M-1 Global and Fedor file lawsuit against Affliction

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11/3/09 7:56:32PM
It is currently being reported that M-1 Global and Fedor Emelianenko have filed a lawsuit against Affliction Clothing, Affliction Entertainment and 50 unnamed John Does in the Central District of California.

The complaint, filed on October 28th 2009, alleges a breach of contract and breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing as it relates to a series of prearranged agreements between Fedor, M-1 Global, and Affliction.

11/3/09 8:14:07PM
Exhibit A: Dana spilling the beans about Vitor way back in June

In all seriousness, it may be true, but I doubt they could prove it...unless of coarse that worm Todd Beard surfaces again...oh wait, doh!
11/3/09 10:08:57PM
They are reaching at best with this case. Company's tend to only open cases like this when they are hurting very badly.
11/3/09 10:11:11PM
Not sure what are the legal aspects of the case, but I think in defense of Affliction, I think it would be safe to say that they were justified in canceling an event sold on the basis of a main event, when that main event fell through at the last minute.
11/3/09 10:53:26PM
Maybe they should sue Barnett for testing positive for steroids and ruining the event they had spent money planning and promoting for several months.
11/3/09 11:41:18PM
I don't see anyway Fedor loses this.
11/4/09 12:19:50AM
Fedor by Kimura

This may have to do with video rights. In case you've noticed, CBS hasn't shown any of Fedor's Affliction or PRIDE fights because Zuffa owns it all. And, if you remember, one of the rumored problems with teh Zuffa requested contract was that Fedor wanted to be able to keep his own fight material rights. So selling his video rights to Zuffa could have been a breach of contract.
11/4/09 12:22:23AM

Affliction elected to serve its own financial interests at the expense of its partners.

So they acted like a company?

11/4/09 12:23:45AM
mma orgs especially the small regional "farm league" shows fold all the time and fighters get screwed thats a part of this sport it sucks but if a show cant make money and obviously theres no way that trilogy was going to be profitable then u have to cut your losses and fold in a lot of cases. Happened with the IFL as well. Hopefully this lawsuit gets thrown out.. Now I have reason #317 to hate M-1. No wonder why the UFC doesnt want to deal with these d bags. (M-1 not Fedor)
11/4/09 4:02:19AM
Bet this goes to a judges decision
11/4/09 11:28:18AM
I hope Coker is paying attention
11/4/09 1:25:46PM

Posted by Gogoplatapus

I don't see anyway Fedor loses this.

I believe the phrase is

Fedor by armbar.
11/4/09 4:14:10PM
LOL at some of these posts.

here is the full text of the lawsuit:
full text of suit

11/4/09 4:22:19PM

Posted by dangerfield

Bet this goes to a judges decision

Actually the are asking for a jury trial, so unless the case gets dismissed (the legal equivalent of KO rnd 1) by the judge or Affliction pleads guilty (sub rnd 1) this battle is going to a juries decision.

To take it way off topic... has anyone ever explored the idea of an mma bout being decided by jury? Instead of having the judges score the fights according to their various interpretations of the rules, they could just pick 12 random people from off the street, make them watch the fight, and then ask them who they think won. Majority rules... the democratization of mma.
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