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  1. Co(wned)ker...Santos Got Coker Good!
    Wow, seems Cristiane Santos pulled quite the prank on Scott Coker Friday night...from Dave Meltzer's Yahoo column on last night's main event: The Strikeforce promoter is usually calm and cool under...
  2. Angle charged with HGH possession
    MCKEES ROCKS, Pa. -- Pro wrestler and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle has been arrested on charges of possessing a human growth hormone and violating an order of protection in suburban Pittsburgh....
  3. Evander is back!
    The man just will not quit! Title shot if he wins this one!
  4. Emails from an A**hole
    If you have some time to kill at work, I highly recommend reading these. Some of em had me falling out of my chair from laughter. Don't Even Reply
  5. Babalu's Face
    Hey can anyone find a still photo of Babalu's Face after Big John stopped the fight this past weekend ?
  6. SUUUUURPRISE!!! Brett Favre reportedly signing with Minnesota today...
    FAVRE BOARDS PLANE TO MINNESOTA FAVRE TO SIGN WITH VIKINGS This just in! The sky is blue! Grass is green! Rosie O'Donnell is fat as hell!
  7. Food concoctions you like that others may find to be gross/weird/strange?
    2 words. Sloppy Mac. Leftover Sloppy Joes mixed with Macaroni & Cheese. Good God almighty...
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  8. SURVEY: Grilled Cheese or Cheese Toasty?
    Growing up in the South, we always called them Grilled Cheese. However, once I moved to Indiana, I found that 90% of the people here refer to them as Cheese Toasties. I want to know what the general...
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  9. The Ultra Deep Field, as rendered by the Hubble Space Telescope.
    This is a video of a seemingly empty patch of space, that when viewed by the Hubble shows billions of galaxies. Blew my mind, maybe some of you will enjoy it too.
  10. LEGO Recreations of famous photographs
  11. going to see Neil Hamburger tonight
    well "the worlds funnyman" neil hamburger is in milwaukee tonight and im going to see him. for those of you that dont know him, hes possibly the worlds worst stand up comedian and is offensive to...
  12. Cro cop's a badass.
  13. Would you eat this if it was served to you?
    Given the name of the product, what you eat this.
  14. The Ultimate danceoff
    Made me LOL
  15. andrei arlovski on bully beatdown season 2
    I feel bad for the bully who gets andrei
  16. Who is the best 1980's Action Star?
    Who do you guys think?
  17. The 12 Most Annoying Types of Facebookers
    The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore. "I'm waking up." "I had Wheaties for breakfast." "I'm bored at work." "I'm stuck in traffic." You're kidding! How fascinating! No moment is too...
  18. Plax (Burress) Pleads Guilty, Gets Jail
    He took a plea deal today in exchange for his guilty plea on one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a lesser charge than he initially faced. As a result, he'll get 2 years in jail...
  19. This...or...That?
    Snickerz or Snack Pack pudding
  20. Top 10: Soon-To-Be Overpaid Athletes
    Pretty interesting list Battered San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito is widely regarded as one of the most overpaid athletes of our time, at $126 million over seven years. Alleged MLS savior...
  21. FaceBook UFC comments
    So on FB the UFC always uploads videos. And here are some of the more notable comments I thought I'de share with you. "nogs going down randy always hays amazing gameplans and nog gets rocked bad in...
  22. Shaq vs Oscar....
    Shaquille O’neal at 7ft 1in, towers over 5ft 10in tall Oscar De La Hoya in this sparing match at the Planet Hollywood Hotel.
  23. Inglorious Basterds
    Go see this movie. It is awesome. Eli Roth is one bad MF'er in this movie. Its a little long, but you won't even feel it. Great story. Tarantino makes another masterpiece IMO. Definitely worth your...
  24. Get your blood pumping!
    have a look see Link
  25. Dont watch its a waste of time!!
    haha i didnt know people could actually do this Link
  26. Favorite 1990s pro-wrestling event
    What's your favorite pro-wrestling event from the 1990s? Mine is either WCW Starrcade 1993 or WCW Starrcade 1997. I also like WCW Superbrawl 4.
  27. Waddaya'll think of my fantasy football team?
    Just wondering what you guys thought... Had our draft last saturday morning, it's a 12 team PPR league... Adrian Peterson Anquan Boldin Reggie Wayne Lendayle White Phillip Rivers Kellen Winslow...
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  28. 2009 NFL Football Season Discussion Thread
    With the end of baseball season (for us Cubs fans) comes the start of yet another exciting season of the NFL. I'm officially in football mode now. GO COLTS!
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  29. Mechanic find 'Favre' goat in trunk of woman's car
    People are f'ing sick. An auto mechanic in Winona, Minn. found out just how crazy things can be now that Brett Favre is a Viking. That's what happens when you find a live, purple-and-gold painted...
  30. Pretty bad when boxers bash their own sport
    Just came across this on youtube. I watched the fight and paul did in fact imo win this fight. what he says in this heated post fight interview.scores a homerun as to why boxing is what it is today....
  31. Can You Say, Next LW Champ Of The World???
    This Guy Iz For Realz
  32. XBOX 360 Must Have's?
    Finally popped the xbox 360 cherry. Brother in law had the ring of death and he just got rid of it and bought a new one. So I did a bit of research online and fixed the x clamp's, cleaned the chips...
  33. Pretty clean music video
    Pretty cool music video. i wish i was that patient Link
  34. Hilariousness
    had me a good laugh Link
  35. Kid Flips Out
    so this kids mom cancelled his world of warcraft account and from there he went crazy like no one i have seen before. see for yourself, i especially like his move around the 1:11 mark...WTF? link
  36. 16-Team Fantasy Football Draft Results
    QB - Ben Roethlisberger WR - Calvin Johnson WR - Brandon Marshall WR - Santana Moss RB - Matt Forte RB - Jonathan Stewart TE - Jeremy Shockey W/T - Mark Bradley W/R/T - Julius Jones W/R/T - Fred...
  37. Justin McCully's Nickname Has Gotten Worse
    For some time now, Justin "The Insane 1" McCully has had one of the worst nicknames in the UFC. By implying that the owner of such a nickname is not only crazy, but possibly the only crazy person...
  38. Mr. T Pities The Fool Who Doesn't Like The New B.A.!
    According to The Sun, Quinton Jackson has been tapped as B.A. Baracus in the film remake of "The A-Team", the role originally played in the 80s by Mr. T. According to The Sun, Quinton "Rampage"...
  39. PRO WRESTLING: Favorite tag teams of all-time?
    1.) Rock 'n Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) 2.) Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) 3.) Acolyte Protection Agency (Faarooq & Bradshaw) 4.) Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) 5.) "Dr. Death" Steve...
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  40. Ted Kennedy Passes R.I.P.
    I don't want this to be a debate since that's not allowed as he was a controversial figured between the two parties, however, Ted Kennedy was a prolific American politician and arguably one of the...
  41. Ninja Assassin
    WOW! I'm calling it now. Greatest Movie Ever. I just seen a preview for this movie and it looks incredible. LINK
  42. What was your first car/vehicle?
    Feeling a bit nostalgic from the favorite wrestling tag teams thread so I got to thinking of my 88 Dodge Daytona I had when I was 16. Mine had paint peeling off everywhere. no air conditioning and a...
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  43. PRO WRESTLING: Favorite Managers of All-Time?
    1.) Slick (Nikolai Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, Hercules Hernandez, Twin Towers, Big Boss Man, etc.) 2.) Paul Ellering (Road Warriors) 3.) James Cornette (Midnight Express, Van Vader, Hercules...
  44. Wrestling gone wrong
    lol some of those looked like they hurt! Link
  45. Doesn't this get you pumped STILL?
    This event I was so excited for.
  46. Awesome Metallica rendition
    Metallica fans check this out. Awesome! Link
  47. Dana launches vigorous defense of Michael Vick
    Dana White, the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s outspoken president, made a vigorous defense of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick on Thursday following a news conference to promote UFC...
  48. The Ultimate Burger
    Just wondering what everyones ultimate burger is. What do you put on there besides the beef? Also what would you never put on there. For me there has to be... Bacon Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Chipotle...
  49. Anyone in to houseplants?
    Hey just wondering if anyone had any houseplants...its a side hobby of mine. I have over 20 plants in my apartment...alot of different varietys...
  50. Halloween 2
    Watched it today. I got to say I really enjoyed it. It has some psychological twist in it,but I loved the look for Michael Meyers in this film.
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