U-F-Si: UFC Signs TV Deal In Mexico

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7/9/09 11:20:10AM
The big announcement of the other day was that UFC has signed a TV deal to air in Mexico on the Spanish-language network Televisa. Grupo Televisa will launch Televisa Deportes Network (TDN), a new national sports network broadcast on cable and satellite households in Mexico and in countries in Latin America, making it the first television network in Mexico to air UFC live events and flagship programming. In addition, Grupo Televisa will air a nationwide broadcast of UFC 100 on Saturday, July 11, starting at 10pm Central Time on Channel 9, one of its free television networks in Mexico.

7/9/09 2:50:30PM
This is big news for ZUFFA. They've been trying to find that great hispanic cross-over star for a while now. I think Cain Velasquez is probably going to see a lot of push on the latin programming. But I truely think that ZUFFA would be wise to work out a deal for WEC in the same vain.

Miquel Torres is the closest thing MMA has to the great mexican boxing stars. And I have no doubt in my mind that given the right promotion he'd be THE major star who puts MMA on the South American map. I don't think it would take long at all for him to become the adopted son of Mexico (think GSP without the residency). After that, it's only a matter of time before a true Mexican fighter emerges.

Big news indeed.
7/9/09 5:06:37PM
Don't forget about Roger Huerta, who was the one to get the huge push before his last loss and subsequent contract talk breakdown.

One funny thing about the title: It translates as "UF-Yes".
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