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  1. Who would you punch (remix)
    Well i know the original topic was shut down because it walked the very thinline of fighter bashing... but i have a new question If you could punch anyone in the world one time who would you punch?...
  2. member quotes.
    Rush "Learn to use the search function" JJfreak "His grappling is good but in pure BJJ....." DCrage "This topic is locked" Gsquat (Insert random pro-Rashad statement lol) post any others that make...
  3. Stone Temple Pilots
    After digging around on the internet today I discovered that Stone Temple Pilots have a lot more critics than I realized. I always thought everyone loved STP, but I guess I was wrong. I want to know...
  4. "Taken" The Movie
    p4p best action movie that came out in the past few years, right next to casino royale and the bourne trilogy. i just saw it and its aaaaaaaamaazzing! better than the directors first attempt, "leon"...
  5. Arod tested positive for steroids in 2003
    LINK As a Yankee fan and someone who supported Arod its a bit unnerving, but at the sametime it seemed almost all players have done them during this era. Maybe except Griffey Jr.
  6. COD: WaW 1.2 Patch Problem
    K.... My previous post on this very topic has either slipped into a wormhole, or an uptight mod doesn't appreciate my frustration. Bottomline: I installed the 1.2 patch, now I have no in-game sound...
  7. Can anyone help with Ipods??
    my ipod wont play through anything, not my headphones or through my docking radio, everything else works. it plays on the ipod i just cant get sound to come out in the headphones, docking device, or...
  8. More Booyah the other night.
    Bedded the birthday girl after her party friday night. Her mum walked in and asked me to leave ... I walked home without pants on. Good night.
  9. What would you do if an officer demanded...
    What would you do if an officer demanded... comandeer your vehicle. Let's say it is not obvious as to why, he's just stopped you in the road and says he needs it. What do you do? A. Let him, no...
  10. Wanderlei Undisputed
  11. Station Casinos, Trump Entertainment Resort Holdings Make List of 15 Companies That Might Not See 2010
    Yahoo assesses the situation and comes to the following conclusions: Most of these firms have limited cash for a rainy day, and a lot of debt, with large interest payments due over the next year. In...
  12. Reefer Madness
    Anyone know where I can find this to download for free? Props will be in order to someone who can give a link as I wish to burn it.
  13. Chris Jerico goes crasy on some fan in a parking lot
    wow he took on a whole bunch of angry fans. I also think they should respect his privicy link
  14. American Psycho the movie
    Anyone here seen this movie? I just did yesterday because every reviewer at loved it. I gotta say though, this movie sucked big time. The ending made no sense at all whatsoever. Maybe...
  15. Funniest Video Ever
    Funniest Thing I've Seen In My Life <=== Funny Sh** Dude
  16. vegas trip/xtreme couture
    Hey guys, i'm heading out to vegas in two weeks and thought about stopping at xtreme couture. have any of you been there? is it cool to stop by? gift shop? get to watch a class? anything like that?...
  17. Anybody use Vuze?
    I downloaded a movie using vuze (it's like a torrent downloader/player) but I don't know how to get it on DVD. Anybody use this program that might be able to help?
  18. Josh Neer getting confused.....
  19. Margarito Hearing Before CSAC Today (Boxing)
    This is continued fallout from "HandWrapGate" (Sorry, can't be helped) that happened right before Antonio Margarito's fight with Shane Mosley a couple weeks ago. A few links after the jump: Article...
  20. Could someone...
    give me a link to the fight between Neer and Fickett from UFN 1, I've been looking for it for a while, but can seem to find on. Props if someone can find me one.
  21. Christian Bale takes David to the Dentist
    Hahaha... Bale vs David
  22. Brett Favre Retiring? For Real This Time?
    As always, draw your own conclusions as this is Brett FAAA-VRUH. But he apparently is telling his agent to tell the Jets he's retiring (yet again). Article
  23. MMAPlayground Fantasy Baseball (on Yahoo!)
    I have PM's sent out to a few people to see if they're wanting to sign-up for this year's league since last year's league was a success. In other words, the typical 12-14 spots aren't open as of...
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  24. Non-MMA Gif Request
    Would anyone be so kind as to hook me up with a sweet/kickass Chicago Cubs gif? I'd be in debt to you forever... If you can use some Harry Caray footage or maybe Ron Santo, that would be superb.
  25. Inglorious bastards (Tarantino)
    trailer trailer is up now!! I am pretty freaking pumped to see this movie, I am a big Tarantino fan...and this just looks kickass!! anyone else, looking forward to this flick?
  26. It's As Good As Dunn!
    Still in shock over this...Adam Dunn signed with my Washington Nationals today, 2 years. No back-to-back 100-loss seasons for us! We hope. Heard about it driving home from work and could not believe...
  27. Old school jujitsu for the "weaker sex"
    "a 1930s British news reel on how 'the weaker sex' can use jujitsu to deal with 'objectionable people'" Don't f with her
  28. Pa. judges accused of jailing kids for cash
    WILKES-BARRE, Pa. – For years, the juvenile court system in Wilkes-Barre operated like a conveyor belt: Youngsters were brought before judges without a lawyer, given hearings that lasted only a...
  29. Roberto Alomar denies he has AIDS
    LINK just when you forgot about him hocking a loogie in an umpires face, Robbie hits the headlines again, his ex girl says he's got the bug. bad week for baseball in general.
  30. 2010 Olympic Torch
    Anyone else find the shape of the new torch a little familiar? Do the torch bearers have to toke twice before they pass? I believe thats the proper etiquitte isn't it?
  31. dont forget
    this is to help people remember, dont forget link
  32. Fedor vs Silvia Cartoon
  33. GSP vs BJ Cartoon
  34. Mayhem miller accepts challenge made to rampage
    A guy made a video challenging rampage to a dance off, and Mayhem accepted the challenge on rampages part. Mayhem, funny as hell
    Pitchers and catchers report today!
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  36. Hilarious Hughes-GSP Video
    This one is quite clever and funny. Check it out after the jump:
  37. Allen Iverson Pass
    LINK crazy. One of the nicest I've seen.
  38. Josh Barnett talks about calling out Kenny
    Josh's response on the UG Now that I have your attention Kenny, and the rest of the internet it seems, I’ll lay it out for you without the attention grabbing obnoxiousness. I have done media work in...
  39. Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman
    I'm not really up on my celebrity current events, but I was board today at work so I was surfing for a bit and camp across this: Joaquin Phoenix On David Letterman Is this a bit of some...
  40. wwe no way out live results
    for anyone who cares. WWE Championship Elimination chamber Edge (champ) vs. Jeff Hardy vs Vladimir Koslov vs Undertaker vs Bigshow vs Triple H. Jeff Hardy Eliminates Edge 1st. Undertaker Eliminates...
  41. Bushfires in Australia
    i wanted the familys that lost someone to theses fires .my hopes and prayers.. i know we have a big aussie follwing here in the playground. and want to lend my support, look at the link for more info...
  42. PC Game Suggestions
    I need suggestions for a PC Game(s) to purchase. From what I've gathered, very few (none) places have a decent selection of PC titles. Mostly X-Box, PS3, Wii, etc. So, I need your help...what game...
  43. Yahoo Fantasy Baseball
    League ID#: 40298 Password: weekly Fun, competitive league. Lineups set daily.
  44. An Open Letter To Kellogs Re: Michael Phelps
    Dear, Kellogg’s. I’m writing this letter to express my disappointment in your company in firing Michael Phelps as a spokesperson for your products because he was photographed while enjoying some...
  45. Altered States
    It's 1:51am LA time as I write this, and as I sit at my desk my body is covered with the white, dried Epsom salts that are 800lbs thick in water of my isolation tank. Normally I take a shower as soon...
  46. Thiago Alves calls GSP "really gay"!!
    Watch the video it made me laugh! Link
  47. Nature
    I was walking around in some of the more wildery parts of the town I live in over the past couple days, and I realized that I couldn't be happier than when I'm in nature. Nothing beats blazing a...
  48. Favorite Books?
    I'd highly suggest you pick up the new novel, Mr. Build, if you're looking for something wild. I've also loved Perfume: Story of a Murderer and a few Stephen King books. You?
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  49. Any interest in a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball keeper league?
  50. Street Fighter IV
    *drool* Picked it up today, it's incredible...I haven't been this hyped/happy for a game in a really long time.
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