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  1. Billy Mays?
    anybody else tired of seeing billy mays infomercials? what is he not the spokeman for.
  2. Happy Birthday to.....
    Mr. Kieth Richards is a youthful 65 years old today... Is it just me or has he not aged a day in the last 30 years? (He's looked like an 80 year old for as long as I can remember).
  3. Matts Sundin Signs with...........................
    Vancouver .......ouch!! Now being from Toronto area, and a huge fan. I cant wait till mid Feb. because thats when Sundin returns to Toronto. Van@Tor schedule it hockey fans. Im still shocked, i...
  4. Favorite Beer
    Mostly into darker beers-- lager or ales. They have a lot of great mico-breweries around here so I like a lot of the local beer. If I were to choose a favorite beer people would recognize, it would...
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  5. You, from Canada.
    I had a taste of something call (i think) Mr. Big Bar... Is that only in canada or can i get that anywhere else Best chocolate ever WAR MR. BIG
  6. Tonight
    I got hit on by a chick who turned 17 at midnight. So she was 16 when she was giving it the dirty talk. Really hot, big breasts. This is the problem. I gave her my phone to make a call, then she left...
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  7. Can anyone lay down the beats??
    I need someone that is/knows a DJ that can mix a song for me..... The song i need mixed is "Bad Boys" (Cops theme by Inner Circle) I need it for a fight entrance I dont care what its mixed with...
  8. A Sneezing Monkey
    link I want to get a monkey for my next pet
  9. [soccer/football] European League draws today
    Champions League, round of 16 ties to be played February 24/25 & March 10/11 Chelsea v Juventus Villarreal v Panathinaikos Sporting Lisbon v Bayern Munich Atlético Madrid v FC Porto Lyon...
  10. Video: Slow Motion Punches In The Face
  11. [[[[[*** 2008 MMAPlayground User Awards ***]]]]]]
    Get your nominations in! 2008 was a great year for MMAPlayground and 2009 is only going to be better. Thanks to everyone who makes this place what is is! RULES: You may nominate ONLY one person per...
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  12. "Iron" Mike? Get Him On NutriSystem & The Foreman Grill, Stat!
    Or, as I commented on my blog, "Yes, that’s THE Mike Tyson, who apparently has been biting off more than he can chew, which probably is much to Evander Holyfield’s delight and relief. Nutrisystem...
  13. Zac Effron's IQ is 125?
    Apparently, according to this website and its advertising. Are you smarter than Zac Effron?
  14. 100 props or 500 posts?
    Which will i reach first? I think im doing ok in the ratio department, with just under 1 prop to 5 posts. But honestly, i see myself hitting 500 before i reach 100. Anyway, i quit my job today, got a...
  15. Music megastars who died before age 30
    linkage JIMI HENDRIX 1942-1970 JANIS JOPLIN 1943-1970 ANDREW WOOD (lead singer of Mother Love Bone) 1966-1990 KURT COBAIN 1967-1994 SHANNON HOON (lead singer of Blind Melon) 1967-1995 NOTORIOUS...
  16. Yahoo! Answers
    Saw this on Fightlinker and thought i'd share it: Here’s a great example of why you probably shouldn’t trust everything you read on Yahoo! Answers.
  17. Holyfield Vs Valuev - Valuev Weighs In Almost 100lbs Heavier!!!
    Nikolai Valuev 310 ¾ lbs. Evander Holyfield 214 ¼ lbs. (WBA Heavyweight Championship)
  18. Fedor vs Tito
    It's finally happening... link
  19. Randy Couture Turned Into The Hulk?!?
    Yeah, that's Randy as the green one. Some holiday party. And looking nice as usual... That's Goblin...I mean, Gina Carano. Turns out this was a Christmas party that Randy & Kim Couture held for...
  20. Wanderlei Silva Reads The News
  21. Paintball V. Airsoft
    i was watching a youtube video where some dude had a grenade launcher paintball gun and the people commenting the video got into an argument over which is better, paintball or airsoft. personally, i...
  22. Caption Contest
    You know the rules...caption this photo!
    I know its only the 21st but I wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas, or if you dont celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays! So what are everyones plans?? I actually got the day off and its a miracle,...
  24. "Karma" Vs Revenge
    It's safe to assume we've all gotten karma-like situations reign upon others or ourselves. And we've all gotten revenge, anywhere from minor methods or severe ones. My question is which is more...
  25. MMA Fighters Inspire New Mixed Drink Names
    The Josh Koscheck: It makes you feel very accomplished, even though you are doing very little. The Sean Sherk: It looked like orange was I supposed to know the effect it would have? The...
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  26. [[[ 2008 MMA Playground - THREAD OF THE YEAR ]]]
    Vote! (NOTE: Due to lack of nominations, only those threads that received more than one nomination were added to the ballot.)
  27. [[[ 2008 MMAPlayground - BEST AVATAR ]]]
    Vote! Don't forget to prop the winner! (NOTE: Due to lack of nominations, only those who received more than one nomination were added to the ballot.)
  28. [[[ 2008 MMAPlayground - NEWS MOGUL OF THE YEAR ]]]
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  29. [[[ 2008 MMAPlayground - VIDEO HOUND OF THE YEAR ]]]
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  30. [[[ 2008 MMAPlayground - FUNNIEST POSTER ]]]
    Vote! Don't forget to prop the winner!
  31. [[[ 2008 MMAPlayground - BEST NEWBIE? ]]]
    Vote! Don't forget to prop the winner! (NOTE: Due to lack of votes - the "deadline" to be considered a newbie was bumped from August to July, which would begin the 2nd half of the year.)
  32. [[[ 2008 MMAPlayground - MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE POSTER ]]]
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  33. [[[ 2008 MMAPlayground - MODERATOR OF THE YEAR ]]]
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  34. [[[ 2008 MMAPlayground - TOP P4P (Post For Post) POSTER ]]]
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  35. Our "Crush" Has Been Crushed...
    "American Gladiators" has been cancelled. NBC officially announced it today, it apparently had been expected. So no more Gina in her crush getup on Monday nights. I'm off to find and download...
  36. I'm sorry guys, but I have to let you know.
    My Xmas goes like this Dec 25 - Leave to Vegas from Calgary Dec 26 - Weigh Ins Dec 27 - UFC Dec 28 - Lakers vs Warriors Dec 29 - Kings vs Blue Jackets Dec 30 - Holiday Bowl OK State vs Oregon Dec 31...
  37. HDnet now on comcast HELL YEAH!!!!
    so comcast hasn't had this channel and the shows they have cause I been missing them and now they have made there way my way and I am vary happy well after having a bad day with my Broncos blowing a...
  38. Merry Christmas, Fleek...NO ELECTRICITY FOR YOU!!!
    Seriously...this friggin' sucks. Mother Nature is a fat, bipolar skank. I haven't had electricity since Friday at 1:30pm because we got nailed with an ice storm. That's right...more than 4 days ago....
  39. OK Enough is Enough!!
    Ok so the New York Yankees are basically bullying every team in the MLB from getting a chance to get any better, by snatching up all the top free agents for stupid amounts of money. Today they nabbed...
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  40. Kickass abum covers
    Post pics of mad album covers. Banana Rock
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  41. Hey guyz just wanted
    to wish you all a very merry christmas it is christmas eve here in Aus so christmas comes early for us so merrry christmas and enjoy your days peace lads. Lochie
  42. most disgusting MMA pic
    Let's see what you guys come up with...
  43. Suppliment question...Is this normal?
    So I've been lifting for about 10 weeks now trying to gain a little muscle mass. I decided a while ago to try some suppliment shakes. I hadn't done a whole lot of research, just saw some at the local...
  44. MMA Playground and Moderators
    I would like to wish everyone on MMA Playground a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Have a pleasant and safe Holiday Season. I know you moderators get a lot of flack, but I would...
  45. ((( 2008 MMAPlayground - BEST AT MAKING YEAR END AWARDS )))
    Who has been the best at creating the year end award threads?
  46. forums
    are very dea lately whats going on every just doesnt talk anymore
  47. best xmas present you've received
    i just got two tickets to fly and watch k1 grand prix!!!! im totally kidding. i got a cardigan and a vest and a $30 gift card to urban outfitters
  48. Famous Hotties
    hey guys if you fell like getting in touch with your feminine side this morphing pictures site i just found should amuse you for a good 10 minutes link
  49. Can you kill a cow?
    can you kill a cow with your bare hands? and if it was possible? would it know what is happening?
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  50. cover songs, better than the original
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to name some cover tunes. Not just any cover tunes, and not just good cover tunes... Cover tunes that you like more than the original . I'll get us...
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