K-1 vs GLORY

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7/19/12 11:58:26PM
they are being described as the two premier kickboxing organisations in the world at the moment. after buying 'It's Showtime' GLORY have eliminated all competition (except K-1) and with a roster full of talented and upcoming fighters i think they have the potential to be great and even surpass K-1. let me know your opinons
7/20/12 12:00:14AM
K1 for ever
7/20/12 4:03:27AM
I love kickboxing in general but it does seem that Glory is fast rising while K-1 is on the decline. As long as there is actually a K-1 GP this year I will be happy.
7/20/12 5:16:03PM
K-1 is amazing but GLORY buying It's Showtime is going to be pretty badass as well. I'm very excited to see what the next few cards look like.
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