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  1. TBI/The Donations for the UFC card tonight
    As a veteran who has suffered from the effects of several bombs, I would just like to say that all the things they are saying about TBI are true. If you can afford to donate to the cause, then do...
    PANTERA is the greatest band of all time. Nuff said. Metallica will never be what they used to be. Load and Reload weren't bad rock albums, just not good Metal albums. Black Sabbath invented metal...
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  3. Any Guitarists?
    Hey what's up guys. I've been playing a little over two years now, and was able to pick it up pretty quickly. Anyways today I was able to get through the entire song "Over and over" by Three Day's...
  4. Dead Space (my head)
    Im mainly into online fps like halo 3 and cod4 but my high speed Internet went down like a whore that got punched in the face by a fat guy with soars on his lips. so i wanted to get a good single...
  5. DONE with school!
    Until next semester, anyway I aced all my finals and got a 4.0 this semester. I worked really hard to get it, so I'm kind of proud of myself if I can toot my own horn for a minute or two My overall...
  6. The Day The Earth Stood Still...(No Spoilers)
    Absolutely indescribably sucks. Went to see it tonight and walked out before it was over. Save your money, folks.
  7. bumer dude!
    man its friday knight im sick all my friends are out doing 19-24 year old shit. cant blame them roomates using the tv no xbox live nothing to do caNT smoke pot want to but cant. cant drink well can...
  8. Funny T-Shirt Sayings/Slogans
    Meant to post this after I got this funny t-shirt at Wal-Mart a few weeks back, this is what it says on the front in list form: MY PERFECT DAY 1. Wake Up 2. Play Video Games 3. Eat Breakfast 4. Play...
  9. The Gary Goodridge quitter fight
  10. More spectacular than MMA?
    Stephane Patry used to be the dude running the big TKO shows here in Montreal Canada until he suddenly quit and threw the promotion’s future into serious doubt. Now he’s ‘back’ with something that...
  11. GSP’s Hardcore Bodyguard
  12. “Arlovski 360: The Road to Reckoning,”
    Andre Arlovski is taking his cue from HBO’s “24/7.” The heavyweight has hired a camera crew to follow him around before and after his WAMMA title fight against Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction’s “Day...
  13. Not Impressed
    Jon Fish
  14. International midget fighting
  15. Digging into the Fertitta’s mob history
    With the Xyience fiasco still simmering on the stove, professional shit-disturber Rich Bergeron has decided to spend some of his free time digging into the Fertitta family’s mob history. His first...
  16. Today is..
    My Birthday!!
  17. Anderson Silva On His MMA Debut......
    .......he lost
  18. The MMAPlayground Game of the Year Awards!
    Game Rankings copy/paste the categories and select a game u feel is most deserving for each one. you don't need to fill all categories just the ones u want to. GAME OF THE YEAR BEST SHOOTER BEST...
  19. Go to sleep Kevin.............(Gif)
  20. Rock bands needed .. Hackney needs your recommendations .. !!
    Hello guys, i'm always on the look out for new music, alternative or rock bands mainly. This year 30 seconds to mars, the killers and kings of leon have stormed the UK charts with beltering music. Is...
  21. Fantasy Fight
    This man is a Wrestler, he stands 5 feet 9 inches, and weighs in at 234 pounds. Fighting out of OxiClean, Pennsylvania...Please Welcome the reigning Heavyweight Infomercial Champion...Billy Miiighty...
  22. Drug dealer slang...
    What does the term "Chocolate bar" mean when a drug dealer approaches you and asks you if you'd like to purchase one? Just curious because I stopped by the ever-so-pleasant ghetto this weekend and...
  23. Why Can't Women Play Video Games?!?!
    They just cant play video games ahh and if they can play it's sub-par or she claims not to be interested. Some games dont count, wii sports, guitar hero, virtual shopping et cetera. I'm sure there's...
  24. Metalocalypse
    Please tell me that you are across this show. If not, its about the greatest metal band in the world and their exploits. If you like random, gorry, stupidly awsome cartoons, your onto a winner.
  25. Where the hell is all that global warming they keep promising us?
    The "high" temp for today here...-2 degrees. I'm not certain Al Gore's ever visited Minnesota.
  26. Ozomatli
    Hey guys I just went to an amazing Ozomatli concert this weekend in SF. Chali Tuna was there performing with them and I was in the front row, it was awesome! just wondering if anyone else on here...
  27. G-Dub's got some catlike reflexes!!
    Say what you will about his "presidenting" around for the past 8 years... Bush's shoe dogding But that man can dodge a shoe
  28. Check it out!
  29. paypal warning
    just wanted to give the guys on here a heads up.. thier is fraud emails goinig around sayin that they are from pay pal.. but they are not i just got one today and they are trying to get me to dispute...
    Fleek, How about a friendly wager (AV bet) between Team Leaders and 2 trusted teamates? You and I, the team leaders will be the only ones at risk of the AV bet, but we will take our total points,...
  31. Cadillac Records - have you seen it?
    I may venture out to the movies tonight and this is one of those flicks that I can't decide whether or not it'd be worth the price of admission. I haven't heard much of anything about it so I'm...
  32. Can someone make me a GIF?
    can someone make me a GIF out of the vicious punch 49 seconds into this? props to the person who does of course Link
  33. What is your camp's policy when it comes to NOT making picks?
    I'm just curious to find out whether or not the rules I have in place for Sabotage, Inc. are too strict. Actually, if you have "rules" in place for your camp, feel free to post them here. I'll do the...
  34. This actually looks good...
    The Wrestler as much as a lot of you hate on Professional Wrestling, this movie looks really well done and gives an inside look at what the wrestlers go through. i personally had doubts when i heard...
  35. What Is Your Favorite Final Fantasy?
    I could only fit the numbered ones, and not even all the good numbered ones. Anyway, what're your faves. Mine is 12 because of the great system, followed by 10 because of the throwback. 9 was great...
  36. Not loging on for a while
    My beautiful baby girl grace ann was just born on Sat 13th. So needless to say I will be busy for a while and not on here . We call her Gracie as a tribute to the obvious. Hope yallz keep up see...
  37. UFC = Ultimate Fighting Claus
    This video shows that Santa's got some sweet submissions!
  38. HALO: The Movie
    Coming 2009 Credits and Trailer Shorter Trailer
  39. SURVEY: You have $25 to use at the iTunes store...
    ...and you can spend it on anything they have. What would you spend it on? GO.
  40. Favorite Movie.........The Dark Knight
    What is your favorite movie? That's a dumb question we all know that it's The Dark Knight. Saving Private Ryan is pretty good but The Dark Knight is the best. THE DARK KNIGHT
  41. GTA 4 new expansion Lost and the Damed
    Anyone got any news on what you can do in the game and the story line
  42. Week 16 NFL Picks
    Just a continuation of mental_maniac's game Indiannapolis -6 at Jacksonville At Dallas -4 vs Baltimore Pittsburgh -2 at Tennessee Miami -4 at Kansas City At New England -8 vs Arizona At Cleveland -3...
  43. Prepare for your mind to be BLOWN!!!!
    Andy Sandberg is single handedly saving Saturday Night Live!! Check this Digital Short. Warning: TV-MA Link
  44. former heavyweight champion mike tyson FAT
    former heavyweight champion mike tyson put on some pounds what happen to tyson.
  45. Anybody see "Role Models" ?
    Did you know the game the kid plays called "laire" is real??!!! I found that out by telling my sister to go play laire like as a joke and she looked it up and its real!!! LAIRE!!!
  46. 90's music was the tits
    East 17 - It's Alright Honestly though, were oversized beanies ever acceptable?
  47. Ryan "Darth" Bader's TUF Audition Video
  48. R.I.P. " Slingin' " Sammy Baugh
    Another great name and player in the sport has left us. The great Redskins QB Sammy Baugh. He died at the age of 94... considering he's from the oldschool NFL , 94 is a impressive age to reach. May...
  49. iPod car adaptors?
    Anyone have suggestions on a good car adaptor to get for my iPod? I have a cassette player but from what I've read, they're (cassette adaptors) not the greatest. Cost is sort of an issue...I don't...
  50. How early would you retire if you hit the lottery?
    Reading on the ohio workers who hit the 200 something million jackpot, one of the women is retiring at 45. For some reason, I think thats early. Simple question, how early is too early?
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