K-1 Dynamite!! Results

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12/31/07 6:32:01PM

The following are the quick-match results from the K-1 Dynamite!! 2007 year-end show from Osaka, Japan.
12/31/07 10:26:47PM
How in the world did Zuluzinho beat Minowa? I thought he was the king of the freakshow fights. I'm looking for that video now.
1/1/08 4:35:48AM
Couldn't find out myself...if you get a link to the video give us a hand!
1/1/08 1:48:43PM
Here you go

Minowa vs Zuluzhino

I loved the Sapp fight lol
1/1/08 6:47:10PM
minowa's chinese mullet never get old to look at, zulu needs to lose weight that guys arteries are going to get crusted over by cholestoral
1/1/08 8:20:42PM
Haha, you gotta love "freakshow" fights. Always fun to watch.

Too bad it wasnt in the UFC, I was in the mood of hearing showers of boo's every second of "idle action" in the fight.
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