K-1 Fighters Get Ready for New Year's Eve

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12/30/07 2:29:16PM
OSAKA, December 30, 2007 -- When Alfred Tennyson wrote "ring out the old, ring in the new," the English poet was referring to the pealing of church bells to mark the beginning of a new year. It is also a Japanese tradition to strike the temple bell on December 31, but these days Tennyson's phrase could just as easily be applied to the ringside bell at the Dynamite!! New Year's Eve fightsport extravaganza.

Over the last five years, K-1 Premium Dynamite!! has become one of the most widely-watched television productions in Japan, with estimates of up to 30 million viewers. This is fightsport entertainment for the entire family, and tomorrow's lineup is designed for maximum appeal. The evening's 15 fights will feature wily veterans and wide-eyed teens; popular television "tarento" and foreign behemoths; and yes, more than a few match ups aimed at martial arts purists.

12/30/07 2:30:44PM
This is a much better card than Yarrenoka! I still don't know why this wasn't in the secondary league on this site. I'm looking for a way to watch it as we speak. I want to see Sakuraba fight Funaki, and I am also excited about the Kid fight.
12/30/07 2:45:38PM
Hey man, if you find out how to watch it would you give us a heads up....I'd be in your debt!!!
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