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  1. Attention all iPOD Guru's !
    I just got an iPOD Nano 4th Gen for XMASS and I wanted to ask you guys a question when using iTunes. When I go to add a movie file (Mpeg format) to my library it does nothing. What is going on???/?
  2. Question regarding Internet conversation
    If a male uses <33333 in a conversation, should he lose his man card? i think yes. discuss.
  3. Good luck BRONCOS!!!!
    Everybody pray for my broncos tonight!!! I cant take them losing a division title to the smelly chargers tonight!!
  4. TOP 25 My Favorite Male Actor
    25#David Spade 24#Amaury Nolasco alias ''Fernando Sucre'' in Prison Break 23#Topher Grace alias ''Eric Forman'' in That 70th Show 22#James Franco 21#Zachary Quinto alias ''Saylar'' in Heroes 20#Masi...
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  5. MMARPG new game its really cool check it out
  6. MMA Playground Pick 'Em
    Well I would like to thank Pick 'Emfleek, babalu2720 RomoSexual Tendencies, DCRage, We Are 138, Dallas cowmen, chuckw94,Titties N' Beer, MKIV9secsupra for making it fun but I The postman am the MMA...
  7. NFL Playoffs, who wins?
    NFC Wild Card 6.Eagles vs 3.Vikings=Eagles//////////////5.Falcons vs 4.Cardinals=Falcons (Highest winning seed faces #2, lowest winning seed faces #1) NFC Divisional 6.Eagles vs...
  8. UFC Fantasy League for
    I've started an Fantasy League on MEMBERS: (currently in 3rd Place) emfleek grappler0000 gartface breakdown5 gspfan tuvok500 D0wnUnd6e6r JJFreak74 RampageOwnedYou wolfman...
  9. wolverine origins. movie trailer
    new trailer for new x men movie..all i can say is that it looks fing bad ass. about time they got gambit in their movies wolverine origins
  10. lol funny guy
    lol funny lucky hes pretty quick
  11. pablo Fransisco
    lol hes got some funny stuff soem of you have probably seen him Preveiw parody <<<awesome Strip club...
  12. MMA's true pioneer is...
    ...The Rock. now i know what you are thinking, how can The Rock have had an influence on MMA? well i'll tell you. we always see people throwing elbow's to grounded opponents; a technique founded by...
  13. college football... a couple of questions.
    What the bloody hell is the deal with all the bowl games? I dont get why all these teams are playing against each other. Im from Australia, and i watch ESPN like its going outta fashion. And i love...
  14. C'mon, Playground...keep me entertained!
    This place is friggin' dead. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the holiday season and whatnot, but for crying out loud, I'm more important than any of that jazz. Keep me entertained, dangit!!! ***...
  15. K-1 Dynamite
    I know this has probably been asked, but which sites can I stream tonight's event from. Why isn't this on US pay per view? Thanks
  16. True story
    ok this is a true story from Mount Isa in australia. One night a police officer was sitting out side a local pub with a breathaliser. he was waiting there for a while. the clock finally struck...
  17. Kiwis
    now i dotn no if this guy actually knows whats going on because this would hurt but its funny as hell guyz you have to watch it. unless you dotn have sense of humour and sorry about all my threads i...
  18. What do you do?
    What do you do for a living me i do Competitive Muay Thai around Australia and also Work As An apprentice deisel mechanic. So whatd o you do if you dont want to post no worries. but ive allways...
  19. NYE 2008
    Well its 2pm on nye and tonight I have been set a challenge If I can skull a pint of Guiness my mate will give me a bucket of cake. YES A FREAKIN BUCKET OF CAKE. I have to be sober and it has to be...
  20. xbox question
    ok, so i was setting up my xbox live account and it asked me for my gamertag. naturally, i just typed in the one that i already had on my xbox. a message poped up asking me if i wanted to replace it,...
  21. Happy New Year
    I hope everyone here has a good one, and may all your wishes come true. Good luck Pride-Fighter
  22. Happy New YR
    everyone hope you all had a good night and partied hard Hopefully 09 brings out good things for us all. New Years Resolution: To try and not eat so much Chocolate its addictive
  23. It feels soooo good to be back
    Whats goin on everyone. I just wanted to say ive missed this website for the last month. My computer got some myspace/facebook virus that i have no clue about but somehow i was lucky enough to get it...
  24. i need to vent about my college b-ball team!!!!
    idk wtf is up with my favorite team. The louisville cardinals have a team jampacked with talent but tonight we lost to UNLV. it shouldnt have happened. neither team played all that great. we hadnt...
  25. Baby born during trans-Atlantic flight to Boston
    Pretty crazy night for these ppl! Yahoo
  26. PC Building Help
    Would anyone be able to help me out with where my HDD LED and reset switch connectors go? I don't have a mobo manual so I can't refer to that. I've got the power and power led's in the right spot,...
  27. You know the economy is bad when...
    Drug dealers are accepting gift cards!
  28. (awesome site)
    Im in love with this new site i found., it has tons of pics with the faces cut out and you put your face on it. lol
  29. Anybody from montreal or anywere close??
    im supposed to be heading up to montreal next weekend with a coupple of buddies of mine. i was just wondering if anybody knows of any good places to go to. places with dancing and lots of women are a...
  30. USA All the Way!!
    Lol awsome game against us on NYE, but pretty brutal game today lol.
  31. Fantasy Salary Cap game
    Just made up a league on entitled MMAPLAYGROUND and the password is mma. We will be drafting 12 fighters and the draft or biddingon fighters starts at 8 am on Friday the 16th of...
  32. Pro Wrestling Moves Pulled Off in MMA
    A video that shows a bunch of moves performed in pro wrestling and pulld off in MMA. link
  33. Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans
    Just saw a preview of it for the first time during the Cards/Falcons game. Anyone else disappointed not to see Kate Beckinsale in that tight leather outfit in it?
  34. fight science
    to be honest i love watching these and i love it because muay thaiis what i train and well watch link and also bas rutten awesome kick . now alot of you have seen it but i thought id share to ppl...
  35. Paranormal Attack Warning and Psychic Battle
    Crazy guy in tinfoil warns about paranormal attacks Is this your uncle?
  36. good god people are dumb
    so, do YOU want to end womens suffrage? LMAO
    Edgar Sosa hits a 3 with 2 seconds left!!! Cards beat the Cats 74-71!!!! YEAH!!!!!! Now i dont have to listen to the UofK fans talk smack! The Shot!!!!
  38. This is for people who never sign off AIM
    If you need a good laugh check this video out: Away Messages Unfortunately I graduated from high school with this kid last year. Kinda makes you wonder: Is this really the future of this world? Dmany
  39. Donnie Darko
    Any other fans of this movie out there? I just got done watching it for the 40th time lol I still love it after 3 years and 30 to 50 something viewings. Off subject for the thread but I noticed that...
  40. The Tale of 42 leg kicks!
    When I saw the end of this video I literally screamed "OH MY GOD!" Props to that dude for taking 42!!!!! leg kicks in one fight. I forgot it at first haha
  41. xbox live
    hey guys if any of u guys would like to play some game with me on live that would be cool, id like to have some guys that are mma fans to talk to while playing games my xbox live gamertag is: Bushid0...
  42. Avatar question
    How do you get an avatar and use it?
  43. Met Gary Goodridge today. Got to talk 1 on 1
    I heard of Gary opening a new gym in my city. I decided to go in, and actually see if he was working today. Which he was. Gary is a cool dude, and seems like a very down to earth guy, who enjoys...
  44. Do you post more often in threads where there's familiar people?
    I admit I have favorites in the playground, we all do dont lie, and at times we will look to see who's posted before bothering with a post for good or bad lol. The topic matters a lot and I think...
  45. Team Canada Wins Gold!!
    Congrats to the Canadian Junior Hockey team tonight! They won the gold medal game 5 to 1 over the Sweeds. Lets also give a congrats to the US for finishing in 5th!.
  46. Lil Wayne on ESPN First Take
    Not sure if anyone cares, but Lil Wayne (who is a huge sports fanatic) is on ESPN First Take today debating Skip Bayless on 1 and 10. The replay is on right now on the east coast at least. I love Lil...
  47. Dean Lister Apologizes/Points Out He's Still Better Than You
    There’s no getting around it, Dean Lister had a bad, bad night against Yushin Okami at UFC 92. His offense consisted of pulling guard, a few token efforts at striking, and takedown attempts that only...
  48. Eddie Bravo - High School Pic
  49. Pat Barry does the Techno Viking
  50. The Fart Silencer
    LINK The inventor must intend for you to keep it there all day. I can't picture a social situation where you could drop your pants and insert and have it be less embarrassing than letting it rip....
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