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  1. Rampage layin' down rhymes
    Linkity Link not bad for improv
  2. Media- F'ing leaches and scum.
    So I've got to get this off my chest...Before I begin, if you work in the news media industry; you may want to stop reading and turn away now. Let me start by saying that I have never watched the...
  3. Today...
    Is my last day of high school!!!! I am currently in my last hour of my last day of high school.... It has been a long time coming but I am ready... Graduation is next Thursday and I am going off to...
  4. Would-be suicide jumper pushed off bridge
    Got this off of CNN... pretty amusing stuff. Link
  5. Chelsea linked with Assman
    Hahaha. Link
  6. A letter to Hollywood and the creators of Terminator: Salvation (Spoilers)
    To: Hollywood and the creators of Terminator: Salvation From: One of the fans I am writing this letter in the hopes that it will awaken some form of consciousness within you that brings with it a...
  7. Tethering G1 to PC??????
    If anyone knows how to tether their phone(more specifically a G1) to a pc/laptop i seriously need help. i have no idea what im doing and it seems extremely complicated.
  8. Jay Bennett dies at age 45
    a real bummer. ex-wilco member Jay Bennett dies at age 45 Jay Bennett dies at 45
  9. Ps3 question
    is there a way to save my game on a hard drive or external source?? i went 31-1 with my own aoki in career...built him up to 103 submission...beat all of the classic matchups....etc..... then played...
  10. fan-made trailer for Green Lantern film
    So good, I watched it twice. Just... wow, man... (And, in case it's not clear, this is not a real trailer for a real film. Unfortunately.)
  11. Research Paper Help - Major Props !
    Here my opening, just need some more ideas on expanding my intro to a page long At the turn of the new century, America has been progressively declining in terms betterment of society. Our society...
  12. What type of Fantasy Sports player are you ?
    I haven't seen this question posed before but I've always found it strange, finding out which of my buddies fall into one category and which fall into the other. This question applies to any Fantasy...
  13. ufc undisputed 2010
    what improvements do you think should be made to the next ufc game? some improvements i think should be made are entrances, with custom music from hard drive, more fighting styles, karate for one,...
  14. Mike Tyson's daughter
    Mike Tyson
  15. Thank you Vets on Memorial Day
    Wow, I just got of a long day of work and I couldn't believe no one has posted anything about Memorial Day yet. I would like to personally thank everyone who has served my country. Thank you. Here is...
  16. I need your opinion!!
    While writing for my next article, I'm in need of complying a list of the Top 5 best David vs. Goliath showdowns in MMA history. I'm not sure if the term Freak Fight is banned here or not, so I'm not...
  17. This Is Why You Need To Bee Aware Of Your Surroundings
    Only a 10-second video clip but it's funny...
  18. MMA Playground 300 win club
    I was looking at some of our overall records, and couldn't find anyone on the site with 300 wins. Maybe I didn't look hard enough but does anyone have 300 career wins on here. There are a bunch of us...
  19. Big Z Goes Off. Yet Again.
    Please enjoy.
  20. How to begin.......
    So. I am coming to you guys, for help in the form of discussion. Why see a psychiatrist when I have the MMA Playground. I hadn't seen my girl for about 10 days due to scheduling conflicts (i.e. she...
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  21. Interesting PBF interview...
    I've never been a big fan of Pretty Boy Floyd, but no one can question his boxing ability... I gotta give Brian Kenny props, the dude isn't scared to ask tough question and sticks to his guns... The...
  22. Rashad Evans Is Apollo Creed; Lyoto Machida Is Ivan Drago
    Props to MMA Videos.
  23. sexyama singing !!!
    how can anybody not want to marry this guy lol LINK
  24. Madden 2010 - First look at player ratings!
    The following are the overall ranks, more in-depth of the Top 10's are HERE Quarterbacks: 1. Peyton Manning- 99 2. Tom Brady- 98 3. Drew Brees- 97 4. Kurt Warner- 94 5. Ben Roethlisberger- 93 6....
  25. Drag Me To Hell
    Just wondered if anyone else has seen this yet. I saw it last night and thought it was a decent horror movie. The gore and effects really echoed the Evil Dead series,but more than anything I would...
  26. Charcoal vs Gas
    So I just polished off a big heaping plate of my favorite meal of all time- Red meat, and lots of it. No potatos, no veggies, no fruits, just meat. And nothing is better then red meat on...
  27. Know your Mixed Martial Arts fan.
    Just a bit of fun... 1. Bandwagon Jumper: This guy has no fighter loyalty. None. Zero. His favorite fighter is always the guy on top, regardless of who it is. He’ll tell anyone that will listen that...
  28. Any artists here?
    Any artists here? any form of art, drawing, painting, photoshop, sculpting, cross stitch, what ever. Post some of your work or just mention what you like to do. I got photoshop about a year ago so...
  29. Rashad KTFO Photoshop Thread
    I saw this over on The UG and thought i would share with the Playground
  30. Any USA soccer fans? Rough road ahead.
    USA contra Costa Rica en Estadio Ricardo Saprissa esta noche, 10:00pm ET on ESPN. This is the fourth and final round of qualifying, where the rubber meets the road, and the United States has never...
  31. Have you seen this?
    TOO FUNNY .. some people have to much time on there hands.
  32. Redneck Ninjitsu Expert.
    Daimond Daves Ninja Teachin Flicks
  33. David Carradine Dead
    Kwai Chang Caine is no more...David Carradine, the star of the great cult series "Kung Fu" and "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues", is dead. BANGKOK – Actor David Carradine, star of the 1970s TV series...
  34. Brock Lesnar's New Son: Getting An Early Start
    Almost certainly photoshopped but funny: Dirk, pictured above, was born the other day to Brock & Rena/Sable.
  35. Get in my guard trilogy
    For those of you who havent seen the get in my guard videos here is the original two Get in my Guard 1 Get in my Guard 2 and introducing the third Get in my Guard 3
  36. Glazer training Matt Leinert
    ...but he's still a candy-ass. -OUT-
  37. STP (Stone Temple Pilots)
    Coming to Maryland July 19. Got 5 tickets inside the PAvilion. Taking my son, 2 of his friends and my wife. Love Scott Weiland. It should kick ass
  38. Liddell Defends Anderson!
  39. "Bully Beatdown" to return for a second season on MTV
    "Bully Beatdown," a reality series hosted by MMA veteran Jason "Mayhem" Miller that allows bully victims to exact revenge on their tormentors, will be back for a second season on MTV. Miller posted...
  40. The Hangover
    I just saw this movie yesterday and it was ******* awesome. Honestly one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. It just had me laughing the entire time everything about it is pure genius...
  41. wanna chill?
    i wanna chill
  42. Kobe Bryant near death experience pic
  43. Watch UFC On Setanta? Better Find A Backup Plan
    May not have it much longer, seems it's having trouble paying the bills. LONDON — International sports paybox Setanta is on the brink of financial meltdown. The Irish company, which in the U.K....
  44. When NOT To Hyphenate Your Name
    I always love these. There's several to scroll through. Link
  45. Married???
    Hey folks...just got married over the weekend...had a great time and it was a great day...just wondering if you guys had some advice for a newly married man...I will take both serious and funny
  46. Jason "Mayhem" Miller Kicked off a Plane
    According to the UG: Mayhem called in to the Jason Ellis show yesterday saying he was stuck in Vegas due to being kicked off a plane. Mayhem ignored the flight attendants request to turn his ipod...
  47. EPSN Fantasy Football 09 MMAPlayground League Open!!!
    ESPN's fantasy football is now open. I have created a private league for us League: MMAPlayground Password: Fedor Cant wait to get this season started!!! Also does anyone know if the yahoo or cbs...
  48. Floyd Mayweather – “Machida? Machida ain’t nobody.”
    Doing the publicity rounds for his upcoming fight against Mexican counter puncher Juan Manuel Marquez, “Pretty Boy” Floyd “Money” Mayweather, 35, recently sat down with Mike DeLahunt to answer some...
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  49. Iron Man 2 - First picture of Mickey Rourke as "Whiplash"
  50. What web sites do you use ?
    This topic hasn't been around since last year, and there are a lot of new members. Plus these topics always give me new sites to scope out that I don't know about. So what say you? What web sites do...
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