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3/15/11 12:25:52AM
I hope this doesn't come off as spammish.

Basically I'm uploading all of the UFCs chronologically starting from the beginning as direct downloads. I know some of you want to yell at me for that, but these things are easily available pretty much everywhere on the internet e.g. torrents.

Why am I doing it here then? For discussion and to be able to watch them with others. If you've watched them already, discuss any background you may know.

We're on number 12 at the moment.

Here's the link


If this comes off as spam, I understand, but it's not my intention. Just trying to have some fun, thanks all : )
3/15/11 1:10:35PM
Good luck. You got a ways to go!!!!!!!
3/15/11 3:32:14PM
Thanks! Yeah we do have a ways to go, but it should be fun. I think 12 is also the beginning of when the UFC was almost lost until Zuffa picks it up at around 20.
3/15/11 10:05:21PM
When you say 1-12 dont forget the half events ( UU 95 and UU96, which were also known as UFC 7.5 and 11.5) You also have Ultimate Japan and Brazil, 15.5 and 17.5. I did what you are doing know, I got into UFC around UFC 38 and back watched them all, if you go on to wikipedia and type UFC events you will get the correct order of all the events including the main PPV's, TUF Finales, UFN's and UFC on Versus's.