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  1. best rapper alive?
    man i hate how lil wayne calls himself the best rapper alive cus at the end of the day LIL WAYNE ******* SUCKS !!! lil waynes rhymes dont make sense he just throws together words that rhyme and puts...
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  2. How bout dem Browns
    man that was off the chain. if they beat the redskins their golden.
  3. Are any of you guys on Gamebattles
    I'm on the COD 4 Hardcore Ladder I'm x ii C 3 M AN
  4. A good dog for me
    Hey guys. So i'm looking for another dog, I currently have an awsome Boston Terrier, she's a wild pup with tons of energy and is the friendliest little girl you could ever meet. I'm worried about how...
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  5. Call of Duty 5 BETA, WHO HAS IT??
    Ok so I got my key in a email today and I cant wait to get home and download it. Has anyone else got one?? Does anyone else play COD4 online (Xbox, Dont bother with Gay S 3 talk! Xbox has Bluray...
  6. Fav Family guy Clips
    Family Guy funny
  7. Favorite fight thats coming
    What fight are you most looking forward to this year? Mine which I think a lot of people will have is Brock vs. Randy, can't wait.
  8. Lyoto Machida Poster
    K. Here it is. Completely finished. I think it turned out pretty well. All the layers look good together. The price per print is $30 shipped. It'll be signed and numbered. There will be 50 prints in...
  9. The Office: Favorite Moments/Quotes
    Bear Horn Did I Stutter? Chainsaw The Phone Prank post your favorite videos and quotes
  10. It's that time again.Ladies and gentlemen.The 2nd annual choose Mr.smiley's avatar game!!!!!!!!
    Our last winner was Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo smoking pot.It was a close election,but in the end Joe and eddie beat out the fat man sitting on a computer chair.Now the champion avatar will defend its...
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  11. Pac Man Jones, You're Outta Here
    Hey Hey Hey, GoodBye
  12. Motivational Poster Thread
    Had to be deleted because of nudity. Why do you people insists on doing that?
  13. Pre fight hype before the match between Kelly Pavlik and Bernard Hopkins
    LINK I see Pavlik taking a decision, but Hop making it ugly. I know Hops has good defense, but I can see Pavlik getting a TKO win too. Who does everyone have winning this match up?
  14. Bon Scott vs Brian Johnson
    So I've heard the new AC/DC song on the radio a few times now (it's even getting play on the one of the new rock / hard rock channel on XM, Squizz 48)... I'm not sure what to think. On one hand, God...
  15. How is this going to work?
    Wow, the Cowboy's picked up Roy Williams, a fantastic reciever but how will T.O. handle it? He's already a bit ticked that he's not getting enough balls, now Roy, who IMHO is a better reciever is in...
  16. R.I.P Alexi
    I just wanted to say my heart goes out to that kid. We're losing way to many young lives and two famous young hockey players in under a year just shines the spot light on how many young people are...
  17. The Worst Place To Hit On A Hot Babe You've Never Met Before Is?
    I know, some of you guys probably think there is no bad place to make time with a babe. Yeah, there is. In fact there are several, some more deadly than others. Sure, there's always stories about the...
  18. WTF Gono ?
    Akihiro Gono will be facing Dan Hardy on the undercard of UFC 89 this Saturday, and he just put up a new post on his blog, which Suki MMA has passed along with the title “Gono is preparing for his...
  19. No Way Jose! Busted Again
    Jose Canseco just can't stop getting busted for drugs... SAN DIEGO (AP)—Jose Canseco was charged in federal court Tuesday with a misdemeanor offense of trying to bring a fertility drug across the...
  20. Sholud I.
    Should I quit the my high school football team, we have one on game in the passed 2 seasons, and i'm really getting burned out on it. This isnt no clode game either were getting beat 41 to 7 like...
  21. Chance to Give back
    Great story on how these boxers are giving back and supporting Cancer Awareness chance to meet great boxers. Boxing
  22. JAKKS Pacific UFC Action Figures
    Can anybody guess who these guys are supposed to be ?
  23. Tonight's The Night: Caps-Pens Rivalry Renewed
    It's the first of one of a handful of hockey nights I'll really be looking forward to tonight: The first time we see Sid The Kid vs. Alexander The Great on the ice, aka maybe my favorite hockey...
  24. How to stay asleep?
    A little background before my question. I work overnights 5pm-7am Saturday,Sunday,Monday and Tuesday every week. I sleep on those days 8:30am - 4pm including Wednesdays. I go to sleep at 9:30pm or...
  25. MMA vs. Boxing
    Ask any non-fan of any kind of fighting and they will say that MMA is much more dangerous than Boxing but i disagree. Thoughts?
  26. Krazy horse video
    hey for all you mma fans who know Krazy horse you will get a kick out of this lol link
  27. favorite videos
    ok so i'm bored and i have decided to share some of my favorite videos with you guys powerthirst! powerthirst 2! american pie horror movie what are some of yours?
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  28. Anderson Silva?
    If Anderson Silva is being serious about retiring after his UFC contract runs out then should he stay at middleweight or should he go up to light heavyweight for some super fights? Also if Anderson...
  29. Fantasy Football Discussion
    I thought it would be cool to have a thread to discuss fantasy football related topics. Feel free to add your own questions. Here's mine. For those who play, I need some opinions. League parameters....
  30. Chuck denied entrance at club (vid)
    LINK The Iceman -- Deniedeth!?!
  31. Junie? HUH? So it isn't Junie after all.....I guess ALLEN Browning isn't tough enough? His brother and him are shown on a...
  32. Boston Red Sox
    well it looked as if Red Sox were done, down 7 in the7th and to come back and win. I am not a sox fan, nor do i think they will win the series, but DAMN. I started the thread, laughing because i...
  33. $300,000 reward to prove we have to pay income tax...
    link Freedom Law School is offering $100,000 to the first person who can demonstrate any of the three propositions listed below. The winner can collect up to $300,000 if he or she can prove all of...
  34. Who here would watch Kimbo Slice vs Iron Mike
    im asking a hypothetical question lets say elitexc signs iron mike to a 1 fight deal to fight kimbo, boxing rules there's 3 fights on the undercard, all mma fights w/ all elitexc fighters would u buy...
  35. Anybody else get stupid PM's on here?
    So today i get home and want to check any updates for the next card, like any sane mma fan does. But when i arrive on the site i have a new message, excitedly i click on the link as i see the subject...
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  36. Mr. and Mrs. Baroni... Here's to happily ever after!
  37. Max Payne the Movie
    Who is going to see it? I'm loving all of the ad's for it on here today
  38. pranks gone bad lol
    link lol this was funny!!
  39. cop vs cop
    link lol that would suck
  40. Funniest Wedding Brawl ever!
    LINK Little dude with torn pants was gettin his shit wrecked until big dude joined him. But once they linked up they became Russian Voltron and were virtually unstoppable.
  41. Funny Cop Story
    some of you may have read about the dildo slaps that me and my friends do to people out here on Long Island. well, we do other retarded stuff like "obtain" people's trash cans while in a moving...
  42. Ahh Marriage
    My Wife and I have been having trouble for a while now. I have tried many times to patch things up, but have not been sucessful. I won't bore anyone with the problems we have with eachother, but you...
  43. KFC Bowls
    so im eating the kfc chiken bowl thing, with the corn, mashed potatos and chiken. and everything is soooo good, but the grated cheese the put on top of it throws it off i think. i never put cheese on...
  44. Breaking News on Overeem!
    LINK Alistar Overreem has just had life saving "bleaching" surgery. AKA "the Michael Jackson special". I sincerely hope he has a succesful recovery.
  45. stupid ufc 89..... cheer me up guys i had bad pics
    somebody cheer me up. i have more losses than wins now. post some funny freakin stuff please. anything from video links to jokes to pics or whatever.
  46. how do websites know where i am?!
    i keep getting advertisments for places in SLC UT and it freakin me out. I think im just tired but how do they know i live here?! please don't laugh, i hate computers and don't know crap about them.
  47. Vera Stomps Keith Jardine's Knee
    looks like it hurt
  48. Get In My Guard 2 (Video)
    Not quite as funny as the first, but still very good: Get In My Guard 2 Here's the first for anyone who hasn't seen it: Get In My Guard 1
  49. Sports Blues
    My Mariners became the first team in MLB history to spend over 100 milion on players and get 100 losses in the same season. My Sonics have been relocated to Oklahoma City. My Seahawks are in the...
  50. Hopkins dominates Pavlik
    Just got a chance to watch the fight, and Hopkins dominated Pavlik from bell to bell with a wide variety of attacks, definitely didnt think it would be as one sided as it was
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