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  1. DJ AM Found Dead in NY Apartment
    Yet another great lost to the music industry has happened. " Live fast, die young " was in my opinion sort of his unofficial motto. Myself not being a big fan of the whole "scratching/hip hop" genre...
  2. Angry Whopper- The best Burger ever.
    For those who have tried it, what do you think? Personally i Love it! and those who haven't, what the heck do you order at BK???
  3. Very spoiled "person."
    Most spoiled female ever? Probably not, but still gross.
  4. Need an avatar for Backalley101...
    I totally Pwned his A++ for this event. I need somebody to make an avatar i can send him. I will serve you props on your posts in exchange. It needs to say " UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT; OWNED BY 209 FIGHT...
  5. A Hitchhiker - Have you or Would you pick them up?
    Mainly in the morning on my drive home from work I see at least 2 -3 hitchhikers looking for a ride. Obviously because of the serial killers, and rapists who want my manhood id never stop to pick...
  6. Mickey Mouse, Iron Man. Iron Man, Mickey Mouse.
    Yeah, they might be best buds soon. Disney reportedly is buying Marvel. LOS ANGELES – The Walt Disney Co. says it is acquiring Marvel Entertainment Inc. for $4 billion in cash and stock, bringing...
  7. NCAA Football - I need a team to root for. Who should it be and why?
    I've never been a huge follower of college football. I think it's probably because of the amount of turnover in regards to players, but I'm not really sure. However, I want to change that. I love the...
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  8. List 12 Random Facts about yourselves!
    1. I am the youngest of five Siblings, I have two Brothers and Two Sisters. 2. The Tip of my Right Index finger was cut of in an unfortunate high school locker accident. 3. I get Rick Rolled at least...
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  9. Bas Rutten's Cell Defense - too funny
    I used to be a big fan of Bas Rutten. It was Bas who invented the famed liver shot. When the legendary Bass left the stage it was on a 22-fight unbeaten streak. Bass always had a lot of charisma, but...
  10. PSA - Don't text and drive
    Pretty graphic The part with the baby got me choked up a little. The sad part is, 99% of the people that watch this will be arrogant/dumb enough to go ahead and text/talk whist driving anyways
  11. Old avatars
    Does anyone remember the member that had this as his avatar? lol
  12. CAPTION THIS 09.01.09
  13. Watch Out Canada-Here Comes Pacman!
    Adam "Pacman" Jones, that is. CFL-bound. From ESPN: Cornerback Adam Jones, released by the Dallas Cowboys in February, has agreed to a one-year deal with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. "It'll...
  14. Tito Mistakes A Kid For Fedor
    Funny clip where he does the "grave digger" schtick after beating a kid at UFC Undisputed.
  15. Music Videos: The literal versions (funny)
    These made me laugh, so I'll share... Meatloaf: I'd Do Anything For Love Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse of the Heart
  17. Youth In Revolt (trailer)
    Ha...I'm looking forward to this. It has potential STEVE BUSCEMI FTW!!! LINK
  18. Madden 2010 - Do you play?
    1.) 360 or PS3? 2.) User Name 3.) Do you play realistic games? In other words, are you "that guy" that ALWAYS goes for it on 4th down, always attempts a 2-pt. conversion, always does an onsides kick,...
  19. MADDEN 2010
    this year of madden to me is not one of the better one's that i've played. I liked NCAA 2010 better
  20. Yahoo Sports Fantasy Hockey 2009
    Registration for the upcoming season opened today and I have renewed our MMAPG league from last season. I'm open to doing it if there's enough interest, we had 7 play last year including myself so...
  21. JOKES
    So i'm kinda pissed right now and could use a good laugh..Anyone got any good jokes?
  22. LeGarrette Blount KO Punch
    Not sure who saw this one, but if you didn't you need to. After Oregon got their ass whooped by Boise State the star running back of Oregon, LeGarrette Blount, dropped a huge bomb onto a Boise State...
  23. Contest: Spot the Creepiness
    Here's a 1 minute video clip of the Octagon Girls...can you spot the creepiness? Link
  24. Sad news from Major League Baseball...
    Ernie Harwell, the 91-year-old Hall of Fame broadcaster for the Detroit Tigers, said Friday that he has inoperable cancer. Harwell, who was in the Tigers' broadcast booth from 1960 until he retired...
  25. How to beat the bad economy for halloween (custom Jason mask)
    Hey guys this is a little project i've been working on. I saw a video on how to do this and I thought I would give it a try. For my first attempt it didn't turn out too bad. Basicly you take a cheap...
  26. NCAA 09 Football discussion and predictions
    The season is in full swing now. I'm a huge college football fan and I know lots of the playgrounders are too. So let's get ready!!!!! SEC: winner of LSU/Bama vs winner of Florida/ LSU vs...
  27. One more playground football fantasy league
    I want to be part of one more league so i'm creating one and holding the draft tomorrow. Either a 10 or 12 team league on If anyone is interested, post or pm me your email.
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  28. The End is Just The Beginning
    L=][/L] Aparently after the apocalypse the internet will still be intact. I still imagine a much more...Mad Max...
  29. Suriving Disaster
    Anyone check this out? Very cool concept for a show, especially for a self-defense/survival enthusiast like myself. I really liked the premise of the first episode, although the prisoner movement...
  30. Sports, Movies, or TV Series'
    This is probably a lot easier question for myself to answer than most, considering pretty much all I watch is sports, but knowing that many watch many different TV series' and/or always have to catch...
  31. Jean-Claude Van Damme to K1?
    Actor Jean-Claude van Damme will fight Olympic gold-medalist boxer Somluck Kamsing in a K-1 muay thai match in March 2010. This rumor was recently confirmed by Kamsing, who signed the contract for...
  32. BATTLE OF THE BANDS: 2009 Edition
    You know the rules. --------------------------- THE BEATLES vs. THE ROLLING STONES
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  33. "Give Me Back That Filet-O-Hoki!"
    aka I learned something new and cool today...was just scanning a newspaper and found out that when you have a Filet-O-Fish at McDonald's, you're possibly having a Filet-O-Hoki. The hoki, an ugly yet...
  34. WEEN Tribute Thread
    Feel free to post anything and everything WEEN-related in this thread. WEEN is a very underappreciated group so I wanted to help spread the word a little about who they are and what they do. There...
  35. Norton Recommends You "Protect Your Caterpillar From Kimbo Slice"
    Evidently he wants his digital bread from you, and he'll do bad things if you let him. Funny little commercials (each has a slightly different "allow/deny" sequence):...
  36. Reggie Warren meets Junie Browning
  37. Hilarious Sprite Ad So NSFW...
  38. mrsmiley presents DIY 2.0 (the next step in the mask making process)
    Jason Vorhees Scalp Good Halloween project. This is an easy way to create a "Jason scalp" to go with your hockey mask. It's cheap and fairly easy to pulloff and can really highlight your costume all...
  39. Remember 9/11 thread
    I know some people get absolutely sick of seeing stuff like this, but I never will. It's funny how quickly we forget what happened, and honestly I'm not surprised that there hasn't been a thread on...
  40. A Street Fight Through The Eyes of a Spectator
    The guy who wrote this and saw the fight works at he MMA magazine Fighters Only. It's a long read, but so, so, worth it: "i was at a club in manchester (uk) last weekend and saw two fights take place...
  41. M Jordan speech
    Man, I had no idea that guy was so bitter. article
  42. Anybody got any usefull methods of getting to sleep?
    I just broke up with my girlfriend of 3 1/2 years, but I wont go into that here. Anyways, over the last 4 days ive had like 5 hours sleep. Anybody got any good techniques they use when you cant...
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  43. My dog is c#ck-blocking me.
    I doubt this is normal, but my 1 1/2 year old boxer is completely c#ck-blocking me. It's a total pain in the ass too. I'm married with kids and very little free time; so getting any "quality time" is...
  44. Check this guys face out after he gets knocked out.
    I thought this was incredibly funny. Fight Video
  45. Patriots vs Bills
    Man, I have never been so enthralled by a season opener before. What a fantastic ending to a game!
  46. Patrick Swayze dies at 57
    LOS ANGELES – Patrick Swayze, the actor who danced his way into moviegoers' hearts with "Dirty Dancing" and then broke them with "Ghost," died Monday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 57....
    Has anyone found a PS3 game like Champions of narrath i use to play on PS2 and loved it but can't find a game like it... or something like world of warcraft love those types of games?? let me know
  48. Fedor's Punch Out!!!
    Just stumbled on this one. Never saw it before, but it was a good laugh. Click
  49. BLOCKBUSTER ALERT: “Blood and Bone" w/Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano
    Are they seriously expecting me to watch that movie after the preview that was shown? I was expecting Eric Roberts to make an appearance!
  50. UFC: Remember, Don't Try It At Home
    The consequences can be tragic, as it was for one person: FARMINGTON, N.M. — A New Mexico man fell to his death from a third-story hotel window while re-enacting a move from the "Ultimate Fighting...
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