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  1. Some Awesome Vids.
    Panic At The Gay Bar Singer Gets KTFO'd By a Bottle! 3 Year Old gets KTFO'd. Break Dancer KTFO's Little Girl. MMA Amateur Challenges Some Random Martial Arts "Master" Akon Throws a Random Off Stage.
  2. For the love of God , Please support Ron Paul ronpaul youtube add him to your myspace request him to come to your area ron paul for president coverage archive
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  3. Cartoon MMA pics
    Does anyone know where to find any good cartoon mma pics or where to find some I can use on this site ? I found a few but they're all the wrong format.
  4. FREE PARIS!!!
    well shes out already....must be nice to have alot of money..medical issues my balls.if that was me or most people we'd be locked up like akon..not that ima pop culture person..but id do her. LINK
  5. sarah silverman bashing paris
    this is great
  6. My Favorite Comedian
    I love this guy Eddie Izzard. He is a very talented and very well educated British comedian. Most unintelligent people wont understand the comedy but I love him.... He is a crossdresser. That kinda...
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  7. Has anyone noticed...
    Has anyone noticed that there are a select few who are at the heart of this sight creating posts and arguing with eachother? Lets see there Stickan, Trapt1nWonder, butterballs, nubby, the scott,...
  8. The best program or site to download fights.
    I want to download fights, and burn a compilation of my favorites. Any ideas on where I can go to download good quality fights. Some in mind are all of Fitchs fights, and the Leonard Garcia vs. Roger...
  9. How far can you kick Tito Ortiz?
    Best game ever. Link My best score is 113587, who can beat it? EDIT: 114124
  10. you dont have to pay income taxes
    watch this....NOW! link
  11. A Good Book About MMA and Combat Sports
    Written by Sam Sheridan, A Fighter's Heart: One Man's Journey Through the World of Fighting A very well researched and written book. When I started reading it, I finished it in 2 days. He goes to...
  12. Need help
    Im having a problem posting an image from google on these forums. I have already downloaded the image to my pc. If anyone can help me out with this that would be great
  13. Joe Rogan = one trippy guy
    Anyone familiar with Joe Rogan's standup comedy knows that hes a completely different guy when he's commentating UFC, whether he's talking about the possibilities of space or the meaning of life he's...
  14. Funniest person in mma
    Who do you think the funniest persom in all of mma is I would have to say Quiton Jackson or Tito cause he is so cheesey.
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  15. jason black and spencer fisher aeperated at birth!!!!
    man did anyone else notice that those two look alot and i mean ALOT alike!!!
  16. Jens Pulver's quote
    Jens Pulver: "Wait till Corey Hill gets with a coach that knows how to coach." My question: Self pwnage?
  17. Brahdah Kendall's a Model!
    Hahaaa check this shit out.
  18. The Battle Of The Ortizes
    Who do u think is the better Ortiz. im goin with tito all the way.
  19. Do U Know What Noticed
    UFC 79 is UFC's 100th Show! How Great, eh?
  20. Kings
    Anyone remember or even care about Rodney King or Martin Luther King or how about anyother black King except the Kings of Comedy?
  21. HELP!!!
    Does anyone here use BitLord or BitComet?! I have Bellsouth 6.0 but everything i try to connect to either doesnt connect or downloads at such a slow speed that it doesnt matter?! I have all the...
  22. Let's play a ( Trivia) game
    The game works like that. I'm gonna give you 5 clues to discover which fighter is that.If you guess right,it is your turn,if you guess wrong,I will give more clues. I will start with an easy one. Who...
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  23. ufc 72 vids??
    can someone post or send me a link to some 72 videos
  24. What are your favourite movies??
    Reservoir Dogs, The Boondock Saints, Pulp Fiction, Snatch, Clerks.
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  25. Crocop Throws Down on Students.
  26. Toughest kid alive
    This kid thinks hes tough shit. If you look at the first video hes fighting a girl. He trys telling everyone that he could kick there ass. Please, send this kid a comment and tell him of how much of...
  27. Reggie visits Karo... AT HIS HOUSE!!
    Reggie goes to visit karo at his house and.. well you will see
  28. Chuck after UFC 71 vid
    Not a bad way to celebrate getting KTFO Video
  29. funny fight clips
    just thought this was entertaining
  30. The best site for mma shirts
    Just wondering what's the best site out there for fighters signature shirts. I'm looking for a Jens Pulver in particular. I seen his stuff on Warrior Wear, but they didn't have much of a selection....
  31. any women
    any woman in this site pm me or just reply to this
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  32. Att'n myspace users... the playground needs friends
    If you have a myspace account, hit us up!
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  33. Great time waster!
    game I just got past the Easy levels.. Medium is way too hard for me though Fun, addicting game.
  34. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
    What did you guys think about it? I thought the movie was eye candy and not much else, Doctor Doom was a push over and Galactus was a pussy.
  35. Does anyone else love this part in Major Payne
    LINK haha i was watching this movie last night and i crack up everytime i see this
  36. A Jackass Game?!!??!?!
    Link! It looks bitchin except only on PS2 and DS?...
  37. Vote or Die
    vote or die...of puffy will stick a Knife threw your eye..i can watch this all day and laugh VOTEBITCHLINK
  38. Best way to make weight
    LOL at this story STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Jun. 21, 2007 (AP) A Russian armwrestler was disqualified for cheating at a European...
  39. Breakdancer vs Kid
    OMG Link
  40. New Rachelle Leah Pics.
    Link. Is it me or is she just startin to look meh?
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  41. Dana White Is PIMPIN!
  42. The classic Diaz pics
    I have gotten literally two dozen messages about my avatar, people wanting to know where I got the pics. Well, they were on the Dog a while back, figured Id just post them for longevity's sake, and...
  43. Error with Rashad Evans stats
    When you add him in your rankings, it says he is 10-0 when he is 15-0....
  44. MMA shirts for big guys?
    My shirt size is 4XLT. Any know of any places out there I can get MMA gear that big? I have been to tons of places on the internet and haven't found anything bigger than 3X yet, and it wasn't even a...
  45. StrikeForce videos
    If someone wants yesterday Strikeforce's videos,send me a PM. I have those fights : Berto vs Valenzuela Thomson vs Gonzales Buentelo vs Williams Cung Le vs Fryklund Daley vs Ludwig Villasenor vs...
  46. Men's bathroom etiquette!
    Why can't people respect my buffer zone? Earlier today I am in the bathroom at work. It is a big bathroom. You go in and around the corner and there are 8 urinals along the wall. I am the only person...
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  47. What ever happened to the girl who won the UFC ring girl search?
    Don't remember her name, but I don't think we've seen her since the show aired...did it just not work out? Anybody know?
  48. Anyone Play Saints Row
    Just got it the other day..if anyone has a gang started or wants to start one let me and some of my buddies may be interested havent got to play it much but gamertag...
  49. Giant Silva, funny video. It wasn't meant to be funny, but half of the things they show in the video isn't even from one of his fights. I got a laugh out of the guy who made it.
  50. One of the only times Ive heard Joe Rogan not know what he was talking about
    I like Joe Rogan and I think he is an excellent announcer with a lot of knowledge of the sport of jiu-jitsu and MMA. At UFC 70 Nations Collide 4x Oklahoma high school state wrestling champion Matt...
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