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  1. Funniest thing I've read in awhile
    Funniest thing I've read in awhile. This was posted on a different forum. Apparently it has made it rounds on the Internet, but for those who haven't read it yet, you are in for a real treat. A...
  2. just wanted to share with you all
    as i posted a while ago, i'm heading to vegas next week.i posted last week askng if anyone new anything about visiting xtreme couture. thanks again for the responses. i also sent them an e-mail...
  3. Have you ever gone to a Hank III show?
    I've just recently started getting into Hank III and I'm wondering how kickass his live show is. I'm guessing it'd be one hell of a good time but I'm curious to see what others have to say about it....
  4. MTV Mayhem: MMAs Jason Miller to host ‘Bully Beat Down’
    Super reality show creators Mark Burnett Productions, which has brought us such popular series on television such as “Survivor,” “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” and “The Apprentice,” is poised...
  5. A song in the movie American pie ????
    Hi guys, i want a song that is from the film american pie. I ask you all, as i don't know the name of the band. I would say that they are like a teen pop/punk band. Something simular to blink 182 but...
  6. Martial Arts Expert Challenges Chris Brown to a Fight
    Anthony Geisler, president of LA Boxing, has created a Facebook group called “I Want to Fight Chris Brown,” to challenge the R&B singer to a fight in the ring to see “what it's like to face a real...
  7. Another BJPENN.COM Video On 'Grease-gate'
    This one is worth checking out imo....... LINK (i linked to Cage Potato because watching on bj's website requires signup)
  8. cro cop party
  9. And you thought Pistons/Pacers brawl was bad? Check this HS Basketball game brawl!!
    HighSchool BRAWL This just happened this week, between two highscool teams (in texas i believe). When will people learn? When will players learn? On another note, the police and security on this...
  10. Nate Quarry look-a-like on To Catch a Predator
    I remember once someone posted on sherdog a video from youtube of an episode of To Catch a Predator. In the episode, the predator guy looked a lot like Nate Quarry. Anyone here know what I'm talking...
  11. Flat Screen Computer Monitor
    Like the title said, im in the need of a flat screen computer monitor. Something under $200. Problem is I really dont know much about them and just something with a good clear picture would do as I...
  12. Predator remake? It's actually in production right now
    Apparently Robert Rodriguez( directed Dusk til Dawn, Desperado, Sin city etc.) has been signed to do a remake of it. Don't get me wrong, I think he's a heck of a director, but I see no need. Predator...
  13. help with dvd player
    I need help to identify a problem with my family's dvd player. the problem is it won't play some dvds that we own, such as jurassic park 3 and hairspray,(don't flame me, its my little sisters movie)....
  14. Favorite classic rock band
    Due to my wife and i's arguement over the best classic rock band i was curious who the playground voted as the best classic rock band of all time it, so please share.
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  15. MMA Books Worst Sellers
    Just saw a thread on this in another forum, and there were some pretty funny names that had me chuckling...anyways here's a few... Tank Abbot: The Fighter's Diet Build a Better Vocabulary, by Dana...
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  16. Bowen50 and I challenge Mayhem Miller...
    To a dance off LINK to the greatest thing you will ever see try not to piss yourself when Bowen takes his shirt off
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  17. Fan Heckles Joe Rogan In Columbus, Ohio
  18. My UFC Birthday Cake
    So I had a thirty something birthday party this past weekend and one of my buddies wife is a cake decorator. (smashmouth) So she made this cake just for me. The Octagon was made out of chocolate and...
  19. Yahoo Sports Tournament PIck 'Em 2009 (MMAPG Group)
    Gonna be renewing our group soon as registration is now open, if you were in last year invites will be heading out shortly, if you're new look for registration info coming soon!
  20. Just got back from my Wrestling Tourny
    Great Tourney for me, 2 1st Round Stack Pins and I Teched the other Wrestler in the Finals, I Won my League really easily, and now I go to Sections, then when/if I get Top 4 I go to State, 3 Years in...
  21. Undisputed
    Wilson and his kid we're playing it in the preview show, I want one. Do you think it was some sort of demo?
  22. UFC 97 Rule Changes
    * Georges St. Pierre's beloved moose "Matilda" will be honored in a ceremony before the Anderson Silva/Thales Leites main event. * All fighters exiting the locker rooms and making their way to the...
  23. 1st Fully Correct Event
    So iv only been on the forum a short time and last night i called all 10 fights winners for the 1st time. It's only the 3rd event iv placed my picks and i was wondering how quickly other people did...
  24. Bowflex anyone use or own one?
    Well I have been looking at these for a little while now. Im your typical new dad who has put on the weight, and got lazy as its work and my daughter. Now that I am able to get a little more free...
  25. any hip hop heads out there?
    MF DOOM has a new album coming out, and the sampler has a song on it which references mma (octagon, tapout) ill find a link if anyone is interested
  26. UEFA Champions League [SPOILERS]
    For those with a day off or a DVR, the European Champions League "Sweet 16" begins tomorrow... Tuesday, 24 Feb FC Internazionale Milano vs. Manchester United FC at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza - ESPN2,...
  27. Andrei Arlovski action figure sneak peek from Round 5
    “Check out sneak peak images of the prototype sculpting for Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski’s forthcoming figurine. Art directed and approved by Arlovski himself, this figure will be 6? tall and will...
  28. Diego Sanchez Pre-Fight Intensity
    The pre-fight Diego Sanchez intensity. I like it. As long as he keeps winning.
  29. Fedor Wins Russian Sambo Championships (21.02.09)
  30. The MMA Show
    LINK ] I think we are very lucky in Canada to have The Score. They're changing the game, now on Friday's and Saturday's, we have the MMA Show. WAR SCORE.
  31. Member Posting Stats......Crazy!
    Ok so I got lookin at when everyone started here on the playground and how many posts they have amassed compared to me who joined around the same time. I just picked out a couple of the guys on here...
  32. The Fantasy Baseball Trade thread...
    Each season, there are numerous threads posted here throughout the course of the MLB season, wanting fantasy advice. So why not have a dedicated thread? Anyways...I don't need advice right now, but...
  33. Movies you may not have seen, but should!
    Just like the title says--what are some more obscure movies the common movie-goer may not have seen, but should? Here's a few... The City of God I'm not usually a fan of subtitled movies but this...
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  34. Funniest **** I've seen in a while (Fedor)
    Fedor BMF! Dana White takes notice lol.
  35. Gina Carano Signs For Round 5 Collectible Figure
    Known to many as the “face of female mixed martial arts,” Gina “Conviction” Carano has parlayed great ability in the cage and a glamorous look out of it to burst onto the MMA scene and in many ways...
  36. Mike Goldberg hits the bottle and a couple of sparring mitts following UFC 95 in London (Video)
  37. What games are u looking forward to this year?
    What games are u most looking forward to this year? mine are The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena - sequel to one of the best little know games on xbox and pc that was over shadow by...
  38. Coming Soon: Yo Adrian! It's The Governator & Sly Together!
    Yes, it would appear that AH-nuld is headed back to the big screen in a sort of collaboration I always wondered what would be like if it happened: He's finally going to do a movie with Sylvester...
  39. Right now I'm...
    Here's how it goes gentlemen. Just finish that sentence. Keep 'em short. Right now I'm feeling...stoned. Now you try
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  40. mma funny
    just something that you guys can watch, hate it or love it, i think its funny link
  41. Cheaters - The worst screw over yet!
    From pissing in the guy's coffee to stealing his of those things that is F'd up yet strangely entertaining. link
  42. Funniest Video Ever Lol
    Funniest Video I Ever Seen In My Life Feat. Net Thugs
  43. Brock didnt looooooseee to mir he didnt tap!!! be warned he didnt TAP!!!
  44. Mouths for eyes
    I found this kind of ****** up. It just takes the mouths of people and puts it as the eyes. F'd up ****. Weird
  45. 1910 Predictions of what 2000 would look like
    People from the year 1910 drew these pictures of what the world would be like in the year 2000 Haha
  46. Ghostbusters Video Game
    Have you guys seen the videos for this game yet? I know there isn't much of a track record for marrages between video games and movies...But this puppy looks legit. The video clips look amazing, and...
  47. Haynesworth signs with Redskins
    I am only posting this in hopes that it will somehow lessen the joy that DC and zep feel by taking the posting part from them? Meanwhile Dallas still has TO, and Jerry Jones is still trying to be the...
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  48. Brian Dawkins to Denver!!! WOOOOHOOOO
    I just read on espn blog that denver and Dawkins has agreed to terms on a deal. Not official yet but it would be good news FINALLY for us denver fans. imagine champ and dawkins?!?!?! denver also...
  49. I officially nominate.....
    Supersoph199 as the #1 zombie thread producer on the playground right now.
  50. Do you ever just wonder why?
    Some kids just puzzle me. Bigfoot Don't try this at home kiddies.
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