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  1. 1,000 Recordings to Listen to Before You Die
    I haven't read the book yet, but I've been looking at the website . You can view the albums by genre, which helps. The Rock section is still five pages long. He clearly went to some effort to...
  2. In the market for an LCD HDTV
    Yo all. I'm thinking of finally buying a 42-46" 1080p LCD TV. The only problem is, I'm wondering if I should wait until after Christmas. I'm not much of a shopper so I don't know how all the sales...
  3. Your Gonna Get Slapped.."South Park"
    Mr.Queermo will slap you silly.
  4. Where do you work?
    Thought it might be cool to see what kind of jobs everyone had. You don't have to say what you make or anything, just maybe the name of the place and what you do. I'll start. I work in the welding...
  5. funniest thread of the year!
    Read at least through the first few pages. I was crying from laughing so hard... funny as hell
  6. Randy Marsh is the coolest dad ever
    YOur the best around.
  7. Steve Irwin Training MMA *PICS*
    The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was very involved in MMA. Here's a few pictures of him training that I came across recently. Still can't believe what happened to him.....
  8. Don't rob a law student
    Arizona State University student Alex Botsios said he had no problem giving a nighttime intruder his wallet and guitars. When the man asked for Botsios' laptop, however, the first-year law student...
  9. Tell Santa What You Want For Christmas!
    Its approchaing! That time of the year where we completely forget the birth of our Savior and replace him with some imaginary obese man who is supposed to give us free stuff! Lets give that fat...
  11. Rogan cracks me up.
    Did anyone see the weigh-ins? Rogan cracks me up. I think Goldberg is sartin to rub off on him a little bit. He was talkin to Randy. And he told Randy his life has been like a movie. And in that...
  12. tomorrow is gonna be awesome!!!!
    Tomorrow is my B-day (19 baby!) and ufc 91!!!! I cant wait. its gonna be awesome
  13. Hey SmileR...
    guess who Bowen50 and i just met...
  14. kinda funny UFC 91 story....
    so last night im at my cousins wedding reception and everyone is drunk...hes a big UFC fan and i went up to him after he did the dollar dance and asked if he was gonna watch the fight tommorow and he...
  15. Last Minute Avatar Challenge!
    Any fan's of Brock? I want to challenge you to an avatar bet! I have never bet against Couture, and I'm not starting now. Any takers?
  16. Maia and Quarry - A Match Made In Heaven
  17. First Time Watching a Fight Drunk
    This weekend was a big weekend for our school. (Cortaca Weekend) Big parties and shit. Biggest weekend of the year. So I had to make the decision to go out and...
  18. High Jumper Drunk *video*
    This is a world famous high jumper, and well known in Germany, Ivan Ukhov is drunk at a high jump competition. Some funny crap....
  19. These cops MUST be bored!!
    Only in the US...
  20. Need some help with an MMA speech for college
    i am doing a persuasive speech for my communications class tomorrow. my topic is: Why MMA should not be considered "human cockfighting". i have a lot of information already but if you guys could...
  21. Here's a word you don't hear in the NFL much, but will now...
    TIE. Philly & Cincy just played to a 13-13 draw. Shayne Graham missed a 47-yard FG for Cincy with 7 seconds left in OT, Philly's last play after that (Hail Mary) was incomplete and 3 yards short....
  22. Guy gets beaten up but pays back big time ...
    LINK The guy deserved it though, he's lucky the guy didnt have a heavier car
  23. Name That Drug!!!!!!
    Lets begin with this crazy fella!!!! Name the DRUG he is on!!!
  24. NFL Conspiracy
    Today I made my own Oliver Stone and Mel Gibson ( Conspiracy Theory), like conspiracy. The Pittsburgh Steelers played host to the San Diego Chargers today. The afternoon line on the majority of...
  25. Round 5 MMA figures Series 2 - Now Shipping!
    For anyone interested, it looks like the MMA Round 5 Series 2 figures are now shipping as of today. Link
  26. And Would You Like Anchovies With That Tivo?
    This is equally cool, convenient, and at the same time funny. ALVISO, Calif. - Digital video recording company TiVo Inc. said Monday it is teaming up with Domino's Pizza Inc. to allow subscribers to...
  27. Anyone catch this?
    Ok, so i just re watched Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnor #1. And after they announced Griffin as the winner, Bruce Buffer told the audience to give a big hand for Steven Bonnar! He called Stephan...
  28. There may be "Cub" in Cuban, but no longer "Cubs" in Cuban
    Seems Mark Cuban's chances of buying the Cubs just hit nil...Busted. This from the "Big League Stew" blog at Yahoo Sports: Last week, it appeared that Mark Cuban's greatest current challenge was...
  29. Post your Desktop Picture / Wallpaper here...
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  30. The Japanese have Found The Next Great Baseball Pitcher
    And here's the even better part: It's a girl. Seriously. TOKYO (AP) -- A 16-year-old schoolgirl is making a unique pitch to become the first woman to play professional baseball in Japan. High school...
  31. The most Addictive Game on the web - Fantastic Contraption
    If you surf at work, apologize to your boss in advance, because you are gonna be useless for the next couple of days. Fantastic Contraption
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  32. Coolest guy of the year award goes to............?
    THIS GUY!!!!
  33. Hottie pukes during live television!
    This girl is hot, and she keeps it together while puking on live television.... Wish I could give her
  34. i love noodles
    they taste good
  35. Are there any fans of "The Soup" here?
    Anybody else like this show? It makes fun of all the shows that I hate, so of coarse it cracks me up. Here's a few funny clips: The Price is Wrong Pickle Girl Hairy Tattoo
  36. What Calms You Down?
    Whenever I get frusterated or need to let off steam I excercise or chew gum, but then again theres always beer and vadge to take the edge off, What else is there? .....Rollin' a fattie I guess...
  37. The British Are Going Back To The Future...Sort Of
    Too bad this is only in England..."A yet-untitled three-part television series will be screened on BBC Four and will see one family experience life without current technological advancements....
  38. Best Cereal Ever.
    Its hard to decide...I gotta go with Apple Jacks but PB Cap N Crunch is a close second..
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  39. Brock and Randy do the Soulja Boi!
    and here is Brock landing an elbow lol Randy did the harlem shake
  40. MMArm Wrestling?!?
    Before you's coming. Seriously. Mania has the scoop: Somewhere out there Rick Zumwalt is rolling over in his grave. UFC creator Art Davie has decided to add a new and bizarre entry into...
  41. Name that drug!! (#2)
    What drug is this person on?
  42. Ben_Hutch
    was he perma-banned or something?
  43. how do I?
    someone please tell me how i can change my title under the name, like for example: people have "#1 G in the Hood, or Heavyweight Champ, or whatever.
  44. Best avatars
    I couldn't help but notice Wolfenstein's new avatar tonight. Thanx for the chuckle! I wanted to props him on the spot; but it got shot down by the man. It got me to thinking, what is your favorite...
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  45. Shows we don't admit to watching
    I just started thinking. Is there a show out there that you watch that you do not admit to watching? I started watching this show because of my wife, America's Next Top Model. I don't normally admit...
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  46. GEARS OF WAR 2
    Anyone play? my GT is UFC4LIFE301336 o0o and by the way if anyone wants to give me a free golden lancer redeem code My E-mail is
  47. President-elect Obama officially legit
    Ayman al Zawahiri has apparently called Mr. Obama a 'house n***er.' I think that's some kind of badge of honor, to have a terrorist leader personally call you out. If Mr. Obama wasn't The Man before,...
  48. The Most Underrated Albums of All-Time?
    In YOUR opinion, what albums don't get the love they deserve? MINE: Odelay - Beck The In Sound From Way Out - Beastie Boys
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  49. MUST SEE
    If you havent seen it watch it. UFC 75 Mathis vs. Boucher
  50. WoW how times have changed.
    Who can tell me who this is? I was blown away with who this was....someone everybody should know...if you are over the age of 20....
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