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12/31/08 8:04:29AM

Posted by mentalcase

Posted by Jimbo


happy new year dude
where u at?

its 11pm for me 1 more hour

12/31/08 8:11:16AM
Round 1
Sakuraba evades or checks two low kicks before dropping for the single leg. Tamura drops to his knees and tries to defend the takedown. Sakuraba grabs Tamura’s foot on the leg opposite from his single, attempting to take out his base. Tamura reaches around, trying to pry Sakuraba off, but the IQ Wrestler stays doggedly in place. Sakuraba transitions to the back for a moment before Tamura explodes and reverses Sakuraba, landing on top in side mount. Tamura is all tangled up in Sakuraba’s limbs for the moment however, giving way to Sakuraba putting him into full guard. Tamura attempts to pound from on top as Sakuraba reaches up to control Tamura’s posture. Sakuraba climbs his legs up, looking to lock up a sub. Tamura bursts free from a half-hearted triangle attempt and begins hammering. Sakuraba goes for wrist control, then briefly attempts the armbar before Tamura pops out and resumes hammer fist assaults. Sakuraba with the occasional punch from the bottom now, but he’s eating the majority of Tamura’s shots. Sakuraba pushes Tamura off and Tamura stands up from Saku’s guard. Sakuraba rolls into a leg lock on Tamura’s left leg. Tamura drops to his haunches and punches Sakuraba’s face and the side of his head in defense. Sakuraba half-heartedly tries to cover up, waiting for Tamura to tire before pursuing the leg lock. Sakuraba flips over to his back and puts Tamura in guard then. Referee Noguchi repositions them in the ring, and Tamura drops more punches on a weary looking Sakuraba as soon as the bout is resumed. Sakuraba’s corner tell him that there’s only three minutes remaining, and the veteran wearily responds “hai.” Sakuraba throws up his legs in another half-hearted triangle, trying to pull Tamura’s left arm out. Tamura thus pounds hammer fists down with his right hand until Sakuraba traps both hands and hugs them to his chest. Tamura stacks Sakuraba, and then sits back, freeing his arms. Tamura breaks Sakuraba’s guard and stands up, looking to drop punches. The opening doesn’t really present itself, so he settles back into guard to grind it out with small shots. Sakuraba tries again for the armbar, locking up Tamura’s left arm from bottom. He cannot extend it before the bell however. 10-9 Tamura.

Round 2
Sakuraba evades a low kick, but the second low kick lands hard into his left leg, prompting him to drop for the single. Tamura stuffs him and Sakuraba flops to his side. Tamura drops some punishing blows before Sakuraba reverts back to guard. The referee repositions them in the center. Sakuraba takes both of Tamura’s wrists, but Tamura breaks free and drops several hard punches. The referee orders a break, eliciting an expression of depressing futility from Sakuraba, who stays lying on the canvas. The ref issues a yellow card to both fighters for not fighting aggressively. Two Tamura low kicks toSak’s lead right leg, and Sakuraba absorbs them, wobbly. Tamura throws another that clips his left before shooting for the takedown. Sakuraba sucks him into a loose guillotine, but Tamura pops out and resumes dropping hammer fists. Another break and standup comes from referee Noguchi. Sakuraba shoots for the tD and gets it this time, landing in Tamura’s guard. Sakuraba eats a few punches from Tamura before passing to half guard at the last minute. Tamura takes a hold of Sakuraba’s right arm, holding him down, not allowing him to punch or pass. Sakuraba tries valiantly to get in and ending barrage in the final moments, but it looks like it’s too little too late. Tamura takes Sakuraba’s hand in both of his, shaking his hand as he gets to his feet to return to the corner for the decision.

Judges Hume, Shimada, and Miyake unanimously give the bout to Kiyoshi Tamura.

12/31/08 8:12:45AM
Damn. Finished 4-2 (since Jansen vs JZ was cancelled). Was hoping Alvarez and Saku would pull it out.
12/31/08 8:14:07AM
awwwww saku lost, not a great start to 2009. I just couldnt pick against him but i had tamura in my parlay
12/31/08 8:19:16AM
6-0 61 points i messed up the hot bout picked ud but all other fights perfect ecept semmys sub

i picked tumura by UD only cause sherdog and mmweekly both said that was going to happen
12/31/08 8:41:01AM
12/31/08 10:55:43AM
Melvin is the Man!! Knocked out the unknockable in a mere 18 seconds. with a 75lb weight disadvantage.
12/31/08 11:35:42AM
What the @#&$ happened to Mark Hunt..?

Here's the not-so-live stream, for anyone who doesn't have it already. Alvarez-Aoki is just starting.
12/31/08 11:37:42AM

Posted by AchillesHeel

What the @#&$ happened to Mark Hunt..?

Dealt with.
12/31/08 2:35:42PM

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