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2/5/09 4:03:16PM
I no longer see the option to "leave current fight camp" .

I looked and searched for a place to ask this but didn't find a help forum. Kracker Jap tried to help but no dice.
2/5/09 4:45:18PM
my brother runs the camp, and i told him to remove you.
2/5/09 9:56:59PM

So that means your joining the 360 right??
2/6/09 12:32:00AM
Not sure but I seemed like I heard a 48 hr thing before or after a fight about leaving....check that out, again I could be talking out of my ass since I have no hard core evidence. Just seems like I heard something about this issue a couple weeks back.

PM Hippysmacker, he knows just about everything about these types of things.

EDIT: Looks like he's a free agent, missed that at first.
2/6/09 12:34:45AM

Posted by bobbydoomocculta

So that means your joining the 360 right??

Naw dude he's coming to the JTWW!!
2/7/09 1:49:47AM
Hey.TY to all who responded,it seems I've found a new home...3hree6ixM0fia.

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