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  1. MMA Websites Traffic- Information & Question
    sherdog-traffic top MMA websites Im surprised japan and Brazil have very low percent of sherdog users, does anyone know what the main MMA websites are for those countries?
  2. Hancock
    Came out on DVD, anyone here watched it sounds good, whats the word about it here on the playground.
  3. Favorite Christmas Movies
    What are yours. Mine has to be National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Aunt Bethany will say Grace. Grace??? Grace has been dead for 30 years. "Shitter was full" Merry Christmas.
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  4. Fight in stands at UFC 91
    This is a link to a video of some people brawling in the stands at UFC 91. It's more funny, less ass kicking, but a couple people get owned (one girl, one guy). Funny stuff. LINK Check it out.
    ok so im sad tonight is the season finale of Sons Of Anarchy. ive fallen in love with this show and im not afraid to say so. i was wondering if any of you have been bitten by the bug. and thoughts on...
  6. Awesome vid of Renzo and Ryan Gracie rolling
    link Some really high action rolling.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Have fun, and be careful out there on the roads.
  8. It happened again
    I just got Rick Rolled while watching the Macys day parade with the Family yeah thats right he came out of one of the muppet displays and sang WTF
  9. Should the Detroit Lions get to keep the Thanksgiving game??
    I'm interested in what you guys think. Should the NFL stick with tradition and keep one of the Thanksgiving games in Detroit? OR Should they give it to a yearly competitive team? I mean, come on......
  10. favorite icon
    the dead horse is the best
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  11. Buying MMA Shirts off the Internet
    I am completely new to buying MMA t-shirts from the internet and was just wondering where some of you guys prefer going to buy them. What are some sites i should avoid also. Any help is appreciated....
  12. Anyone else going Black Friday shopping?
    Anyone else getting up early to go shopping? We do it every year and this year won't be any different. I know some people don't want to deal with the crowds or getting up early, but I have to admit...
  13. Phil Baroni 1995 body building interview
    link just found this on the sherdog forums
  14. Joe Rogan talks about the Rubber Guard
  15. Name that Movie hero (good guy)and Character for Props
    The first correct answer with both Character and movie title can be propped = Also Prop if you love the movie.... (By popular demand) sorry I suck at technology 101
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  16. Look at this thing.....
    Link Just think, that things still down there right now floating around..... brrrr
  17. favorite pro wrestler? past or present
    I know several people on here have said thy they used to watch pro wrestling. some still do. I was just wonderin who your favorite is/was? Some of mine are. Past: Rick Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy...
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  18. Weird things you are undefeated in or just extremley good at.
    I literally since i was a little boy....have gone COMPLETELY undefeated in the competition of champions. MUSICAL CHAIRS!!!!!! How about you? what are you undefeated in?
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  19. XARM
    Wow, just wow. Has anyone else seen this, It was advertised on spike, and passed off as being part of the UFC. It was actually just created from one of the original guys that created the UFC who is...
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  20. Fantastic Contraption
    For those who are across this game, you'll know how addictive it is. So i figure we make a thread for all your most ridiculous looking crap on this game. For those new to it.... Fantastic Contraption...
  21. Must Have Sites to have on your favorites.....
    I just discovered Pandora Radio and it got me thinking what else am I missing on the net..... Please share the best of your favorites list... Like this Pandora Radio Sign up put in your favorite song...
  22. MFS going under?
    deleted sorry
  23. Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao video bet between Roger Huerta and Brandon Vera
    LINK Quite obvious who each is going for (with Brandon being for the Philippines, and Roger being Mexican)....The Loser has to wear a chicken suit in a busy street. I think it'll be funny and...
  24. just thought
    that i would let u all no that i turned 17 today. just thought i would let the family no. sorry for makign a topic but the forums are kinda dead anyway s
  25. Post a picture of yourself
    Either in action or just hanging out with some mates, tattoos fight scares ECT ECT Ive bin interested to see what some ppl look like sorry if this thread has bin made before but this could be fun....
  26. Best news of the day.
    An article posted on reports that Faith No More are reuniting in 2009. I'm pretty excited about this and hope they make a stop in Pittsburgh.
  27. Hockey Talk
    We'll try and keep this one clean
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  28. Plaxico looking at a minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years!!!
    Thats pretty serious. I'm sure he will get off with community service or something of less severity. No way he plays another down as a New York Giant. Thoughts???
  29. Kicked in the Junk
    Most of you have posted some pretty random topics......AND NOW IT IS MY TURN!! Nothing causes as much pain nor as much laughter as a good shot to the I figured I would share a few of mine...
  30. Awkward Public Situations
    I was thinking about this today. There are a few things that either make me feel awkward in public or that confuse me. Here are two off the top of my head. 1. PDA - I get grossed out and feel awkward...
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  31. What's your theme song?
    regardless of who you are, there is a song out there that perfectly represents your life. for me it's One fine day from the Offspring. specifically this part: I believe it's my god-given right To...
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  32. Full story behind Ref KO's cornerman
    Some of you may have seen this clip on youtube where the refferee KO's a cornerman after an MMA bout. link At the MMA Underground the ref explained the story in a post... As the referee in this bout,...
  33. My 2009 NFL Mock Draft
    I know it's early and final records are yet to be determined, but these are fun and this is my first attempt. A lot of these depend on which underclassmen are committing to the NFL and which are not....
  34. hey guyz i just wanted your thoughts
    im not to worried aobut it but the other day i was at school everybody noes that i do MMA and that some guy wanted to fight me i said no i don't fight for no reason unless in controlled environment...
  35. Dr.phil
    anyone else think this guys a total dick i know its a random topic but he just ***** on other peoples lives and tons of people think hes a hero idk maybe its just me
  36. That time of year again
    This was my christmas, year before last... I should've worn a shirt... Check it out
  37. Try not to laugh!!!
    funniest shit i have seen in a while, i could not stop laughing Link
    Effective immediately, there are to be NO FURTHER POLITICAL OR RELIGION-THEMED THREADS MADE, PERIOD. This applies throughout the forums, so don't take them to the Padded Room. They are not allowed...
    Effective immediately, there are to be NO FURTHER POLITICAL OR RELIGION-THEMED THREADS MADE, PERIOD. This applies throughout the forums, so don't take them to the Padded Room. They are not allowed...
  40. Pearls of wisdom
    It's time to start a list. 1. Don't pay more than $1 for a bookmark. (Because you could just use the dollar bill as a bookmark.) 2. Toilet paper should always be made from recycled material. (You're...
  41. Rioheroes
    if you guys havent heard about its the only bare knuckle MMA league in the world. whats yours guy opinion of it? i think its crazy there are practically no rules, u can hit the spine, back of head...
  42. Reasons why Winter absolutely SUCKS...
    These are just some of the reasons why I can't stand this time of year... - The sun disappears for most of the season. - Crazy Salvation Army people harass you for money at the entrance to every...
  43. The Playground Petition against BCS
    Anyone else hate how NCAA football championships are done? They need a playoff. Oklahoma got screwed they didnt have a chance when they should have.
  44. Urban Dictionary
    Read number 2 I did a search for forum and found number 2 to be pretty funny.
  45. Ummmm...where did my barack obama rap thread go?
    i am outraged right now, i can't believe what i just saw. are you guys serious?!? what was in that thread that was against the rules? it was just a funny youtube video that was within the scope of...
  46. Post a badass picture
    title says it all, it doesn't have to be MMA related here's mine, its one of the most badass pictures Ive ever seen
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  47. Don't Fear me, Fear the consequences!
    OK guys this thread is dedicated to the most lamest thing's MMA Fighter's have said, embarrassing moments and all that sort of stuff, including funny trash talk and can also be stuff said by a...
    I think Rumble kills Burns this time. The guy will come at him hard and I am willing to bet my AV. I would be willing to keep this new avatar if I loose the whole year of 09. Anyone want in they...
  49. making my return to the mat
    i coach my old high school wrestling team(im an assistant coach) and i was very successful there in my youth going to state all 4 years, always placing top 8 with 2nd being my top finish, and my high...
  50. Auburn Fan in Mourning
    Link I've been an Auburn fan since the late 90s when we lived in Alabama. I have a brother that has graduated from there. I consider myself a lifelong Auburn fan now. But I find it absolutely...
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