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  1. Reggie Warren confronts Junie Browning!
    Junie lands himself in hot water when he's confronted by MMA superstar Reggie Warren. link
  2. Bully Beatdown Fake
  3. Happy Trails, John Madden
    He's just called it a career. NEW YORK (AP)—John Madden is calling it quits. NBC said Thursday that the burly ex-coach who has been one pro football’s top broadcast analysts has decided to retire....
  4. mma and tattoo
    Im getting my first tattoo in a few days and usually train every day in MMA (grappling with people,sparring,etc). Its not a big tattoo, small if anything. And its going on my chest, but i was...
  5. Favorite Bands?
    What are some of your favorite bands? A few of my own... Thrice Bullet for my Valentine Jimi Hendrix Chevelle Incubus Days of the New Modest Mouse
  6. Slush Puppies
    Are the most delectable frozen drink known to man.
  7. new time waster (not mybrute)
    found this on sherdog, a new timewaster thats pretty cool. you can also paste in other peoples work...
  8. Hotrodttt's Call of Duty Clutch's filmed in 1 day
    Tell me what you think
  9. Court jails Pirate Bay founders
    A court in Sweden has jailed four men behind The Pirate Bay (TPB), the world's most high-profile file-sharing website, in a landmark case. Frederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Carl Lundstrom and...
  10. Gina Carano GIF
  11. "Never Surrender" (feat. GSP, Herring, BJ, Anderson & Rampage)
    Never Surrender
  12. making highlights?
    Im really interested in making a HL but i dont know what programs are best to use? any help would be much appreciated
  13. so i got into a fight tonight
    so im a big guy. 5'9, 225 and my friends brother kept picking at me all night and finally i got fed up and started throwing punches. needless to say it didnt end well for this drunken jackass but now...
  14. NBA Playoffs are here!!!!!!
    Its that time of year again after waiting through 82 games they start today. I was happy the Denver Nuggets play tomorrow not tonight. GO NUGGETS!!!!!!!
  15. Cael Sanderson to Penn State!
    This could be huge. PA consistenly puts the most home grown boys in the NCAA's. The problem is they wrestle everywhere. There are many schools in PA alone. PSU, Clarion, Lehigh, Bloomsburg, Edinboro,...
  16. How My Helo Impersonation Look, Timmy?
    If you didn't get it, that Tahmoh Penikett look-alike (Helo from Battlestar Galactica) is actually, believe it or not, Andrei Arlovski. It's a leaked pic from filming of the new Universal Soldier...
  17. mrsmiley's sad predicament
    Be prepared for a tear jerker guys. If you feel the need to pull out a box of tissues while your woman isn't looking it's okay. The playgrounds very own mrsmiley is in a very,very, sad predicament....
  18. NHL Players Celebrity Look-Alikes 'Playoff Edition
    This is pretty funny, check out how close some of these guys look to one another. Pictures
  19. Twitter
    Anybody use it /have a twitter account ? I'm just getting into it and it's strangely addictive. It's great for MMA news and opinions and keeping up with what fighters are upto. Joe Rogan uses it alot...
  20. Fight Night Round 4 physics gameplay video
    Looks like it could be badass. Hopefully play revolves aroun head movemnt and timing instead of gay ass counters that magically stop your opponent for 2 seconds. But yeah, here's the vid. IGN FNR4...
  21. Miguel Torres Throwing out First Pitch May 6
    Note to the Chisox: Fear The Mullet. And the fastball. And perhaps the wild pitch. WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres is set to make another appearance in his hometown of Chicago on May 6 — only...
  22. Chuck Liddell's new role with the UFC
    Props to the UG for all the awesome romoshops...
  23. The Wrestler On DVD Today
    If you haven't yet seen it, see it. It's also available for download from iTunes. If you get the DVD, you get a special featurette with wrestlers & fimlmakers and the music video "The Wrestler"...
  24. Ground Chuck, Anyone? (Video) Before watching: Turn volume on player and PC to zero. Even better, find another song about 3 minutes long to play. Crank it up....
  25. Ps3 users waiting for the game
    if you cant wait any longer....make a new user on the ps network. Set it up with a UK address, and you cn download it from the UK store
  26. Gangland
    I am a big fan of the show Gangland on the history channel, and wanted to see if anyone else watches this show..and what some of your fave episodes are? There's a new one on tonight about a prison...
  27. Atlanta Falcons sign TE Gonzalez
    Falcons trade 2010 second round draft pick for Kansas City Chief TE Tony Gonzalez!!! Great move for the Falcons! Couple that with a first and second round high class LB and DE the Falcons will have a...
  28. What's your fastest KO in UFC Undisputed?
    Just put down Shogun in 8 seconds with a spinning backfist followed up by 2 left hooks. What's your fastest time so far? Has anyone hit a quick submission? I haven't really got to the submission...
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  29. Bad News For Troy Polamalu & Larry Fitzgerald...
    They're now Cursed..."Madden Cursed"! The unlucky 2 are the "Madden NFL '10" cover boys, it's a shared cover this year. Game's out August 14. News broke a few minutes ago. (PS-Bird Bird Bird, Bird Is...
  30. 75 degrees. Sunny. Slight breeze. Leaving work. Going canoeing!
    I'm out of here in 20 minutes and will be hitting the river shortly thereafter for an afternoon of beautiful weather, beer and canoeing. Envy me.
    Matthew Stafford
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  32. Ken Shamrock Vs Frankenstein
    A rumoured match-up for UFC 147. VIDEO
  33. Cant miss prospects
    Out of the major sports which is easier and harder to detect a cant miss prospect. Imo I think NBA is easier with players going through college for up to 4 years and the level of comp some...
  34. Movie: Fighting
    I went and saw this movie on friday(for sh*ts and giggles) and honestly it was terrible. In case you didnt know cung le is in the movie and the main character is an underground fighter, played by the...
  35. Carl Froch/Taylor
    Anyone see this fight? Fantastic stuff for all 12 rounds, both fighters were well up for a tear up and it didn't disappoint. One thing that bothers me however...why is it that whenever a foreigner...
  36. Hunting with Brock
    Ran by this video this morning....thought I'd post it.
  37. Pick your team of best athletes for random sports
    Don't ask me why the hell this random thought popped into my head as I was nursing my hangover while watching the NFL draft this morning. It just did. I got to thinking if you had to have a team of 3...
  38. Funniest Roast Video
    Funniest Roasting Competition Ever
  39. Preliminary 2010 NFL draft prospects
    As draftniks me and some buddies are already talking next year. Thought some of you might be too. So here is my preliminary top prospects available draft list for 2010. 1. Sam Bradford- QB- OKLA 2....
  40. Bully Beatdown: The Toughest Bully Yet
    This bully has some skills... link
    This is quickly becoming one of my favorite series on TV right now. If you haven't watched it, do yourself a favor and check it out. Hilarious!
  42. I'm calling it right now...The Hangover will be movie of the year!
    THE HANGOVER FINALLY...something to look forward to seeing on the big screen!
  43. jiujitsufreak74 - where is he now?
    Where'd that fool go? He hasn't posted in nearly a month.
  44. Geoff Thompson's first feature film Clubbed.
    My Uncle is a man named Geoff Thompson who is a well known Martial Arts instuctor and Author in the UK. He has just released his first feature film Clubbed. I woundered if any one has seen it and...
  45. Hotrod needs help ! Props
    Ok guys so I'm doing a paper on The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway and I need some ideas or maybe u can write a couple of sentances pertaining to the "Lost Generation" and how that concept...
  46. Starting my own fight promotion
    Im Starting my own fight promotion for an entrapernship(sp?) project in class and i wanted some help from you guys. Like, how can i convey to somebody who doesnt even know what "ultimate fighting" is...
  47. Pookies video of the day
    Deluxe hugs $2.00 " Sure that guys hugs are cheaper, but they feel cheaper "
  48. I smell dog poop.
    Carry on.
  49. Forum game of the day: "If you like [A], you might also like [B]."
    Easy to learn, but difficult to master! Fun for the whole family! Some assembly required. Batteries not included. --- If you like "Blade Runner" , you might also like "Equilibrium" . If you like...
  50. Chuck Liddell was in Louisville tonight! :(
    Damnit! chuck liddell was in louisville tonight and i had no clue. 3 guys I know met chuck at a club in louisville. UGH, i just had to rant cuz chuck's my favorite fighter of all time and i missed my...
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