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  1. Deep Thoughts with Jerry Millen...
    lets laugh
  2. Dana White's surprise 40th birthday party (Video)
    40 years young...
  3. Tiger getting the release
    TMZ Tiger Woods ripped it up at the Buick Open this weekend -- and if you listen closely to the sound while he was on the 18th hole, he may have also let one rip... :
  4. How much booze would it take to kill you?
    Check this site out. You can enter your sex, weight, and favorite drink and it will calculate how many drinks it would take to kill you in a three hour span. Pretty fun if your bored lol. Link
  5. even hitler wants fedor in the ufc ...
    lol .
  6. Tucker Max- The Movie
    I hope they serve beer in hell
  7. Big Brother
    Probably going to offend someone here, but this needs to be said. So I come into the living room tonight and the old lady has Big Brother playing on the DVR. Now mind you, I'm not a fan of "Reality...
  8. Arena Football League suspends operations
    The Arena Football League has shut down, this time indefinitely. The league, which previously called off play for the 2009 season but had said it planned to return in 2010, sent a terse,...
  9. Top 15 Movie Catchphrases of All Time
    We're going to go ahead and make your day, punk. That's right, this column is devoted to the top movie catchphrases of all time. In 2008 the public was so thirsty to catch a new phrase that the last...
  10. Top Ten Sidekicks From 80s Cartoons
    Cartoons reached their heyday in the 1980s, with stalwarts establishing high levels of quality (hey Power Rangers, ever hear of Voltron?) and the end of campy brand aggregators like Super Friends or...
  11. Michael Jackson lived 3,000 years ago. Smiley has proof! OMG........................ I can't believe it. The resemblence is uncanny!
  12. Anybody been to Mexico?
    More specifically the Riviera Maya area. Leaving on Monday for 7 days with the wife for our honeymoon. Anybody have any suggestions for fun things to do or travel tips? We plan on snorkeling a few...
  13. RIP John Hughes
    I just read that John Hughes has passed away due to a heart attack. Being a child of the 80's, this is a sad day. I enjoyed most of his movies, but Weird Science and Breakfast Club were probably my...
  14. a special gift for fans of "Twilight"
    p.s. I didn't make this myself.
  15. Tito and Serra on Good Morning Philadelphia
    I don't know whether to laugh or cringe at this. video: Tito and Serra
  16. GAMER-the Movie Trailer. (looks Great)
    GAMER I was first interested in this movie because of my recent discovery of 'Dexter' but it turns out Terry Crews is in there too!
  17. UFC 101 Live on Yahoo?
    So Im just amking sure on this. I go to the yahoo site to see about the live feed and to see if it was free. I get where it is and it says Buy event for 44.95. Now if its costing the same as a PPV,...
  18. Can someone make me an avata of that fan stealing Ken Flo`s hat?
    Can anyone help me out with this? Just as Ken Flo was coming out his hat was stolen by a fan, I laughed my ass off. can somone please make this fo me? Id be vey appeciative and would offe pops in...
  19. Chicago Blackhawks F Kane arrested in Buffalo, NY
    BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP)—Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane(notes) was charged with attacking a cab driver in his hometown Sunday, a beating that police said was triggered when the driver did not have 20...
  20. Frank Mir and Jeff Curran
  21. who had or has the best leg kicks in mma
    who do u think has the best leg kicks!!!!!!
  22. ESPN College Football Challenge
    Anyone up for creating a group for this game? I joined recently after checking it out, it's basically an NCAA version of fantasy football. The cool thing about it is it features real college players...
  23. Rappers You're Listening To
    I've more recently started discovering more stuff that I'm liking, just wondering what everyone's listening to. For me it's: 1. Ill Bill 2. Pac Div 3. The Cool Kids
  24. Fedor talks Trash about Lesnar *VIDEO*
  25. Dolemite
    Might be the greatest and worst movie ever made. Hamburger Pimp all day long.
  26. Forrest Griffin, Born To Run (NOT A CONSPIRACY/FIXED FIGHT THREAD)
    But rather, a very funny coincidence the Yahoo Sports MMA blog noticed after UFC 101. These were the post-101 book sales charts on Barnes & Noble's website. Specifically the #2 & #3 bestsellers in...
  27. Your First Post
    I was bored and decided to do a forum search for my first post on the Playground years ago. I just found it funny to see back when I was trying to start a fight camp. What was your first post ?...
  28. Any tea drinkers out there?
    Just wondering if you any of you guy's are tea drinkers and have a suggestion for good tea(s)? I'm trying to kick the coffee habit... Normally I drink Irish breakfast or this "energizing black...
  29. Girl gets owned by Boss on Facebook
    Stole this from Sherdog. I had a good laugh Missing LINK
  30. Woman Paints With Sand. Really awesome!
    This is a really cool video of a woman who paints with sand. The video, which I assume as I can't speak or read Russian that it is done with World War Two in mind. The sand is projected over a light...
  31. UFC 101.5: BeanBrawl!
    Detroit & Boston finally went at it in last night's game and it's already getting UFC references on a few sports sites. Video of last night's brawl with Rick Porcello scoring a nice takedown on Kevin...
  32. Brock Lesnar: Bud Light's Next Real Man Of Genius
    Just found it on cage Potato. Hilarious considering some of the ridiculous radio spots they are still coming up with for this campaign. Maybe Brock can help revert declining BL sales, reportedly...
  33. Chuck Liddell has a ‘large’ role in GI Joe spoof video
    Check out video of the former UFC light heavyweight champion as “Gung Ho” after the jump. Skip ahead to 3:22 for “The Iceman” cameo if you don’t like GI Joe or power ballads … Link
  34. Run Forrest Run!
    Made me laugh. Video
  35. UFC 101 After-party pictures...
    Some of these are hilarious... LINK
  36. MMA Classics, Recreated in MS Paint
  37. R.I.P. Les Paul (6/9/15 - 8/13/09)
    The music world is mourning the loss of a legend today... LINK RIP
  38. The "Random Cell Phone Pictures" Thread
    Post 'em here, guys!
  39. lol prank call
  40. Here It Is, Your Moment Of Zen...Japan-Style!
    If you follow the puro scene religiously like I do, you know already that, earlier this week, Josh Barnett headed back to Japan to do some wrestling for Antonio Inoki's IGF (Inoki Genome Federation)...
  41. Either Forrest Griffin Is Dead, Or Someone Is Very Confused
    Oh, Detroit News. I can't help but think that this headline was not properly proofread before being posted on your website. It's either that, or Forrest Griffin really is dead and the other two...
  42. Michael Vick Signs 2 Year Deal With Eagles
    Quarterback Michael Vick has signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, his agent, Joel Segal, confirmed to Vick arrived in Philadelphia Tuesday morning and remained there...
  43. We Can Breathe Easier-The Cubs Caught The Wrigley Beer-Tosser
    In other words, some Cubs fan must've mistaken Shane Victorino for BJ Penn and thus used a perfectly good brewski as a potential audition to replace Big Z in the rotation. And Victorino still made...
  44. ESPN Gridiron Challenge MMAPlayground League
    I have created a Gridiron challenge league if anyone is interested. League name: MMAPlayground League password; Fedor
  45. Daniel Ghita Records Fastest K-1 GP Win ever!!!!
    Daniel Ghita's annihilation of three opponents in less then six minutes at the K-1 in Tokyo Final 16 qualifying Grand Prix was stuff of legend. K-1 Website
  46. Roy Jones or "Left Hook" Lacy?
    Who wins? I gotta go with Jeff Lacy because of Roy's lack of head movementwith his new defensive style and I don't see much of a chance of Roy countering with a big shot like he used to. He caught...
  47. Gina Carano Weigh-In Pics HOL SH*T
    !!!! Definitely one of the hottest female athletes around.
  48. Couture, Hieron official for "EA Sports MMA," exec says "growth of sport" a primary goal
    Just two weeks before he'll take center stage for the UFC at the company's first-ever fight card in Portland, Ore., former UFC champion Randy Couture today took the lead role for one of the company's...
  49. Free Madden 2010 / Free SI
    Not trying to spam, I just thought I would throw this out there to you anyone who hasn't heard. Sports Illustrated is doing a promotion right now where if you buy a subscription to SI (28 issues) you...
  50. Roy Jones , Donaire Spoiler
    Captin Hook Donaire Big night in fighting and went excatly the way I thought it would.
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