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8/23/07 4:48:05PM
If there has already been a thread with this question.... my bad

Now that we're only a couple of days away from 74, what fight will take "FOTN"?

I'm going to go with Guida vs. Aurelio. Very even matchup with a guy that really like to push the pace in Guida. Hopefully this fight will be shown on the PPV broadcast.

If it doesn't, then I'm going with GSP vs. Koscheck. This fight could be FOTY if they both let it go and do not fight conservatively.
8/23/07 4:51:50PM
I agree, I think Guida should have won his last fight and is set win FOTN this weekend.
8/23/07 4:54:34PM
Joe Daddy VS Kurt Pelligrino
8/23/07 5:03:03PM
The battle of the night is going to be the heavy weight title. Gonzaga won't get a quick win like he did against CC.
8/23/07 5:06:27PM

Posted by peachfuzzz1305

Joe Daddy VS Kurt Pelligrino

Joe is always fun to watch
8/23/07 5:20:41PM
Clay vs Marcus
8/23/07 6:04:56PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Clay vs Marcus

damn right. Guida is fun to watch win or lose he brings it. and whoever said kos gsp, cmon, when has kos ever been involved in fight of the night? kos has to rank as one of the most boring fighters to watch
8/23/07 8:49:04PM
Randy and GG. Should be a very close match-up. I think it will be very exciting and will be the FOTN.
8/23/07 9:36:15PM
Im hoping its gonna be GSP vs Koscheck. It seems to have all the makings to be the FOTN. However i would not count out the Clay vs Marcus match up. Im also looking forward to the Grove vs Cote fight. that looks like it could be a great fight.
8/23/07 11:49:47PM
huerta vs crane will be FOTN.
8/24/07 12:04:14AM
I'd say Guida vs Aurelio, but if Crane pulls some huge upset, then Crane vs. Huerta will be the Fight of the Night.
8/24/07 12:12:22AM
Guida vs Aurelio probably, but I doubt we'll get a chance to see it broadcast unless theres some very quick fights on the main card. Really its one of the most solid PPVs they've put together in a long time.
8/24/07 12:15:00AM
Yeah, I'm hoping for some quick fights, so we can see it.
8/24/07 2:31:44AM
i think it is going to be the fight between Kos and GSP. Cmon these are 2 of the most explosive/athletic fighters in the UFC/ MMA??? i hope to see a 3 round war that these guys kill each other in the process
8/24/07 3:07:54AM
Kos vs Pierre. I want to see Pierre win and dominate the whole fight or Kos will be cocky for the rest of his career.
8/24/07 8:04:13AM
I also think it will be Aurelio-Guida. The Lightweights have put on a lot of great fights in recent memory and this one should be no exception.
8/24/07 8:22:33AM
stevenson vs pellegrino
8/25/07 3:48:31AM
i think grove vs cote is gonna be a good fight, but gsp vs kos is gonna be a standup war. I say gonzaga vs couture is gonna be the FOTN.
8/25/07 5:38:17AM

Posted by Basshandsome

Randy and GG. Should be a very close match-up. I think it will be very exciting and will be the FOTN.

I have to agree if Randy pulls it out. No matter how he did it, I think everyone is pulling for him so hard their on the edge of their seats during the fight.
8/25/07 10:59:26AM
Aurelio-Guida or GSP-Kos. IMO
8/25/07 11:05:19AM
Gonzaga - Randy as it has the potential to go all five rounds, remaining competitive. A potential war.

Thre are some good fights on this card, Aurelio - Guida could be quite exciting.
8/25/07 12:23:28PM
Patrick Cote and Kendall Grove...

They both have pretty decent stand up...

but if Cote does end up rocking Kendall you know Kendall will slam him donw and finsih wit dat vicous Team Punishment GNP...
8/25/07 6:35:37PM
8/25/07 6:43:34PM
Randy and Gonzaga
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