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  1. Mickey Rourke vs Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania
    Its been announced that Mickey Rourke has put out a challenge for Chris Jericho at wrestlemania. Wow, thats all i can say
  2. Gene Roddenberry & Wife Getting A Worthy Sendoff
    Although they're no longer alive to see it, they are boldly going where no one has gone before... LOS ANGELES – The creator of "Star Trek" and his wife will spend eternity together in space. Celestis...
  3. Fantasy Baseball *sign up*
    I created a league in CBS, which I have found to be the best. Yahoo charges money to have live stats, and CBS doesnt. So this is the best league around. Its going to be head to head. The draft will...
  4. Internet MMA- War of Words
    Did anyone else see the war of words, that broke out between Hermes Franca and Joe Lauzon over @ the UG. I'm not gonna link it, cause I'm not gonna promote that site..haha but I will transcribe it...
  5. Arlovski Fails.....
    Props to Fightlinker.....
  6. Kentuckys in a state of emergency
    Well Kentucky is in a state of emergency because of a damn ice storm that came through last night and the night before. The last I heard over 150 trees are down all over the place, theres been 11...
  7. S-Video help
    NVM i did the whole safe mode thing and it worked fine thanks to anyone who even gave it a thought.
  8. The great Rocky Debate
    This is an argument that I find myself in quite often, so I wanted to pose the question to the rest of the Playground. How would you rank the Rocky movie series? Here's how I see it: 1. Rocky 2....
  9. Old fighting movies
    What are some old school fighting movies you thought were great when you were growing up but horrible to watch now? I used to love Bloodsport and Lionheart when I was a kid but whenever they are on...
  10. To the people that know there music. UFC Primetime, music question.
    Alright i cant seem to find the name ofthe song or band, (if it has a band) i cant tell if the song even has lyrics, from what i know, it doesnt, it has a guitar toon in the beggining then goes to...
  11. Antonio Margarito Suspended in Hand Wrap Probe
    Antonio Margarito Suspended in Hand Wrap Probe Former welterweight titleholder Antonio Margarito's license was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission on Wednesday while it investigates...
  12. Pacquiao vs. Hatton Official for May 2 in Las Vegas
    Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton formally agreed to fight for Hatton's IBO junior welterweight belt on May 2, ending several weeks of negotiating and posturing on Wednesday. Pacquiao (48-3-2, 36 KOs),...
  13. UFC Cakes Now ?
    From Fightlinker...
  14. Jon Fitch’s new nickname
    It’s kinda dangerous to not have a nickname, because it means everyone is always trying to stick one on you. Maybe you end up with a cool sounding one like “Atom Bomb” or maybe you end up like Jon...
  15. Construction signs warn
    Hopefully I'm not considered a troll for this but I felt I had to share with any other zombie fans. AUSTIN (KXAN) - Austin drivers making their morning commute were in for a surprise when two road...
  16. D0wnUnd6e6r -vs- Higdon10 (D0wnUnd6e6r's redemption)
    Aight folks this is it, youve already seen this type of thread (me vs emfleek) and well I decided to do the same here. Me and Higdon10 had an av bet going on for Hendo/Ace fight, needless to say i...
  17. NHL 2k9 vs EAs NHL 09
    Anybody played either, or both? Im going to pick one of em up this weekend but ive got no idea which one to buy. The reviews seem to suggest EAs effort is better but I hear the stick system is pretty...
  18. Hilarious GSP vs. BJ Prediction
    Read the second guys, man did i laugh hard link
  19. GSP's Punchout!
    Yup, a preview of GSP's new game sure to watch it in high quality for best viewing. link
  20. GSP "Not Impressed" Song!
    Have a good laugh, I did!! GSP SONG
  21. Chuck Norris?
    ok, so i must be missing something here. it seems like everyone thinks that Chuck Norris is the coolest guy ever. everyone is always talking about him, and hugging his nuts, i just don't get it....
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  22. Gegard Mousasi Interrupts Tito...
    Props to Cage Potato.
  23. Skeletal Metal and UFC to Release UFC Branded Jewelry profiled Skeletal Metal last month and talked of the ties between SM part owner Marty Cordova and UFC owners Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta. Those ties look to have payed off for...
  24. Gif of Jones's spinning back elbow?!
    Does anyone have this? I'm looking for it more to see Joe Silva's look of horror as Bonner hits the ground than anything else!
  25. Anyone have a link for the fight last night?
    Hey was just wondering if anyone had a link for the GSP vs. BJ fight i missed it
  26. Anyone else see the resemblance?
  27. CB stands for Care Bear
    Bader and CB
  28. Funny Commercials
    Anyone think there has been any funny commercials so far tonight, I liked one and it was the Doritos one.
  29. Pittsburgh holding #6!!!!!!
    Well no one put it up so I figured I would this is the official place for Steelers fans to gloat about that awesome game last night! War Steelers!!! Welcome to Sixburgh!
  30. Frank Shamrock: MMA For Dummies
    Frank Shamrock’s MMA For Dummies, coming out in the Spring, is available for pre-order over on A quick synopsis of the book: Featuring more than 150 step-by-step, full-color photos...
  31. Dear Buffalo Wild Wings...I think I love you...
    I have no internet at home now so I decided to check out the local WiFi hotspots in/around the Fort. As it turns out, the coffee shops around here close early (7/8'ish) so I thought I was...
  32. Inspired by Not Impressed
    I made a song today. GSP ft. BJ Penn - It's Like That
  33. SO I just rewatched Friday the 13th 2.
    I havent seen it in forever. But is it just me or did Jason look short as hell in the movie? I in the other movies when he has the Mask and everything he looks enormous. But in 2 he looks small and...
    you heard it here first suckers. free grand slam breakfast tomorrow at dennys from 6am to 2pm.
  35. Fight Name Generator
    Enter your name and you get your fighter nickname. I wasn't too pleased with my own but I enetered Jon Fitch and this came out... jon "Guacamole" fitch jon "Dirty Rotten" fitch jon "Snowball" fitch...
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  36. how did you find the playground
    well im bored at school so i decided to start a topic and this is all i could think of so explain how you found out about this great site
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  37. Gono's UFC 94 Entrance
  38. Christian Bale goes ballastic and cusses out some guy on the set of Terminator Salvation
    I've heard Bale is one of the toughest actors to work with in Hollywood, and I guess this just confirms that... link
  39. Ronaldo Souza and Gabriel Gonzaga jamming
    Just a video of the two best BJJ practitioners in the world--jamming out. link
  40. kid after the dentist
    kid haha they were talking about this on the radio today, the dad videotaped the kid after he had a tooth pulled or soemthing and he was still a little drugged up...kind of funny stuff..
  41. Do you wanna be a ****** fighter? A trip down memory lane
    For some reason TUF 1 is on one of the three sports channels I have with cable (I don't have satelite or digital or anything). It's on a commercial break but when it cut Dana was about to go off on...
  42. The Life Of Larry: Family Guy Pilot 1 & 2
    Just stumpled acrossed these and its pretty funny to see how they were when first created. The Life Of Larry / Family Guy Pilot 1 Larry & Steve / Family Guy Pilot 2
  43. The Spirit Of Christmas: Original South Park Pilot
    Here's the Original Pilot from '95 but technically its the 2nd episode, here's the 1st from '92 Jesus Vs Frosty
  44. Ladies and gentlemen...allow me to introduce you to...THE BACON EXPLOSION
    LINK Add provolone cheese and we can rename it...THE ORGASM ROLL.
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  45. If You Could Be...
    Not sure if this has already been asked but f*** it. I just wanted to know… If you could be ANY mma fighter in the world who would you be? (Give reasons) Don’t just say you want to be someone because...
  46. Who would you punch?
    This might have been posted before but I haven’t a clue "If you could punch/KO any fighter who would it be?" (give reasons if you can)
  47. Does red wine extract contain alcohol?
    Anyone know? I was eating some granola bars that said they contained red-wine extract.
  48. Joe Calzaghe Announces Retirement
    Former super-middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe retired from boxing Thursday after winning all his 46 professional fights. "I've got no other goals to go for," he said. "That's why I am calling it a...
  49. Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li
    Anyone else hear about this movie? I just found out about it through a movie email newsletter I sometimes get... As the Street Fighter saga celebrates its 20th anniversary, fight fans are invited to...
  50. MMA Street Fighter II for Super Nintendo GSP vs Mayhem Miller
    I love these videos... link
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