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  1. Ruediiger's colonic- worst Tuf moment ever?
    I admit to seeing some disturbing things on the ultimate fighter. Loduner Sincaids gay skits,Lebens sprtitz, Leben/KOS/Southwoth scuffle, Seth's ear exploding, Rorys butt and ballrubbing on guys...
  2. Girls Gone Wild Advertisements During UFC 70
    Is this really the best that Spike and the UFC could do? BTW, here's the latest on Joe Francis:
  3. Wow, what a night
    I was sitting here on the forum about 3:30am, and I decided I should get some excercise for the day, and figured I'd go ride my bike around a neighborhood next to my house. I was out for about half...
  4. Here is what happens to Sherdog nutthuggers when their fighter loses. Just listen to these guys. "I hate Cro Cop im glad he lost" "Cro Cop is a asshole" Morons.
  5. Any Bookmooch Members?
    i love bookmooch. i have gotten over 50 books, and have sent out over forty. this is how it works for those who dont know and might be interested.... BookMooch is a community for exchanging used...
  6. look who I met
    that's me and the missus at the weigh ins, Gabriel is a very nice guy, very humble, interesting to talk to and will no doubt be a good ambassador for the sport.
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  7. We're all Dudes
    Im just Curios are there any ladies on this site..cause if not this may very well be the largest Brodeo/sausagefest site out there..I understand that MMA manly attracts men..but i know theres gonna...
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  8. "Wild Boys" By Duran Duran Crocop's walkout music? It's kind of Borat don't ya think? "I will walk out to music by brand new sensation of music in Croatia. They are called the Duran Duran."
  9. New HL, check it out
    hey guys, I know not everyone likes him, but I always have been a fan... even through the bad times, lol heres my newest HL video, thanks to all of you that helped me out with locating better...
  10. Favorite Lyrics?
    what are your favorite lyrics or quotes from a song? it can be from any genre and any song that you like. i love lyricism and i'm a huge sucker for word play. i get the giggles when i hear a pun i'll...
  11. end of the world [amusing]
    flash animation, its pretty funny imo End of The World
  12. 2,000 Guitarists To Perform DEEP PURPLE Classic In World Record
    KC betta give it up to the most recognized riff in rock-n-roll. Great site for Metal news. LINK
  13. Everyone likes Frye vs Takayama, right? Check this out...
    Been working on this for a week or so, finally got it done. Let me know what you think. I had fun with this one... KUCHIKU - Frye vs. Takayama feedback is appreciated
  14. Anyone play LOTR?
    Anyone play the new MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online?
  15. what is with you people today????
    i post a lot of news articles in the news forum. today i get on there and there was a couple of complaints. one saying i should have cited another source. (i cited where i got the article intead of...
  16. What do you hate most about sherdog forums.
    Figured this would be a good post. There are so many thing wrong with sherdog I don't know where to start. But I guess it's much harder to manage sherdog then a smaller forum like these. Still the...
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  17. old classic of Cro Cop playing tricks with Bas
  18. Which fighter would you most like to get drunk with?
    I'm going with Evan Tanner. He seems like he could hold his liqour
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  19. These (former + current) UFC champions walk into a bar.....
    Who would be the first one the go home with a girl of their choice and get laid? Sean Sherk George St. Pierre Rich Franklin Anderson Silva Chuck Lidell Randy Couture I had to take some names off the...
  20. Need help with Smilies
    Ok what the hell are these ones, and when would you ever use them?!....
  21. imminent coronary
    Fool's Gold Loaf I just made a FGL and halved it with my sister. Its not too bad, not quite what I had expected either, the peanut butter and italian bread made it hard to swallow. I had used a half...
  22. NFL Draft Tomorrow
    What are your teams needs and whom do you hope they get? Personally im a St Louis Rams fan and any defensive help possible would be great. I hope they draft a pass rusher or a good DT.
  23. New Wanderlei HL, check it out!
    let me know what you think...
  24. Potentially Habitable Planet Found, I'm going to start packing
    Tuesday, April 24, 2007 WASHINGTON - For the first time astronomers have discovered a planet outside our solar system that is potentially habitable, with Earth-like temperatures, a find researchers...
  25. ufc game
    Are they ever gonna make a ufc game for the 360 or ps3. The story mode would be kinda cool to have to come up from local mma fights then to ultimate fighter then to ufc.
  26. Turkish Rocky/Rambo
    watch this vid.. (pops in media player) turkish rambo
  27. Starwars nerd kicks punks ass
    One of the greatest videos ever Link Go back to Hot Topic bitch, lol classic
  28. Boxing Or MMA
    Which of the 2 is more exciting! I believe MMA. Nothing better than a BOXING/SUMBISSION/WRESTLING Fight all put into one! Who Agrees!!!
  29. Nagurimono MMA Movie?
    Anyone seen these? There's a bunch on YouTube. Apparently this is a Japanese movie of some sort, I have no clue. Wandy v. Some Dude Who Looks Like Minowa Rampage v. Sakuraba Frye v. Takayama I would...
  30. Why the japanese love Bob Sapp
    Sapp Time!! Bob Sapp Pleeeeaaase!
  31. New BJ Penn HL - "HILO BOY"
    let me know what you think... HILO BOY - BJ Penn HL thanks for checking it out!
  32. Fixed Fights
    A while back when Mark Hominick defeated Yves Edwards as an 6-1 underdog MMA weekly brought up the question "are MMA fights fixed?" If I recall Yves was only making 10k for his fight, but if he put...
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  33. i hate emo!!!
    i hate those emo queres... i see them everyone here in atlanta. and they all appear to be either completely retarded or just screwed up in the head somehow.... why cant they go away?! and how the...
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  34. Drunk Guy Vs Cops
    THis is speaks for itself
  35. Bas is a crazy sob
    Funny stuff, his take on bar fights
  36. Countdown to De La Hoya/Mayweather....Who are you picking?
    Is anyone else here pumped for this fight? I know i am... Who do you all pick to win? are you even gonna buy it? I will for sure buy it and i will be rootin for DLH....alot of people think this will...
  37. Whats under your hood? (computer hardware)
    Buy hood I mean computer case :) Just curious what everyone has. I just upgraded a few months ago, I build my own PC's. here is what I'm running: (got everything at case: Antec...
  38. The most incredible video game ever?
    This is a demo of the new game Spore from the creator of The Sims. This is a really long video, but it gives you an idea of what the game will be like. This game looks absolutely amazing!...
  39. The Great BEER Thread!!!!!!!! (For the ale afficionados)
    Okay all, now's your chance to deliver ode's to your favorite nectar of the Gods. I consider myself somewhat of a beer snob aind since I have lived in Burlington Vermont the last 5 years, I can say...
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  40. Speed Test.....How fast are YOUR fingers?
    HOW FAST ARE YOUR FINGERS? (How many times can you press the B button in 10 sec.) this is a cool test.....the most i got was102.....i will try again hands are too trembling right...
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  41. the life and death of bobby z
    does anyone know when the hell this movie is supposed to come out? is it already out and just went str8 to dvd? ive been checking online and cant get any info on it anywhere. Its supposed to have...
  42. Colin Cowherd Talking About Boxing v. MMA
    Some excellent points made by Colin regarding how MMA connects with its fans and boxing leaves you high and dry. Colin on MMA Colin starts talking near the end.
  43. How come my Avatar wont stick??????
    can someone help me out.....thanks
  44. Jeremy Williams Tribute
    Hey guys, heres my tribute to the late Jeremy Williams. Hope the ones who need it can use it to reflect when the time is right... Jeremy Williams Tribute
  45. Get this...
    This is just me bitching, and has nothing to do with MMA. Just wanted to throw that out there so no one got the wrong idea... Anyways... I bowl on a league on the South side of St. Paul. We pay 13$...
  46. The Fedor of Musicians - Neil Peart - post your favorite solos
    I don't care what kind of music you listen to or what instrument you might play, your jaw will drop while you are listening to this. Neil Peart - The God of Percussionists if anyone has any kick butt...
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  47. Boxer Diego "Chico" Corrales dies in Motorcycle Accident....
    this is breaking news from ESPN News so there is no source to be found at the time......he was not one of the best skilled boxers,but he had the heart of a champion,and he will be missed this news...
  48. Anyone else think about swearing off Sherdog?
    Every time I go there, I leave the site wanting to commit mass genocide. Enough's enough already! I feel like I should put my foot down, lol. Has anyone else stopped going to that crap hole?
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  49. My open challenge on Fight Night Rd3
    I need some practice against human players online, I'm fairly good ( at least 7 out 10 I win against good players, I don't count the button mashers or newbies) Xbox360 live name is BIGMONEYSHOTS...
  50. New reggie video!
    reggie will defeat fedor! Can't get enough of this guy lol. Heinz Ketchup ftw!
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