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  1. Ban the Muffin Tops
    At work i constantly see girls rockin the muffin top..Its like the how the hell could a chick not know that her roll is puffin out her jeans..I puke alittle in my mouth everyday at work,I mean theres...
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  2. holt vs torres II SICK KO! MUST WATCH!
    sick KO in boxing. watch this link
  3. Favorite Sublime Song
    So, we all know they were awesome, so what's your favorite Song, mine is Seed
  4. Anyone seen the Transporter 3 trailer?
    Just saw it on TV and Semmy Schilt is in it. Anyone else see this?
  5. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    I don't know if I said the title right. Tonight, I've just seen the show, and it's probably one of the funniest shows I've seen in hella long. I wish I would have known about this show earlier. I...
  6. Sister beats the crap out of her brother...
    It starts off slow, but this vid is hilarious. link
  7. Mortal Kombat vs DC?
    Just got the game, me and my rommies are loving it. Anybody else playing? My X-Box Online screen name is STEROLIZER or ryhno27.
  8. I'm feelin rattled
    In the span of about 3 days it has become snowy as **** in the town I live in. Literally the roads are covered and the car slides its that bad. But anyways, I got my G2 licence in the spring, so this...
  9. Some thoughts on the upcoming UFC 2009 game
    I decided to post this on the offtopic forum,mainly because it's about the game and not the sport itself. Anyhow,I posted some of this on the whole John Fitch getting released thread,but I just...
  10. Little Urijah In A Strip Club
  11. One Armed Fighter Knocks Out His Opponent
    A one armed muay thai fighter knocks his opponent out. link
  12. bully gets knocked out (actual bully this time)
  13. weird foods u like that no one else does
    i eat circus peanuts once or twice a year sometimes more. they are orange marshmellow like candy that consists of pure sugar. i know of no one else who eats this crap and they sell so few of them...
  14. Stupid parent!
    Why you dont allow your kid to wonder off. Stupid parent. This guy is pretty good at what he does, i might add.
  15. Guy poops his pants in Karate tourny, and still wins fight.
    mmmmmm taco's
  16. OMG Greg Valentino
    I just saw this today for this first time, and couldnt believe this. I guess people have heard of this guy way before me, I must say, I almost puked when i saw his biceps. WOW...
  17. Colbie Caillat Vs. Jennifer Anniston
    Random topic made out of boredom. Colbie + Photoshop face stretch = Jennifer Anniston... Both hot but like i said i was bored and watching Friends
  18. Fail! v0.4
  19. Favorite Online Games
    Post links to your favorite online games. Here is one of mine
  20. Bands/Artists/Musicians that not everyone knows about but everyone should...
    Scott H. Biram - The Dirty Old One Man Band CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEOS HOMETOWN: Austin, TX US Rock ‘n’ Roll ain’t pretty and neither is Scott H. Biram. The self-proclaimed ‘Dirty Old One Man Band’...
  21. The Doctor Says Free Sodas Sunday!
    But only for Americans. Dr. Pepper said in March that if Guns 'N Roses released the album "Chinese Democracy", an album that has been delayed constantly since recording began in 1994, in 2008,...
  22. "Human Weapon" Apparently Was Just That, But Not In A Good Way
    Mania reports that Jason Chambers, host of History's popular show "Human Weapon", has been busted on sexual assault & drug charges. Apparently the host of History Channel’s ‘Human Weapon’ has been...
  23. The year 2025: Oil, dollar out; Russia, Islam in
    WASHINGTON – Global warming could be a boon to Russia, a European country could be overrun by organized crime and the U.S. and its dollar could further decline in importance during the next two...
  24. Strange crush's you have... on women.
    Ok, i know that everyone here has a little man crush on somone in the UFC or MMA, or we wouldnt be on here obviously. *cough* Arlovski*cough* But im asking what women you find yourself strangely...
  25. Referees
    I was just wondering if anyone can bring some insight to my question. My question is does a referee in MMA have to have taken any martial arts classes or be a martial artist? Because sometimes, some...
  26. Video requests
    If anyone can put up the Renzo Gracie documentry,Legacy.I will prop the isht out of you. I guess thiss should be a good spot for video request from others too. Let them roll guys.
  27. Cock Blocked by A K-9!
    Yep, that's right. I almost got laid tonight. This girl at work who is quite attractive invited me to a party tonight, and of course, being a red blooded hetero male--I accepted the offer. I got...
  28. Evils of the IRS and Chase Manhattan
    I am sure we have all been screwed over from time to time. Today was the last straw for me with my bank- ( was Washington mutual) now Chase Manhattan. Some of you may know I suffered a serious back...
  29. Who are your favorite movie villains of all time?
    Who are your favorite movie villains of all time? Picking your favorite villains is a hard task because there are just simply so many bad ass movie villains. I ran through the bad ass villains list...
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  30. Joe Rogan's take on Jon Fitch
    (I just copied and pasted this from Joe's post on the Underground, in response to the thread "Attention JOE ROGAN... We Need Your Take...") From: Joe Rogan Posted: 15 hours ago Member Since: 1/1/01...
  31. Name that Bad guy & Movie
    movie and Character name
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  32. cowboys/niners
    as you can see my avatar is owned by jjfreak at he moment but oince lifted it will be cowboys again, now back on topic im from the bay area (raider and 9er teriotry) but i cowboys fan and have been...
  33. Titans vs. Jets
    Any predictions on the Titans vs. Jets game, I have Titans by a touchdown, predictions.
  34. joe rogan
    does any one else notice on every pay per view commiercial joe rogan says some thing like "this is going to be the greatest fight of all time"
  35. I want to smoke weed with Joe Rogan...
    WHO IS WITH ME! i just hear all the interviews he does and how much he talks about weed and you know he smokes a shit load of herb. i just think he would be cool to blaze with!
  36. youtube live
    for those that watched it how do u think it went i really thought it was good besides the ending akon was crap
  37. EA Sports going to bring out MMA Game to compete against THQ'S UFC Game!!!
    WoW this could be very cool!! But my question is, who will be the fighters?. I really hope Affliction fighters, or even Dream/K1 fighters. What are your guys thoughts, either way im very pumped to...
  38. Brodie Farber training in Thailand
    A video of Brodie training in Thailand. Looks good. link
  39. Law Enforcement - What would you do?
    Ok, awhile back at work me and a coworker were pulling pranks on each other trying to "one up" the other. After he put an " I love Gay Porn" bumper magnet on my car I was trying to think of something...
    Well hello again, This is probly a bit more for our fellow Canadians on the playground, although I do know quite a few bros from the U.S. who follow it just as much as us. Anyways, the day has...
  41. What Are You Addicted To?
    Minor addictions, lifelong addictions, daily addictions, every other 5 minute addictions, what you got? Mine is working on my car, a Navy 3.5L 344hp '03 Maxima (with a wide body kit and supercharger,...
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  42. Anybody studied up on the Gaia hypothesis out there?
    Just curious to see if anybody knows what Gaia is all about and they would like to have a discussion about it. It's a fascinating topic to me. Although I'll admit I know very little. Here's some...
    God Damn it! Vladamir Kozlov needs the farking STRAP!!! Give the Moscow Mauler the title he so deserves. Either that or get him fighting MMA.
  44. Favorite Arnie Movie
    Oh without a doubt its Predetor. greatest ratio of memorable lines in a movie EVER.
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  45. Bas is too funny lol
    I laugh every time I see this episode of inside mma watch around the 13:00 minute mark. lol LINKAGE TO INSIDE MMA
  46. Fear The Turkey. Frozen Turkey.
    Or as they say Monday mornings on WTOP on my drive to work..."AND NOW...KNUCKLEHEADS IN THE NEWS!" Another one too funny not to share: RALEIGH, N.C. – Stopped. Cold turkey. North Carolina authorities...
  47. Gina Carano video on drunk pics: ‘I work hard and I play hard’
  48. UFC Undisputed Game release date
    I was talkin to one of the people at Game Stop and he said UFC Undisputed comes out in May. since its not being released this year they took the 2009 off of it. I cant wait for the game to come out.
  49. Chuck Liddell: The Iceman Falleth
    Former UFC champ Chuck Liddell has finally met his match ... paddle surfing!
  50. That's "OFFICER Steven Seagal" To You, Son!
    Amazing what some of these celebs do in their off-screen time. Did you know Steven Seagal is a cop? I didn't either until I read this: We know he's been under siege, on deadly ground and marked for...
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