M-1 Challenge 2009 Opener Quick Results (Spoilers)

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2/22/09 2:48:45PM
Fights will air on HDNet at a later date, and you're gonna see some big upsets from last night:

Team Finland vs. Team Benelux (Finland wins 4-1) -
Danny van Bergen (150.92 lbs.) def. Juha-Pekka Vainkainen (154 lbs.) via unanimous decision
Janne Tulirinta (166.32 lbs.) def. Tommy Depret (165 lbs.) via submission (D'Arce choke) at 2:30 of round 1
Lucio Linhares (184.36 lbs.) def. Kamil Uygun (182.16 lbs.) via submission (armbar) at 1:22 of round 1
Marcus Vanttinen (204.6 lbs.) def. Jason Jones (200.2 lbs.) via unanimous decision
Toni Valtonen (228.8 lbs.) def. Sander Duyvis (253.88 lbs.) via knockout (slam) at 0:18 of round 1

Team South Korea vs. the Imperial Team (Formerly Team Red Devil/Russia) (South Korea wins 3-2) -
Do Hyung Kim (154 lbs.) def. Mikhail Malyutin (151.88 lbs.) via unanimous decision
Myung Ho Bae (166.76 lbs.) def. Erik Oganov (167.2 lbs.) via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:12 of round 2
Dmitry Samolyov (182.16 lbs.) def. Hyung Yu Lim (184.8 lbs.) via unanimous decision
Jae Young Kim (204.16 lbs.) def. Mikhail Zayats (200.2 lbs.) via knockout (high kick) at 4:02 of round 2
Alexy Oleinik (231 lbs.) def. Sang Soo Le (234.08 lbs.) via submission (Ezekiel choke) at 4:27 of round 2

Team USA West vs. Team Brazil Naja (Team USA West wins 3-2) -
Dave Jansen (154 lbs.) def. Flavio Alvaro (154 lbs.) via unanimous decision
Eduardo Pamplona (163.24 lbs.) def. Dylan Clay (165.88 lbs.) via TKO (strikes) at 2:48 of round 3
Reggie Orr (182.6 lbs.) vs. Juliano Belgine (180.84 lbs.) via split decision
Raphael Davis (204.16 lbs.) def. Jair Goncalves (199.32 lbs.) via TKO (strikes) at 4:05 of round 1
Jose Franca (243.76 lbs.) def. Carl Seumanutafa (260.04 lbs.) via split decision

Next up: Sofia, Bulgaria. Matchups: Bulgaria vs. USA South, China vs. the World Team, and Turkey vs. Australia/New Zealand.
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