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  1. Impact pictures
    Post all of your awesome impact pictures, here I'll start with a few....
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  2. Hot Pocket Comercial
    i dont know why but everytime i see this i cant stop laughing
  3. NSV Video Files
    Can someone help me with these files. they are NSV video files but i dont know how to convert them to mpeg or avi. does ANYONE know where i can find a program for this?
  4. My new random hl vid
    WIth all the huff surrounding the boxing vs mma thing, I figured I'd whip up a vid that represents my sentiments. It was kinda a last minute thing with youtube videos, and the audio is a bit rough,...
  5. Joke Post
    politically correct Due to the climate of political correctness now pervading America , Kentuckians, Tennesseans, North Georgians and West Virginians will no longer be referred to as "HILLBILLIES."...
  6. Having troubles
    When i upload a gif that is an animation how do i keep it as an animation and not just a frame from the fight?
  7. Strip Clubs
    Alright guys... Some of you may hate on me for it... But I was wondering if you guy's hit up any strip clubs around wherever you are... I'm right around St. Paul, MN... So if we go, we'll head to the...
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  8. Belfort's sister???
    Was Vitor Belfort' s ever found after she was kidnapped??or reported missing??
    Hey all, newest HL right here so shoot me, Im a royce gracie fan! ROYCE
  10. Chuck Liddell vs Kurt Angle (vid)
    Chuck verbally rapes Kurt. link
  11. Which is Adam Sandler's best movie...??
    I would have to go with Big Daddy with The Wedding Singer coming in on a very close second. I remember getting Big Daddy when it first came out and i must have seen it over 100 times in like 6...
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  12. Do you watch the Bodog show?
    I personally don't because I hate the production. They got some good fighters on there but the production with all the crap totally messes everything up.
  13. Sopranos...finally a good episode
    It was good from the start..Tony is out of control...I can't believe he wacked Christopher..
  14. Any photoshop wizards in here?
    Hey guys, Starting a new site dedicated to exclusive interviews, and have a couple in the works... I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out by creating a logo for me. I am okay at...
  15. I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack
    I was suspended for a week for criticizing Gabe Ruediger's performance on TUF...but now I'm back. Lock up your daughters!
  16. Drunk David Hassellhoff...pretty funny
  17. I failed my permit test...
    I'm so mad at myself right now, I studied every sign and everything everyone was telling me to study. When I go to take the test, it was all you do this except when? questions. It came down to the...
  18. richieb19's blackjack secrets
    Heres the conservative system I use (and came up with) to gain several advantages in Blackjack. Before you start trying to understand how to count cards though it's essential that you master the...
  19. Starcraft 2 ANNOUNCED!!!!
    Today, Blizzard made the announcement of Starcraft 2 at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational. No release is set yet. Check the site out:
  20. The Best Pizza in the world
    Im sitting here drunk eating little caesars pizza.....and it dawns on me.....this is the best pizza in the world. But i used to be in love with papa johns.....dominos is alright and pizza hut...
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  21. Tales of Mere Existance
    I found one of these videos in the featured section of Youtube. I found it really funny, and wanted to see if there were more, so I looked around and found a whole series. My favourite is the...
  22. We can rebuild her... faster, stronger, better than before...
    I was skeptical when I first heard about it, but the new "Bionic Woman" actually looks pretty cool. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  23. SPARTANS by RCG916
    Hey guys, This is my latest highlight, short, but meant to be more of a teaser/preview to a longer one later. let me know what you think, I had fun making this one... SPARTANS
  24. Televisions vs. Guns
    I'm moving out to Montana in a little under two weeks, and being as we're living in bear country, I wanted to get some practice with big bore weapons to make sure I could stop a bear with accurate...
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  25. MMA fan AND a TOOL fan? Check this out...
    Im a big Tool fan, and Ive always thought that it was cool that Maynard trained in Gracie Jiu Jitsu... Heres an article I found, sorry if its old. Taken from (no url available to...
  26. mma-tracker
    if anyone uses torrent clients and has an invite to this site let me know.
  27. Liquor Thread
    I know, I stole this from the beer thread... Let's talk about liquor. I'm kind of a whiskey guy here goes. 1. Jameson's Its not very expensive, and has a good taste. Triple distilled,...
  28. MMA Shirt
    Me and a few friends came up with this design and had one shirt left over so we decided to throw it up on ebay. I would like to hear any comments or crits you have on the shirt and if you all happen...
  29. UFC music
    Can anyone tell me who sings the music for UFC / TUF. i know Semm (taste the pain) but i'm looking for the one that goes "You're gonna get knocked out !!!! " Thanks Steed
  30. Cartoon MMA fights (AWESOME!)
    Jackson vs Liddell scroll down to find more fights! Make sure to watch the Mark Hunt - Kimbo fight.
  31. Liddell in Fight Club spoof
    Funny Fight Club spoof starring Chuck Liddell on Best Damn Sports Show Friday. YouTube link to Chuck Liddell Fight Club spoof
  32. What Are The Odds On Mike Goldberg Saying...
    ..."here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!" when Chuck and Quinton begin the first round?
  33. How To Watch UFC Events
    Get yourself a projector and a 92-inch screen. Nice!
  34. Did Karo Parisyan thank who i think he did..??(Reggie Warren Jr.)
    after the fight Karo said .."i gotta thank some people"...and he thanked some,then the last one he said "Reggie Warren",then he laughed..... Could he be talking about Reggie Warren Jr. from...
  35. Memorial Day
    Hope you're enjoying it folks. Its a special day for myself and I'm making a night of it. Just me, some cider, some songs and some ghosts. Should be a good time. Whats everyone else up to?
  36. Official "I'm drunk" thread.
    We've had a few drunken posters on here in the past few weeks, so being as your drunken rants either end up here or deleted, I figured I should make a drunk thread where you can share your pearls of...
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  37. RichieB19 is my sexual partner.
    true story.
  38. Highlight maker?
    If you enjoy making highlights, there's a highlight "tournament" style comp that needs HLs... LINK
  39. My first HL vid (NEW VERSION)
    Thanks to those who gave feedback Fixed some sound, continuity and effects issues. NEW LINK
  40. Wanderlei Silva vs. Keyboard Warriors
    Wanderlei Silva vs. Keyboard Warriors Credit: Evil Master. Man this made me laugh my ass off for a hour.
  41. God Bless Tiger Balm
    This stuff is better than Deep Cold and A535 put toghether. I just strained a muscle in my back. And now it feels sooooo goooood.
  42. What Time Does Miletich Have On His Watch?
    3 Letters. L. O. L. This is not fake
  43. Moving to Montana
    Hey folks, I'm driving from New Hampshire to Montana early Sunday morning, and then I'll be out there until winter building my house. Being as we're up in the mountains and are building from scratch,...
  44. UFC75 :UNACCEPTABE Great Parody!!
  45. radio. Great MMA radio! Great MMA radio to listen to if you can't get enough of MMA radioshows. Type in this to subscribe on the podcast:
  46. tysons craziest moments
    fedor will u please lay this man in the ground.. worst part is 4:15 through the clip
  47. Anyone from Georgia, U.S.A. ?
    Just wondering if I'm the only person on this site from the South.
  48. REQUEST: Photoshop please.
    Can someone use your Photoshop skills for me on this pic. during the rampage-chuck fight he could not stop talking about the bad quality of fighters that their is in the ufc. This guy is always...
  49. Top 5 Favorite Sports
    1. UFC 2. HOCKEY 3. FOOTBALL 4. BASKETBALL 5. ... What about urs?
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  50. Anyone have some MMA Animated Pics?
    I was wondering if anyone had some Animate MMA Pics? Or where i can find them. If u do have some post them, everyone wants to see.
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