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4/16/08 3:06:14PM

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight titleholder Rich “Ace” Franklin will look to get back to his winning ways this Saturday night when he takes on Travis Lutter. Both fighters are looking to find their way back to the top of the 185-pound weight class.

Franklin has been a mainstay in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio for many years, working with coaches like Jorge Gurgel and Neal Rowe, but for the fight with Lutter, the former champion has moved his camp to the Northwest and started training with Matt Hume.

In a recent interview with MMAWeekly Radio, Franklin divulged that after working with Hume for a short time prior to his second fight with Anderson Silva, he decided to split his camp between Cincinnati and working in Seattle with Hume. He believes the change will do nothing but positives for his overall game.

4/16/08 3:11:41PM
I hope Rich does well. He is such a classy guy it is hard to not chear for him.
4/16/08 3:33:07PM
I think the next step for rich should be to cut out the half of his camp he does at gorges acadamey, and mabeys train at aka, or ec where he can work on his wrestling. I just can see him improving much training with his current partners. Im glad hes been training with hume though, hes got a pretty good camp set up.
4/16/08 4:52:08PM
Rich is a class act. It's tough though. It seems like Anderson is just his Kyptonite just like Rampage is Chucks. Stylistically he will just have a hard night. Rich is a true champ though and is always gracious in defeat.
4/16/08 6:32:39PM
What is up with the Rich hugfest?

I go to other sites and they hate the guy. No idea why though.

Frankin does seem like a pretty cool guy. Hope he walks through Lutter!

Everyone keeps saying they want to see him fight Hendo. Am I the only one the wants to see Franklin/Marquardt?
4/16/08 7:28:20PM
i predict lutter second round tapout
4/16/08 7:47:13PM
i got Franklin by 2rd round KO... Lutter looked good against a non 100% Silva... so i don't see Lutter beating Ace.... That being said whos left for Rich after that... there is Hendo which will be a good fight... but if Ace climbs the ladder again what is he gonna do if he manages to earn anotehr Title shot... hes been bent over an raped with a sand paper condom twice by Silva... would he really want to do that again?
4/16/08 8:02:20PM
There is no way Franklin fights Silva again from 2 different points of view. One from a fighting/organization point of view. And the 2nd from the fans point of view.

The UFC accomplishes nothing by marching Franklin back to the butcher. We know he cant win, so why give it a shot. And Franklin would be crazy to want another nose sur.gery.

The fans dont want to see it. Not even as the 2nd fight of the night type of fight which would never happen.

I see Franklin fighting for 2nd. Silva will leave the MW division. He has to. Up or down he has to go. That will leave Franklin as the top contender for the belt or at least one of the participants for the belt.
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