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12/3/07 11:23:54AM
So far the only two fighters rumoured to be on the card are Macdonald and possibly Shogun. Either way: Sign me up! I'm definately going to see this event.

Who else is goin?

12/3/07 1:28:23PM
Whoa! Its in Canada? I havent heard anything about this but if so, im definitely going!!!!
12/3/07 1:54:48PM
If UFC comes to Canada... You can count me in
12/3/07 2:20:16PM

Posted by Kastro

Whoa! Its in Canada? I havent heard anything about this but if so, im definitely going!!!!

Supposedly Montreal, though Dana has crapped on us so many times I'm trying not to get my hopes up. But in a recent interview, Macdonald said it would be in Canada.
12/3/07 5:21:39PM
Where's this, the Bell Centre?
12/3/07 5:35:49PM
I'm hoping it'll be in Edmonton or Calgary. There near where I live. I doubt they'll be there. If they are though, I'm defiantly going. And Alberta does allow MMA, pretty loose rules, I've seen knees on the ground.
12/3/07 5:56:46PM

Posted by themmadigest

Where's this, the Bell Centre?

The Bell Center is at montreal, where the Montreal Canadien are playing !!

I will be there !!

12/4/07 3:38:14AM
IF it does happen I will be there. I've always said I would go when it came and it has been dangled in front of us Canadians for about a year and a half. The only way I won't go is if I have an exam that day. I am in my last semester of UNiversity or else I might have even skipped it. lol

If Shogun is on that card I will go nuts his is definetly in my top 3 favourites.
It would be awesome if the card looked like.

GSP- Serra for title solidarity WW
Shogun vs. Bonnar LHW
Kongo vs. Gonzaga HW
MacDonald vs. Kampmann MW
Leben vs. Cote 2 MW
Doerkson vs. Smith MW
Hominick/Stout vs. Lauzon LW
Tyler Jackson vs. whoever
Jason Day vs. Whoever

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