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  1. Ok! Who knows computers? NO REALLY?
    OK Here is my situation. I am moving at the end of the month. I was expecting to be paying for internet, as im renting a downstairs apartment of a house. But after talking to the guy and his wife,...
  2. Hilarious KO
    Hahaha Hahaha I laughed my ass off at this one.
  3. If you could travel to 3 places in the world, where would you go?
    1) Brazil 2) Greece 3) Italy
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  4. so last night
    saturday the 1st a bunch of my teammates (including myself) all were scheduled to fight. we all cut and made weight fairly easily. got to the event, got checked out. all the standard pre fight stuff....
  5. Seth P's Halloween costume!!!
  6. The Ten Nastiest Street Fight Knockout Videos
    Because sometimes you just want to turn a fool’s lights out while your buddy films it. Enjoy! List from cagepotato, some great sucker-punch knockouts and brawls so i suggest checking it out All...
  7. Obama's grandma passes away one day before election
    This is such a sad event. Regardless of where you stand on this election... it is a sad day when a grandmother who raised her grandson will not be able to see her pride and joy possibly win the...
  8. Elvis is Alive
    Forrests halloween costume is awesome
  9. Two little cute kittie cats fighting in the UFC Octagon!
    Well I see my thread got changed than deleted...dont know why it would get deleted, if the title was here it is for people looking for a good laugh. Classic!!...
  10. Calzaghe vs. Jones Jr.
    Who ya got??
  11. Allen Iverson Traded To Detroit for Chauncy Billups!!!
    Wow, huge trade in the NBA today. Allen Iverson heads to DETROIT Chauncy Billups and Antonio McDyess to Denver. WOW!!! Never though I could see Chauncy in any other jersey than Detroit. I kinda feel...
  12. funny spellings
    I hope I dont cause Offence spelling
  13. Brodeur out 3-4 months
    I just heard how long he was gonna be out today. I'm crushed haha. He was only 7 wins away from Roys record and 5 shutouts away from Sawchuck's. And now I have to rely on Weekes to make up for it,...
  14. Quote of the Day: Brock Lesnar Thinks He's a White Black Guy
    "I’ve been accused of using steroids my entire life, probably since the tenth grade in high school… I’ve never failed a drug test. Now if I was a black guy and I looked the way I do would I get...
  15. mmaplayground buying PRO ELITE?
    Let's get some donations and have mma playground buy pro elite!! Imagine the possibilities!!
  16. Dana Chokes On Bill O'Reilly
    Haha does he seem really uncomfortable and at the end? He kind of starts to sound drunk IMO. Werd
  17. Does Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer ever sleep?
    Do you think these cnn anchors ever sleep..I think they are on 24-7
  18. Jones Calzaghe/ DeLaHoya Pacqiou
    Who wins these two? Personally, I thought Jones' new defense he showed against Tito Trinidad was amature and was really vulnerable. His offense was okay but not great. He has shown an ability and...
  19. The Digital TV Tansition (funny)
    If you're tired of seeing these commercials, you'll like this Link
  20. Hillbilly Vasectomy
    After having their 11th child, a North Georgia Mountain couple decided 11 was enough, as they could not afford a larger bed. So the husband went to his veterinarian and told him that he & his cousin...
  21. Sucker spin kick?
    Sucker punches?..sure, i've seen a ton of those. But how about a sucker spin kick to the head? ... LINK ....the other kid took a pretty good beating afterwards too, but that initial kick that put him...
  22. STOP the political threads for now
    Elections over, whether what you wanted to happen happened, or not, Let it chill for a bit. The same repeat pointless arguments are a waste of time. So wait at least a week before any of it starts...
  23. How much are you on this site?
    Come here often?
  24. Michael Crichton dies at age 66 I was bummed to hear this news. Over the years I've read a lot of Crichton's books. He's one of the best science fiction suspense...
  25. WTF is wrong with people - WTF moments of the evening
    So I am jogging home from work. It's about a 45 min run uphill, but that's not the point. Anyhow, I am about 1/3 of the way home and I hear some asshole from a car (on the other side of a 4 lane...
  26. Chi Cheng in Coma
    Just heard the Deftones bassist was in a car crash and is in a coma. This friend was in a car accident in June and is still in a coma. Kinda hits home.
  27. Don't Look Down on Me!
    Do people around you make fun of you or give you a hard time about being an MMA fan. Do they say crap like "MMA is stupid" "thats dumb who wants too see people punch eachother" "what a waste of time"...
  28. Suggestion/question for the forum
    I have a suggestion/question for the forum. When a thread need to stop being active, because a mod decided to, why can`t it just be locked instead of being deleted....
  29. Help me settle an argument
    Which cartoon do you think is better, Life with Louie or Garfield?
  30. Opinions you have that everytime you bring up in the forums everyone flips!!
    Do you guys have any of those? mine are..... Mashida's back pedal never finish a guy style is uber boring. Bisping is overrated. Paulo Filho is overrated. and to qualify for top 10 ranked he needs to...
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  31. The Real Reason Behind The Cubs' Late Struggles
    Would you believe it was Fukudome's interpreter? They need a new one. Apply to Chicago Cubs Baseball Club, Chicago, IL. Speaking of Kosuke Fukudome, the Cubs fired his interpreter. True fact. They...
  32. What's Up Paulo ?
    Is he listening for Jesus ?
  33. Winter Tire rant....
    In Quebec, starting this winter tire are mandatory from December 15 to March 15. If you don't comply you can be fine.. I think it's a pretty weird law and I was wondering if any other state or...
  34. Most Retarded Rapist Ever
    Some people should not have children...this si the result of them not heading my warning: A New Zealand woman drove a man who raped her in the back of his car to a police station after he fell...
  35. Every time I see that damn calzaghe vs jones advertisement...
    ...I think to myself, "Frank Mir's fighting Rashad Evans?"...its really starting to get annoying.
  36. Nipple Tweak Increases Record to 4-0
    The Jackson camp’s patented nipple-tweak warmup has become a guarantee of success in big-time fights. Just ask Georges St. Pierre, Rashad Evans, Keith Jardine, and now Leonard Garcia (above), who are...
  37. KJ Noons the boxer next fight set for Nov. 13
    The first and only man to hold the Elite XC lightweight title, KJ Noons, will officially make his return to boxing one week from today when he faces Alejandro Bogarin (8-6-3, 2 knockouts) at the Expo...
  38. JCVD Teaser and Trailer
    Looks awesome!! TEASER TRAILER
  39. 0-16 the perfect season
    what are your views on how they end up
  40. Jack Daniels Billboard
    This is a real sign in Kentucky.
  41. If you only had 5 music albums to listen to the rest of your life
    What would they be...No mix cd's just 5 albums...try not to include greatest hits. Mine Sublime-40 oz to freedom Misfits-Walk Among Us. Guns n Roses-Appetite for Destruction Stone Temple...
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  42. Golfer records 5 aces in a week
    KAPPA, Ill. – Central Illinois amateur golfer Curt Hocker is on a roll. Five rolls, to be exact. Just ask anyone at the El Paso Golf Club, where the 22-year-old has recorded five holes-in-one in the...
    game rankings List your favorite games.
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  44. Bas gets his revenge on daryn jones (MTV DUDE)
    ...LINK LINK...
  45. Eat at SUBWAY?
    If so, what do you order? My fatass orders the same thing every time. Foot Long Tuna Either Italian Herbs & Cheese or Monterrey Cheddar bread Pepperjack Cheese Lettuce Pickles Cucumber Green Peppers...
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  46. Video From A Likely GSP Nuthugger
    Couldn't hear any sound because of how my work PC is, but this short GSP compilation video (a little over a minute) is kinda funny. Enjoy. Video
  47. 429 tons of explosives detonated
    Haha, check this out.. wait for the 3rd explosion. That's a pretty intense size detonation. The biggest I ever saw when I was in Iraq was about 3 tons loaded into the back of a dump truck as a...
  48. Human Wrecking Balls
    Anyone else seen this show yet? It doesn't actually premiere until Wednesday but iTunes has the premiere available for FREE for a limited time (probably until Tuesday). It's a new show on G4...
  49. Why Brock would beat Fedor by a moron.
    I put this in the padded room due to the fact I feel like pounding my head into a wall. May I suggest buying a 40 or burning a wheel what watching some blue birds before listening. I almost joined...
  50. Jumping out of a plane
    I'm going skydiving in 8 days YAAAAAAAAAAAAY.
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