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6/23/07 3:25:43PM
Didnt keep track of all results, but a few of the bigger names...

Manhoef won by KO in about 30 seconds...

Peter Aerts def. Bob Sapp 30 seconds into the first with a single knee to the body. Sapp showed questionable heart, once again. Fun event to watch...

Poul Slowinski wins tournament...

He KO's Bjorn Bregy in a very strange delayed knockout. He was out, stumbled, then went down.

Semmy Schilt def. Mighty Mo by unan dec.

Schilt picked him apart the entire fight... Mo showed a lot of heart and toughness, as usual...

pretty good event overall...

6/26/07 8:36:59AM
taken from subfighter


MMA Rules / 5Min.2R
Sahin Yakut (Holland) VS Vincent Latoel (Turkey)
winner: Latoel by decision

K-1 EUROPE GP Reserve Fight / K-1 Rules / 3Min.3R Ext.1R
Gokhan Saki (Turkey) VS Mourad Bouzidi (Holland)
winner: Saki by decision

K-1 Rules / 3Min.3R Ext.1R
Pajonsuk (Thailand) VS Tarik El Idrissi (Morocco)
winner: Ponjansuk by TKO R1 (probably broken shinbone for El Idrissi)

MMA Rules / 3Min.3R Ext.1R
Alistair Overeem (Holland) VS Michael Knaap(Holland)
winner:Overeem by Submission (Guillotine choke) R1

K-1 Rules / 3Min.3R Ext.1R
Joerie Mes (Holland) VS Murat Direkci (Turkey)
winner: Direkci by medical inter.

MMA Rules / 5Min.2R
Gilbert Yvel (Holland) VS Hakim Gouram (Morocco)
winner: Yvel by TKO R1

Superbout K-1 Rules 3Min.3R Ext.2R
Ruslan Karaev (Russia) VS Melvin Manhoef (Holland)
winner: Manhoef by KO R1 (20 seconds)

K-1 8-men tournament:
Brecht Wallis - Bjorn Bregy
winner: Bregy by decision

Maksym Neledva - Magomed Magomedov
winner: Magomedov by decision

Paul Slowinski - Hiromi Amada
winner: Slowinski by TKO R1

Zabit Samedov - James Philips
winner: Samedov by decision

Special Fight / K-1 Special Rules 2Min.3R
Hiroya (Japan) VS Roy Tan (Holland)
winner: Hiroya by decision

Bregy vs. Magomedov
winner: Bregy by TKO

Slowinski vs. Samedov
winner: Slowinski by TKO - Low kicks

Super Fights / K-1 Rules / 3Min.3R Ext.2R
Junichi Sawayashiki (Japan) VS Nicolas Vermont (France)
winner: Sawayashiki by TKO R2

Peter Aerts (Holland) VS Bob Sapp (U.S.A.)
winner: Aerts by KO R1 (10 seconds) Sapp rushed Aerts and got caught with a nasty knee in the gut, Sapp just quit this fight he was looking in very bad shape and ran back to the locker rooms, Aerts picked up the mic from the announcer and said he would fight someone else for free

Bregy vs. Slowinski
winner: Slowinski by TKO R2

Super Fight / K-1 Rules /3Min.3R
Semmy Schilt vs Mighty Mo
winner: Schilt by decision
6/26/07 10:29:56AM
I watched the stream of it and it was pretty good but that was the biggest puss out performance ever, Sapp barely eat that knee and he just decided to lay down and cry again! pathetic case of cheque taking and not caring if you lose, i wanted to see Aerts wreck him with kicks but Sapp fought like he was confused about the rules and tried to take Aerts down!!!! LOL
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