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  1. GI joe the movie. (Pics)
    Well in case you haven't herd,GI joe is getting the big screen treatment.Here's some pics of the characters in all their glory.I'm on the fence on most of these.Other than Snake Eyes and Storm...
  2. Evan Tanner Beard Tribute (updates?)
    I should, if I can remember to do so, be able to post a picture of my Tanner Beard tonight. Anyone else have any pictures they'd like to share?
  3. NLDS: Brewers -vs- Phillies
    GAME 1: Brewers -vs- Phillies Today @ 3pm.
  4. ALDS: Boston-Angels, Chisox-Tampa
    Boston-LA Angels starts tonight, Chisox-Tampa starts tomorrow. I predict a Boston-Tampa ALCS.
  5. Anybody got any links for the first 2 tuf episodes?
    I had them recorded becouse ive been really busy the last 2 weeks, but my mom wiped the box now everything ive recorded has been deleted Anyways, i was hoping to get the first two episodes tonight so...
  6. stupid question???
    ok guys this is a stupid question but its been bothering me when you log in it shows all the mebers that are on in blue the mods in red and then hella green names i regognized a few. so my theory is...
  7. How about them Dodgers!
    Got a big win against the Cubs in Chicago. I know it is one game, but that was a HUGE game. emfleek, what you think about your cubs? Should be a good series.
  8. Your tale of the tape
    what is your tale of the tape??? mine... Name: Jake "The Natural Disaster" Sandlin Age: 18 years old (almost 19) Fighting out of: Louisville, Kentucky reach: 67 1/2 weight: 155 height: 5 foot 5...
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  9. Woman in cow suit arrested after urinating on porch
    A woman wearing a cow costume was arrested for disorderly conduct Tuesday. Major Mark Hoffman, with Middletown, Ohio Police, said Michelle Allen threatened police and urinated on a neighbor’s front...
  10. boredom at its finest
    As the wolfman was walking down the road, he decided he'd stop by the gas station to get a box of kracker jap's & a 40oztofreedom. he was in a rush, so he didnt seem to notice the hippysdmacker...
  11. destination truth, tonight?
    did anyone see tonights episode of destination truth? It a freaky. they went to the haunted forrest near mt. Fuji. a place where people go to commit suicide all the time. anyone see it?
  12. Looking for an Avatar
    Check this site out Avatarist
  13. Im takin my G.E.D tomorrow.
    Im hella nervous. Should i be? You guys out there who did well in high school probably don't understand the scariness cuz it would be easier for you but im trying to make up for past mistakes and im...
  14. Awesome Geography Game !!!!!
    If you have any interest in geography at all check this awesome game out Traveler IQ game I dont have a job but id say its a great game to play at work lol.
  15. Big question: Hot girl?
    Someone asked me this the other day...would you choose: 1. You start dating this hottest girl in town but not only she's HOT but she's very fun loving, has a great personality, trustworthy, just...
  16. real ghost on film
  17. When Is Buckethead Going To Take That Fokking Bucket Off His Head???
    Heads up everyone - I ain't got no quarrel with them Viet... I mean Buckethead. Dude is awesome on the axe and despite the misfortune of having to share the stage with Fatcell Rose and that other...
  18. The Funny Pics Thread Being Deleted
    So it's my fault the funny pics thread was deleted. I'm an idiot and i posted some inapropiate pics and, although unintentionally, i seem to have offended a forum member(s). I would just like to...
  19. Kimbo vs. Shamrock comic.
    I thought this was funny. Kimbo vs. Shamrock comic
  20. BJ Penn @ UFC 87
    BJ at UFC 87, behind the scenes with some familiar faces and rampage dancing Link
  21. Halloween
    Is a fun time..Always nice to see the ladies slut it up with their costumes every year...I got my costume in the mail the other day i just need to get some shoes to go with it and im set... Anyone...
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  22. Guarantee a guido is driving this car...
    i was driving home from class a few days ago and the person in the car in front of me had the douchiest liscense plate i have ever seen. feast your eyes on this.
  23. Idiot Of The Week
    MUKWONAGO, Wis. - Police said a man was arrested after he used a cigarette lighter while trying to siphon gasoline from a van. The man, who was visiting friends, went to drive home early Saturday but...
  24. Grilling tips, recipes
    On the list of things that make me very happy, there arn't too many things that are ranked above red meat over hot coals. These days I don't have nearly enough time to experiment with new recipes/...
  25. BobbyDoomOculta... Where is he now?
    Me and this member had an avatar bet on the first affliction, and i won, and he went missing.... Perhaps he has been on here, has anyone seen him? Its my belief that he's skipped town after losing an...
  26. Interesting fight
    Fabricio Werdum vs. Kongo. This would be a very interesting fight. This fight could determine the number one contender for the UFC heavyweight belt (after the tournament is ended between Big Nog,...
  27. The VP debates... Who watched them? What you think?
    Hey guys. As you can tell I like writing about politics, so Its time for a new topic. The last topic about "smelling what Barack is cooking" went very well, and we were able to discuss things without...
  28. Man shoots himself in arm after being denied sex
    FORT MYERS, Fla. - Authorities say a Fort Myers man shot himself in the arm after his girlfriend refused to have sex with him. The Lee County Sheriff's Office reported that a 29-year-old man and his...
  29. Big Stan
    I accidentely stumbled across this movie starring Rob Snieder(spelling? the guy from hot chick, and the animal) anyway its actually somewhat funny it also has Randy Couture, Don Frye and Bob Sapp in...
  30. rap battle translated into proper english
    link Helpful translation of what really transpires in a freestyle rap battle.
  31. How Not to break a world record
    LINK Color of Belt means nothing Lol's!!!!!
  32. Do you find this funny?
    Special Poetry Slam i personally cry every time i hear that vicious scream
  33. 10 Bizarre Ads
    Link to the 10 Bizarre Ads Motivational Posters some old ones some ones i haven't seen before but they still make me chuckle
  34. What not to do when getting arrested...
    New Hampshire police stopped Luis Aponte to discuss an outstanding arrest warrant against the 46-year-old. He tried to oblige, but words didn't come easy to Aponte, what with having 19 bags of...
  35. O.J. Simpson guilty of armed robbery, kidnapping
    Story Highlights NEW: Jury finds O.J. Simpson guilty of all counts in 2007 sports memorabilia heist Simpson did not testify; evidence came from tapes, former co-defendants Simpson, co-defendant...
  36. pretty pumped today
    got some booyah last night gents. this thread is not designed to really go anywhere, just thought i'd share the good news with my friends on the playground. and yes, it was a female.
  37. old clip Ken and Bas getting Owned, + other random intersting/funny stuff
    This is an older clip of a Dutch kickboxer by the name of Frank Lobman who works both Ken Shamrock and Bas Rutten in their early fight days. As you can see Frank Lobman has some nasty low kicks and...
  38. Daleys walk-out song
    Can someone who DVRd the EXC event do me a favor? I want to know the name of the song Paul Daley came out to. I know the artist is Bambu, but don't care to download 50 songs to find the right one.
  39. UFC Videos
    So I remember a couple months ago someone posted videos of UFC 40 to 60 with a bunch of the Fight nights. I cant find where it is on here. They were all links to a torrent site I think but he...
  40. can someone please explain something to me...
    okay, so i was reading my towns local newspaper this morning and saw an article that really made me mad. a black business man by the name of Ward Connerly has been on a "state-by-state war against...
  41. Some Real Classics Here
    The Sun is a UK Newspaper, and they have an online section for Teens who have problems, you have to laugh at some of these: "MY dad’s new girlfriend tried to make me have sex with her. I didn’t but...
  42. Jared ‘Skala’ Shaw reacts during Kimbo Slice vs Seth Petruzelli fight (gif)
  43. HOW BOUT DEM REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got to Dallas and beat the Cowboys and then go to Philly and KO the Iggles.
  44. Kimbo was robbed
    if given time to recover, he could have taken troy waugh down and subbed him easily.
  45. Poor Tim Sylvia....
    His loss to Fedor was so short, Affliction decided to make a commercial & show the whole thing. The problem for him was they didnt show it just once, i believe i saw it 7-8x last night. btw, sylvia...
  46. Lightning Strikes Gas Pumper: Video
    WOW! Link
  47. Cro Cop goes off on a journalist
    Oldie but goodie. Saw it reposted on another forum and though some of you might not have seen it. This is right after he fought Big Nog. ENJOY
  48. Dear patient who sh*t themselves in our lobby...
    Thank you. Nothing makes my day like being stuck in my office, kicked back in my chair, listening to some tunes and occasionally getting some work done. Oh, wait...I'm wrong. I just absolutely LOVE...
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  49. ufc 1
    link lol the ufc has come a long way
  50. not good with titles
    lol just something for the mma fans, its a fun video, i havent seen it in a long time have fun link
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