K-1 exploring India as potential breeding ground for next generation fighters

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9/27/09 12:01:45PM
At age 21, Singh “Heart” Jaideep became the youngest fighter to qualify for the K-1 World Grand Prix (WGP).

He unfortunately did not endear himself to the fans with the lackluster, five-round snoozefest against Ewerton Teixeira at Olympic Park in Seoul, Korea. Unless he can stage an impressive comeback, he will not linger in the collective memory of the K-1 world for too long.

Nevertheless, his participation in the WGP bears the mark of an important milestone — given his ethnicity/nationality.

9/27/09 3:39:42PM
It's because of their stretchy limbs.
9/27/09 8:31:59PM
I've been at all of his live K-1 fights out of chance, and I think he's got a long way to go but he's a young kid, he's really tall and has a lot of time to work out some of his problems. He really took it to Teixeira in a bout that should have easily been Ewerton's to win. I think in a couple years he'll be someone to watch out for.

Also met the guy after that fight, nice dude. He was really funny too, he was just wandering around places aimlessly. I saw him like 4 times in places he really didnt need to be.
9/28/09 12:22:33PM

Posted by grappler0000

It's because of their stretchy limbs.

On a related note... how long do you have to take yoga until they show you how to breath fire? I have been training yoga for two months now at the mall and have been waiting patiently but am almost at the end of my rope.
9/28/09 12:28:57PM
I'm curious why we don't see more Thai fighters in K-1 max and more Thai standouts overall.
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