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  1. Guess the MMA tattoo
    Easy. Just post a pic of an MMA tat, and other guess who's it is. Pretty easy one to start with.
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  2. Who will win Tonight?
    Who is going to win tonight’s Monday night football match up? The titans D are real tuff but Manning is getting back into the grove. This is a tuff one to pick for me. I usually meet some buddies to...
  3. SSNN - Kinda like The Onion
    The Serious Sports News Network has a comic article that reminds me of The Onion ( - only this one is about Anderson Silva and his performance at UFC90. This is a new site for me, good...
  4. Boondock Saints 2 has begun filming
    Awhile ago i posted a story confirming the sequel to Boondock Saints: All Saints Day and more than a few people were interested so i figured i'd post this as well. It worried me that i hadn't heard...
  5. Louis CK
    Louis CK is probably my favorite stand up comedian out there today and i'm going to see him saturday night. if you guys haven't heard him do stand up before you should really check out these links,...
  6. Future Governor of Alabama: Charles Barkley
    That's right!!!! Sir Charles... Boy Gorge.... The Round Mound Of Rebound.... The Bread Truck.... is running for 2014!!!! here's a tidbit: Brown: So are you going to run for governor?...
  7. smart cops
  8. FRIDAY THE 13TH (Trailer for the remake)
    That's right. Friday the 13th is getting the remake treatment. What do you think? (Sorry if the embed doesn't work) <object width="425"...
  9. Four Christmases Trailer
    Last night I saw a trailer for this movie where Vaughn says something like "My brothers are cage fighters, do you know what that means, they're like human cockfighters, yeah human cockfighters." I...
  10. Was Brock winded by the end of his fight with Heath Herring?
    So Rampageownedyou and I have had this little argument over wether Brock was winded by the end of the Heath Herring fight. I say he could have gone another two rounds, Rampage says he wasn't winded....
  11. The real reason for Cote's injury
    Forget about Cote previously injuring his knee in training or slipping on the Bud Light advertising on the octagon mat, this is the real reason for Cote's fight ending knee injury
  12. Top 15 favorite Metallica songs
    I thought about making this top 20 because they have lot more songs than most of the other bands we did this with. Then I though many people may only know new Metallica( Load - present day) . I am...
  13. Fallout 3: post-apocalyptic fun n' games
    I got this game from Amazon yesterday. I can see myself staying up late tonight. And tomorrow night, and Friday night, and... The trailer. The official site. A tip for new players: Save your game...
  14. Junie Browning Joins Extreme Couture
    So I've been talking to a few of my buddies who train at Xtreme Couture on the Underground forum and apparently Shawn Tompkins has taken over as Junie's trainer and put him up in his Las Vegas home....
  15. Got Titans tickets.
    Favorite Pro team since the start, since I live in Tennessee, but got Titans tickets when they face the Packers. Man there doing good, although I wish Bosch would heal from that groin.
  16. Favorite South Park episode
    As the greatest show in the history of everything, just thought i'd get some idea's about what your favorite South Park episode is. Mine is either Rainforest Schmainforest, or Goobacks. Hasnt...
  17. UFC 90 Highlights Video
    Got bored so I quickly made these, they're highlights videos of the fights on the main card of UFC 90: Part 1 (Sherk vs. Griffin & Werdum vs. Dos Santos Part 2 (Alves vs. Koscheck & Anderson vs. Cote...
  18. Attention Myspace users. Big timmy wants some friends.
    Anyone on here with myspace, chop out a friends request. Am willing to have a chat with everyone on here, Machida fan or not. Just let me know what your name is on here, and we'll go from there....
  19. PS3 online
    Just wondering how many people here play their PS3 online!!! Would be great to add some friends who are in to MMA and we can hook up to play a few games here and there!!! If your are online, add me...
  20. Favorite South Park Character?
    I personally got to give it up to butters. Funniest character on television IMO.
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  21. After 25 yrs!
    Phillies are World Series Champs!!! ya go Phils won against the Tampa Bay Rays 4-1! Suck New York, Boston, Tampa, Chicago, LA and any other team that said Phils we're just on a hot streak and wont...
  22. Miguel Torres Could Possibly Be Cursed
    I got the new issue of FIGHT! in the mail today..Miguel Torres is on the cover.So far pretty much every guy thats had a big fight after being on the cover lost Except Forrest and GSP.Huerta Lost to...
  23. To any of my highlights followers.....
    I finally have a computer that works and am in the process of making one now. It will be a longer, better version of "The Good, The bad, and the Goodridge." NOTE: I am keeping the interview questions...
  24. Anderson Silva - Where Is He Now?
  25. Bands you like to listen to, that dont really perform anymore...That you may be a little embarrassed to listen to in public.
    I dont know about you guys, maybe it was from when i was in the car with my mom when i was kid (she was a big music fan). But I still love to listen to a few of these bands, but dont go jamming with...
  26. Have you ever met a celebrity?
    I was just lookin at some old pics of me with pro wrestlers (i'll prolly get flamed for that) But I've met most of the WWE wrestlers and Knows some of them. And i was just wonderin has anyone here...
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  27. Reminder For Americans-Fall Back This Weekend!
    Unless you're in one of those few areas of the US that doesn't do this, remember to set your clocks back an hour at 2 AM Sunday. Enjoy whatever you're gonna do with that extra hour.
  28. Bowler dies after perfect 300 game!
    I've always wondered what I'd do if I bowled a perfect game. Hopefully not this. Link
  29. How Did You Celebrate The World Series? (Watch The Link)
    LINK In the hospital I guess. EDIT - I don't really care, just watch the link.
  30. USC Halloween Prank
    USC Halloween Prank
  31. Should Governments Legalize and Tax Marijuana?
    Here is a interesting topic...... Should Governments Legalize and Tax Marijuana? Here is my background on the subject, I grew up with pot heads as parents they smoked in front of me and grew it...
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  32. If you could be any animal
    What would it be and why? Me i'd like to be a funk off massive walrus cause they just eat and sleep and mate and sleep and eat and mate again.
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  33. Ghost Hunters live (right now)
    Ghost Hunters is live at fort delaware. its live for 7 hours. and Just now in the dungeons, A voice just said Your's not supposed to be here, Plain as day. I love this show. Anyone else watchin it...
    Happy Halloween...... From Fred and
  35. my new son!
    Born wednesday, 8lbs 9oz 22in long! future HW champ! lol bruce lee stance
  36. Got caught rolling houses! (you will never guess the ending)
    Well me and a couple of buddies go roll this girls house that we go to high school with, so we leave about 930, and get the first rolling done on the yard. After we get the first roll done we go back...
  37. Millitary Humor
    Just a few, some funny stuff here. Link
  38. Cool Pictures You've Taken
    Thought it'd be cool to see some nice pictures everyones taken, they can be of anything (lets keep it clean lol) and don't have to be MMA-related. Chicago Chicago White Sox Chicago Cubs NFL Hall of...
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  39. Traded For A Bus
    LINK Pretty cool read about a hockey player in the 80's who was traded for a bus.
  40. Do we have any Forza Motorsport 2 fans here? (Xbox360)
    Just wondering if we have any Forza Motorsport 2 freaks here in the playground? just interested in talking about best car set ups, fastest lap times and drift set ups, and stuff to do with the game....
    My girlfriend just gave me ACDC tickets because our valentines day is halloween!!! pretty up close too. 16 th row!! and her mom scored us some nose bleeds for metallica. the nose bleeds were free...
  42. Darchinyan stops Mijares in ninth for super flyweight title
    CARSON, Calif. -- Vic Darchinyan did what he said he would. Cristian Mijares forgot what he was supposed to do. Darchinyan knocked Mijares down with a left uppercut in the first round and finally...
  43. Texas-Texas Tech Last Night
    Wow. Talk about an instant classic. I watched the game and thought Tech had it pretty much locked up at halftime but then Texas came back only to fall short on a last-second Tech TD. What I found...
  44. ok NBA FANS
    I know we got some NBA fans on the site here, and I want to ask you all something. Lets make a prediction here, so we can look back at years end , and pull this up to gloat. Lets make a...
  45. Katt Williams
    I just heard that Katt Williams died in a plane crash. has anyone else heard this?? for those of you who dont kno.katt williams is a comedian. lets hope this is just a stupid rumor..
  46. Animal Face-Off who would win?
    I was a big fan of the Animal face-off show when it was on. I thought I would have a poll on here and see what you guys think would happen if these beasts duked it out. We are gonna have 5...
  47. Who is the funniest tv dad?
    who do you think it is, IMO its Peter
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  48. NHL 09 Xbox 360
    Anyone have it..I just bought it yesterday.I havent played a hockey game in a few years not sure why .I suck pretty bad for now.I was lookin thru the achievement list and a lot of them are online...
  49. Real Life Dexter
    This is gross, I was just telling my girl yesterday that I bet some weirdo would be a Dexter copy cat, and sure enough.. LINK
  50. the UFC's next big star
    my nephew! future LHW champ. just thought i'd let you guys know
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