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12/3/08 9:01:56PM

Posted by Jackelope

Has anybody tried contacting anyone at Sherdog's HQ? I can send them an e-mail asking for clarification. I'd imagine they'll know.

I haven't asked but that would be a good idea.
12/3/08 9:06:37PM
I'll shoot them an e-mail if it's cool with Hippysmacker. I guess technically we're a "competitor" but they may oblige.
12/11/08 10:30:30AM
Looking for official confirmation of this but Weekly is now listing Mark Hunt vs. Jerome LeBanner with MMA rules as a rumored fight for this card.

Edit: Alvarez-Aoki has now been officially confirmed. Mania also lists Hunt-JLB as K-1 Rules although Weekly says MMA rules. Again, trying to confirm both fight and rules.
2nd edit: Junkie confirms both Hunt-JLB and that it's MMA Rules.

Unrelated edit: There will be no Yoshihiro Akiyama on the card. From BloodyElbow:

FEG president Sadaharu Tanigawa said that negotiations with Akiyama have stopped. He said that they gave Akiyama a list of around 10 candidates, but Akiyama himself refused participation. The reason is still a mystery. He also said that this stop of negotiations is for Dynamite!!, there have been no talk about DREAM for 2009 yet.
12/11/08 5:02:00PM
Card looks awesome. I thought Satoshi Ishii (Judo Gold medalist) would be making his first appearance here, but no sign of him.

Although the card looks evenly matched, I think there are a lot of bad style matchups for fighters and this should be a relatively easy card to pick.
12/15/08 4:26:27PM
Let the conspiracy theories re-emerge once again. First CC was on. Then he was off. Now he's on again. K-1 Rules fight against Hong-Man Choi. Let's see if this one sticks.
12/16/08 6:44:27AM
Now add Semmy Schilt vs. "Mighty Mo" to the card. Also add Hideo Tokoro vs. Daisuke Nakamura, both fights with MMA rules, and Yoshihiro Sato vs. Artur Kyshenko with K-1 kickboxing rules.
12/16/08 9:21:57AM
This card is shaping up nicely. Just sucks for me personally because I'm not a big fan of kickboxing and would love to see fights like Cro Cop vs Hong Man Choi with mma rules.
12/17/08 7:04:54PM
Wish granted. Now I hear CC-Choi is MMA rules.


That one should be fun.
12/22/08 10:26:24AM
Somehow I knew this was coming...K-1 has taken a page from the Japanese wrestling promotion "Hustle" and made a pure freakshow match that is sure to have us laughing nonstop: Bob Sapp vs. "Kinniku Mantaro", who will be played by Japanese amateur wrestling prospect Akihito Tanaka. Mantaro is known to start matches off slowly and act a bit of a coward in the TV show until his opponent acts dishonorably (as Sapp does from time to time). Then Mantaro gets his inner strength and hulks up or something along those lines. (That according to Mania) All they need now is some run-ins courtesy of Kaiju Big Battel (not a typo) and the CHIKARA Pro Wrestling Gang to get in on the fun.

And it's MMA Rules.

Edit: Here's a picture of the matchup:
12/22/08 1:40:52PM
All about the ratings.
12/24/08 12:24:47PM
2 more additions to the MMA side of the card: Hayato Sakurai vs. Katsuyori Shibata and Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Andy Ologun. Should be a pretty easy one for Mach, Shibata is winless in his last 6 (5 straight losses with a Draw in his last fight). The other fight probably is for ratings: Andy Ologun is the brother of the Nigerian-born, Japanese TV-personality Bobby Ologun. Yukio Sakaguchi is the brother of actor Kenji Sakaguchi. The Sakaguchis' father was a former heavyweight champion wrestler.

Also, it looks like it won't air on TV in the US, but an internet PPV stream may be offered worldwide.
12/24/08 3:32:03PM
this card could be a contender for one of the top 5 mma/k1 fight cards of the year. Alistair Overeem vs. Badr Hari will be a bad fight. Badr hits hard, he will ko alistair in one round.
12/29/08 12:57:31PM
So is the official word that the only way to watch this is purchasing on internet?

So with that said, is Sopcast going to have a stream?

Will HDNET play this in days following?

I really want to watch this, but i just cant see throwing money to watch it online.

Just wish, HDNet would allow us to watch it a week or two later for free, since they play all these fighters on dreams for free on hdnet.

Anyways, should be great, just wish we had an oppurtunity to watch it for free.
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