him rolling around on the floor would just be time I was waiting for him to get back up!
8/28/07 1:16:55PM
Jerome Lebanner!!!!
8/28/07 1:31:19PM
And uhm...a guy know as Mike Zambidi
8/28/07 8:30:21PM
I think he's in K1. but I'd like to see that Lumberjack guy in UFC. I cant remember what his name is because I've only seen clips of him on youtube but He's awesome
8/29/07 11:11:49AM

Posted by tffdwg38

Ernesto Hoost

I think Hoost migt be getting on a bit to be fighting in MMA...again, another person I love to see in K-1 and not really someone I'd be wild about watching in MMA.
8/29/07 12:52:52PM
K-1 fighters should stay in K-1, and MMA fighters should stay in MMA. Hunt and Cro Cop are the only two to have a succesful crossover.

The skills learned in K-1 arent that useful for MMA; you need to have awesome technical striking ability, but the more complex stuff isn't worth that much when someone can just take you do down. Just like an MMA practicioner crossing to K-1 would be annihilated by the K-1 competitors, simply because they don't have enough depth to their striking skills.

I don't want to see any of the K-1 greats tarnishing their careers by rolling around in cages for MMA events. They are two different sports, that require very different skills.
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