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  1. 2009 Yahoo Sports College Bowl Pick 'Em
    Yahoo has launched their pick 'em game for the college bowl season: Info for joining the group I started: Group ID#: 1320 Password: bcs You can join now...
  2. Keith Jardine Gets Crackin' With Wonderful Pistachio's
    Meanness ensues!
  3. GSP not impressed with Taylor Swift
  4. Medical Proof Of Tito's fractured Skull
    Props to Fightlinker
  5. Fighting Irish...Sans Fighting
    This is really just more embarrassing than anything for Notre Dame, but pun still intended: Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen was punched in the face by an irate fan outside a South Bend...
  6. Sad Story: Boxer dies after fight
    Boxers gift: Organs will save 8 people Very sad story. Just heard of this today, and I thought people here might be interested if they hadn't heard. Brings up the interesting discussion about which...
  7. Universal Soldier : Regeneration - official trailer (Andrei Arlovski)
  8. R.I.P. Abe Pollin
    The longtime owner of Washington Sports And Entertainment, Capital Center/USAir Arena (now a shopping mall), Verizon Center, the Washington Wizards, and until a few years back the Washington Capitals...
  9. War Machine Has Lost It. Again.
    Won't post the link here because the photo is NSFW (excessive uncensored profanity) but Cage Potato posted a bunch of recent posts the former Jon Koppenhaver made on Twitter recently. I'll just say...
  10. Happy Thanksgiving
    I hope everyone and there families has a happy Thanksgiving. Eat plenty of food and watch football.
  11. Top guitar riffs of all time... has published their Top 50 Guitar Riffs of All Time (and part 2 ). The Top 10: 1. "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" , Jimi Hendrix, The Jimi Hendrix Experience 2. "Sweet Child O' Mine" ,...
  12. NCAA Hoops
    I know a lot of people only care when March rolls around, but I'm pretty psyched for another season of college hoops. My Gophers are looking strong after knocking off Butler last night, and they...
  13. Tiger Woods injured in serious car accident
    Link Hope to a speedy recovery, great athlete.
  14. Cheick Kongo is on a mission
  15. 500 Days of Summer
    Anyone watched this movie yet? My roommates and I just finished watching it, and I found it to be quite entertaining. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors.
  16. Data Recover
    Very off topic, thought this was the right place though. I was just wondering if any computer savy users on here knew how to recover files that have been emptied from the trash can. I have windows...
  17. The Haunting of Molly Hartley... a worthless f'ing movie.
  18. ufc vs. strikeforce top LWH
    UFC 1. Brock Lesnar (4-1) 2. Rodrigo Nogueira (32-5) 3. Frank Mir (12-4) 4. Cain Velasquez (7-0) 5. Junior Dos Santos(9-1) Cumulative record? 64-11 (win pct. %85.3) Strikeforce 1. Fedor (31-1) 2....
  19. Most underappreciated/underrated band?
    My vote goes to... WHITE ZOMBIE Though I doubt there will ever be a reunion, I'd definitely pay good money to see them live again. Pantera / White Zombie / Eye Hate God (minus Eye Hate God, who Eye...
  20. Suspected Cop Killer Slain in Seattle
    SEATTLE - The man suspected of gunning down four police officers in a suburban coffee shop was shot and killed by a lone Seattle patrol officer investigating a stolen car early Tuesday, a sheriff's...
  21. A little help on a tattoo design
    OK, here's the deal. It's time for some new ink and after a few months of consideration I've settled in on a design inspired from a patch I received after completing SWAT training earlier this...
  22. So I'm sitting here listening to..
    Wild Boys by Duran Duran. I just got to thinking about the fact that if it weren't for MMA this song would never A) Pump me up B) Allow me to listen to it without questioning my own sexuality C)...
  23. Best Fight Scene Ever?
  24. Transylmania
    Anyone else planning to see this movie when it opens? Basically sounds like one of those from the "Movie" franchise only Dracula-themed. I'm going to see it Friday before an appointment if I can get...
  25. Roy Jones Jr. TKO'd in the 1st Round by Danny Green
    SYDNEY -- Australian Danny Green stopped Roy Jones Jr. in the first round of their IBO world cruiserweight title fight Wednesday, preventing the 40-year-old American from claiming his ninth title...
  26. Mayweather Agrees to Fight Pacquiao/
    The proposed super fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather is getting closer. Mayweather agreed to terms for the welterweight title bout on Tuesday, multiple sources with knowledge of the...
  27. Ovechkin won't change his style
    ARLINGTON, Va. -- Alex Ovechkin says he isn't going to change his playing style because of a two-game suspension. Asked about the penalty he received from the NHL for a knee-to-knee hit, the...
  28. Alice in Chains
    Has anyone seen the newest incarnation of the band live? They are playing DC in March and I would like to see them. They were one of the best live bands during the 90's.
  29. End of a decade.
    So, the end of the 00s is upon us. How have the last 10 years for you been? I finished school, finished college, finished university. Never left home, never got a job. Had my first serious...
  30. America's Game Avatar Bet
    Why not in honor of America's Game next week? That, of course, is the annual Army-Navy football game. The deal: I of course take Navy. If you accept, you take Army. If I win, you will sport the Navy...
  31. Looking to make easy MMA money? They're giving odds for K-1 GP Finals. And they have Remy as -280.....
  32. Who here has read 'Helter Skelter'?
    Do yourself a favor. READ THIS BOOK! I can't put it down.
  33. World Cup Drawing
    I'm so excited right now. Anyone else watching the World Cup Drawing?
    Pages: 2
  34. R.I.P. Eki (Eddie) "Umaga" Fatu
    The wrestling fraternity tragically lost another brother today. The former Jamal and Umaga in WWF/E died today, details are sketchy but possibly a heart attack. He was only 36. This statement was put...
  35. Robin Williams plays Call of Duty
    reading about the game on wiki which led me to this video link
  36. Advice
    Hey guys I will be moving down to the SF bay area in a couple weeks and have no idea about US internet/cell phone carriers. What are the best (price and product) internet providers that I can choose...
  37. Roy Nelson V. Paul Buentello
    Do you think this may be the best fight for both fighters? Would you like to see it? What would happen?
  38. Roy Nelson Belly Rub
    Alright...I know one of you guys has a .gif of this by now. Roy Nelson on the cage rubbing his belly...
  39. Amazing Grace - Animated Christmas Lights
    I'm a sucker for these videos every year...anyone else? May have to pause and let it buffer Video
  40. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    Absolutely hilarious. Go watch it, especially if you like Wes Anderson movies!
  41. Flavored coffee creamer...
    ...can suck it. We're out of regular creamer (at work) so someone decided to bring in French Vanilla creamer. There's no way I could pass up coffee today (strugging) so I decided to use just a little...
  42. MLB Offseason News - 2010 Edition
    INDIANAPOLIS — The New York Yankees are in the final stages of acquiring Detroit Tigers All-Star center fielder Curtis Granderson in a three-team trade involving the Arizona Diamondbacks. The three...
  43. Anderson Silva Dodges A Bullet..........Or Two
    Props to Fightlinker (via the UG)
  44. Hulkamania Runs Wild At The TUF10 Finale!
    Props to Fightlinker again
  45. Amir Khan Almost Hit By A Bottle
    You Toob
  46. Interview with Former TUF Contestant Now Porn Star WAR MACHINE
    Hey Jon and welcome to MMA SUCKA! Q. Give your perspective on what exactly happened last week at the Industry Party. - I don't want to re type my whole account of what happened but I did an interview...
  47. Diego Sanchez' 'YES' Cartwheel
    Video HERE.
  48. Greatest last round ever
    Possibly the greatest comeback round ever Check it. Last Round
  49. Andy Hug
    any one ever watch this guy some amazing wins! RIP.
  50. The League
    Has anyone else been watching this new sitcom on FX? It's a comedy about friendships and relationships set against the background of a fantasy football league. It's crude (most of the humor is NSFW...
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