30-25 Ha!

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8/27/11 8:29:10PM
Anyone watching the fights tonight.. just to let you know not one american has a chance in winning a unanimous decision, IMO Dan Miller absolutely did not lose 30-25 but what can you do.
8/27/11 8:36:04PM
yeah no way 30 - 25 I said to pick against a Brazilian tonight is iffy...
8/27/11 8:47:50PM
Depends how much your camp is willing to pay the judges before they turn in their cards in Brazil.

I wouldn't fight out of North America or the UK if I was a fighter. Japan is as bad as Brazil.
8/29/11 5:02:20PM
I had it 29-27 with Miller winning the third round, Palhares the second 10-8 and first 10-9.