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  1. South Park
    Anybody watch South Park this week? O utstading, b eautiful, a mazing, m arvelous, a spiring and M esmerizing, c omical, C anonical, a stronomical, i ntelligent, n ew Funny stuff, remind me of a...
  2. Girly/gay things that you like.
    I realize we're all manly, MMA loving men with tons of testosterone here, but everyone does or likes something thats a bit fruity, so lets all share those guilty pleasures. - I like Fleetwood Mac,...
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  3. TUF 8's Kaplan's other TV show
    LINK At least he made it to the finals in this one!
  4. Crazy double knockdown, followed by an all out war!
    This is a pretty crazy fight both fighters go down but they get back up and continue to put on an all out pugilistic war, some great drama and action. Enjoy LINK
    War Calzaghe Now do people beleive ?
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  6. Anyone else like me?
    I know Bowen50 JJFreak and DiabloFreak are all boys outside of this site, but anyone else on here like me that really have no friends they train with or at 9 before a fight is coming on get the call...
  7. To the cops and whoever knows the law.
    Last night I was going to a movie with my brother and dad. On the way we past a police car on the side of the road, but it is 3 lanes away and we have the windows up. We drive off a little bit and 2...
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  8. Roy Jones Jr. Retiring?
    After last night's loss he said he is contemplating retirement. Hopefully this will change Anderson Silva's tune about retiring. Rumor has it he wanted to retire to fight Roy Jones Jr. With him out...
  9. I need new boots.(cleats)
    What should I go with? I've had the same pair of Uhlsport cleats for the past 3 years, and they finally broke. I'm looking to spend no more than $60. These are the frontrunners. Any soccer players...
  10. What video game(s) are you working on now?
    What game(s) are you working on right now? I only have time to play games on occasion so I tend to play one game for a whle and then move on. Right now it is: Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle...
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  11. Jon Fitch 'Mythbusters' video
    LINK The link has the part in which Fitch is featured, and also has the whole episode.
  12. Which Is Better?
    Hay guys whats your opinion on this ipod vs zune if you have a zune, how is it? Im looking in to it and I cant find any reason not to get the zune over the ipod.
  13. The 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month.
    Veteran's Day, a.k.a. Armistice Day, a.k.a. Remembrance Day, is tomorrow. If you live in the US, you've probably noticed the rebroadcasts of "Saving Private Ryan" and "Ken Burns' 'The War.'" Being...
  14. If Tobey Maguire Ever Quits The Spiderman Franchise
    Here's his ideal replacement
  15. Beware EB Games - Activision - Red Octane will steal your money
    I will post this again because nobody from EB Games, Red Octane or Activision wants or are able to help. I urge people not to buy from EB Games and by extension not buying the game at all beacause,...
  16. Iconic/Powerful/Moving Pictures
    Post Pics you think fit into those categories...
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  17. True Freak
    i am a fan of gregg valentino and was wondering if anybody knows where i can get his dvd called true freak beside his website because it is way too much money.
  18. bored just bored
    ok ao im babysiting my brothers kids at his house (no cable no heating, no food ) the kids are asleep. he lives miles form ano one i know. so i decided to make card houses like i was a liotle kid...
  19. copcopps.....
    although our thread was deleted, i m a man of my word and will change my avatar untill 91....... too bad we didnt ever work out the terms and everything........ let me know wht you want me to put...
  20. can anyone help me
    i have heard of the fight where goldberg calls jens pulver little eagle can anyone find the video
  21. Futurama Movies
    Dont know if anyone is interested but here they all are Futurama : Bender's Game Futurama : Bender's Big Score Futurama : The Beast With a Billion Backs on the last link i had to read the small print...
  22. Need More Cowbell
    Props to anyone who can get me a good link to this vid. Cant find it anywhere.
  23. One Hit Wonders
    Bands that couldnt make it past that first hit. Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida Crazy Town - Butterfly Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger Right Said Fred - Im Too Sexy Lou...
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  24. Clangers when drunk...
    Ok, we all know how stupid we get when intoxicated, and i wanna hear some of the stupid shit you've said. I may have possibly refered to my mates grandma as an "old mutt dog"... Well he said she was...
  25. The "How Much Would It Take" Thread
    This is something my friends and I play all the time. Its simple. Just offer an amount of money, and a task to recieve it. The point is try try to pick that perfect amount for the task at hand. If...
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  26. Any one read A Game of Thrones?
    I have never really read any fantasy in my life beside the lord of the rings and the hobbit... But I was looking for a book to read and my bro in law suggested this series so I gave it a shot......
  27. How Cheap is your Gas??
    I was looking forward to /Hopeing that gas would fall below 2 bucks... I got gas today for $1.85 This is making it nice as I have a bit more WAM than I had last year and earlier this year- (WAM-...
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  28. Book reading - Crooked Little Vein
    I just read a book called crooked little vein by Warren Ellis. It's one of the funniest/weird book I ever read. Here's the link: Chapter one Anyone else read it? Or we don't read book around here?
  29. HellBoy 2
    Anyone seen this movie yet, watched the first one, the second any good.
  30. What fight would you want to be in the UFC 2009 DEMO
    i personally would go with chuck liddell vs tito ortiz 1. im hoping its that, if not another bad blood fight would be good.
  31. 007-Quantum of Solace
    Anyone plan on going to watch the new 007 movie, Quantum of Sloace. I probly go check it out since im a 007 fan. Thoughts.
  32. Is The American Idol Humiliation Too Much?
    Just read this on MSN. If you've ever watched it, you know how humiliating it can be if you don;t do well. They don't just tell you "no". They laugh, make embarassing comparisons, and intentionally...
  33. Commentary: GOP Should Ask Why U.S. Is On The Wrong Track
    Ron Paul Makes Some Great Points
  34. romos return
    ok this sunday tony romo of the cowboys(the greatest tem in nfl history) will return to start against the washington redskins. so look out guys the boys are back. this is good becouse our backup...
  35. Carano's chick wants to punch internet punks in the face
    Evinger, in an interview with Yahoo! Sports, is a good sport but isn't happy with the coverage these photos received online yesterday as she was called every name in the book including "ugly",...
  36. Little guy knocks out big bully
    I'm always a fan of seeing a bully get KTFO. link
  37. Anyone ever see this?
    *WARNING* It was the 4th storey collapse at a wedding. Just insane, and makes you re-think if your ever invited to a party with wayyyy too many people. my question is, how are buildings like this...
  38. Rodney King
    This stuff has been going through my mind lately. I still remember to this day, how powerful the verdict was, and what happened. To the younger people here, when the jury didnt vote against the cops,...
  39. Hitman Fight Gear Model
    Anyone know who the brunette is? LINK
  40. 2 Points for kissing!
    Heath Hearring Meets Mike Tyson! Give me a kiss!
  41. 2008 Spike Video Game Awards Nominees were announced earlier today, awards will be handed out December 14. View nominees & vote after the jump. I did a poll with the Game Of The Year candidates....
  42. Theodore Roosevelt on MMA
    “… Yesterday afternoon we had Professor Yamashita [Roosevelt’s Jiu-jitsu instructor] up here to wrestle with Grant. It was very interesting, but of course jiu jitsu and our wrestling are so far...
  43. Kerry Wood *will not* return to the Chicago Cubs in 2009...
    LINK The Cubs have acquired Kevin Gregg from the Florida Marlins to replace him.
  44. Puppy Cam
    If You're Bored, Warch Puppy's
  45. Guy knocks out at least five guys in a row
    This video has been around for a while, but just in cae anyone hasn't seen's pretty awesome. link
  46. Naked Guy in the Weight Loss Ad
    This ad on MMAplayground is creepy and gross. I don't want to see a before and after weight loss ad with some hairy unkempt dude with sunglasses and a bunch of facial hair. It looks like he is...
  47. Question Regarding Vegas Scene
    So I'm going to Vegas for the fights and I was wondering about the weigh ins and press conferences. Can anybody go to the weigh ins? If you've been or know what's up with the whole scene let me know....
  48. my MMA photoshops
    just though id post some more of my photoshops, there not joke ones just something i like to do when im bored
  49. Want MMA/UFC Fatheads?
    Most of you know what a Fathead is. But for those who dont it's a large image of your favorite athlete that you can put on your wall and is self adhering and easily removable. I can't believe they...
  50. World Baseball Classic 2009 (Info and Discussion)
    It's on!! Official link to WBC '09 from Wiki Link So pools and brackets are already established for the 1st round and 2nd round. Tickets for the 1st round go on sale Monday Nov. 17 if you did...
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