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  1. fight of the century!!
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  2. NCAA Football 09 Online Dynasty (Xbox 360)
    anyone up for doing an online dynasty? i got Ohio State DiabloFreak56 has Alabama everyone else post your teams
  3. 'Human jet' try due over English Channel
    i want to do this
  4. World's shortest man meets leggiest woman
    i dont really know much about this....but the pics makes me laugh usatoday story another link
  5. TUF help
    Can someone please post a link for The ultimate fighter 1 reunion and or tuf 8 eps Props will be given everywhere.
  6. MLB Playoffs 2008
    With a handful of regular-season games remaining, baseball's post-season is drawing near. The likely matchups... ALDS: Los Angeles Angels vs. Boston Red Sox. I think LA will have the home-field...
    What *is* this? I've just started noticing the ads today...
  8. Kimbo vs Blaine (video)
    So David Blaine did his Dive of Death thing last night, and Esther was right about the Kimbo Slice segment: There was no trick involved whatsoever. Blaine just let Kimbo haul off and slug him in the...
  9. Sadaam Huessin on prelim card for UFC 91?!?
    link to the wiki Says he fighting Tom Joad if you've read the The Grapes of Wrath
  10. 1 Million MMA Fights
    Millions of MMA LINKS you can diggit?!?!?!?!!?
  11. Butterbean Knocked Out
    Butterbean is now boxing again and last Sunday night we got floored in the very first round in Blackpool if you are interested in seeing how Butterbean looks now and see him getting knocked down ck...
  12. Butterbean Gets Floored Again
    Butterbean is now boxing again and last Sunday night we got floored in the very first round in Blackpool if you are interested in seeing how Butterbean looks now and see him getting knocked down ck...
  13. Dear USC Fans...
    ha ha ha. ha ha. ha ha ha ha. ......You lost to an unranked team! good luck next year! HAHA -the end
  14. Who went too far and got the Hot Chicks thread deleted???
    I just noticed it was gone..... and the only reason I can think of is someone was a DUMBA$$ and spoiled the fun for the rest of us.... Who ever it was please do the right thing...... On sherdog they...
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  15. Somali pirates steal battalion of T-72s
    From BBC News: Somalia's pirates seize 33 tanks. A Ukrainian ship seized by pirates off the coast of Somalia was carrying 33 tanks and other weapons, the Ukrainian defence minister has confirmed....
  16. Joe Buck Yourself
    Anyone familiar with Hank III will know who Joe Buck is. My question is this... Have you ever seen his solo gig? My buddy is bringing him to Fort Wayne here in a few weeks and I'm wondering if it's...
  17. What is your favourite film by Trey and Matt?
    So im just watching team America and thought id start this topic. Their must be some fans in the house. I personally love cannibal the musical, but its still a tough call. They have 2 new films...
  18. ATTN: Europe (UK, Italy, France, Netherlands, etc.)
    Left Lane Cruiser is on their way to rock your faces off! Here's what the tour dates are looking like. The tour kicks off tomorrow night (9/27) in London @ the Buffalo Bar. Make it to the show if you...
  19. Survivor in Africa
    Well its started again, anyone watch it?
  20. Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger
    Anybody planning to watch this on HBO. Can`t wait to watch it.
  21. Gruesome KO!
    I dont know if any of you are familiar with Felony fights...For those who arent its basically a bunch of morons that get ex-cons and low lifes and have them fight, very distasteful, has a bum-fights...
  22. God, i need to get me a Fro-Hat
  23. Henderson Autograph Signing
    I'm going to one next weekend and was wondering what should I expect? This will be my first so didn't know if anyone has gone to one of these and was wondering what I should bring ect. ect....
  24. Hurricane Ike
    I didn't die. thanks for checking on me
  25. Japan holds diaper fashion show for adults
    Japan has one of the world's most rapidly aging societies, and the fashion show Thursday proved the country's diaper producers are intent on keeping the elderly clean and dry. "Diapers are something...
  26. We are all friendly thread
    Okay, now that the storm is over it`s time to bring back the happiness to the playground. Better to laugh about it than cry. (Yeah I know I cried about for a whole day). My apologies to Hippysmaker...
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  27. BJ Penn's twin sister?
    Looks like BJ with a wig on
  28. Your NHL team?
    What are your favourite nhl teams? Mine is Jersey, and they are going to beat the Rangers again tonight.
  29. my 12 pack of beer fell
    I just got off of work closing my store for the night. I stoped to pick up my 12 pack(of bluemoon) for tomorrows NFL games. As I pull out the case of beer from my trunk the unthinkable happens I lost...
  30. Mosley vs. Mayorga (spoilers if you don't know results)
    Just some stupid thoughts on the fight- which was a pretty fun fight to watch. The first 3 rounds were way exciting but it kind of drug on throughout the middle. What a finish by Sugar Shane, though!...
  31. Asian elephant cured of heroin addiction
    An elephant that became addicted to heroin at the hands of illegal traders will return home Saturday after a three-year rehab program, Chinese media said. Xiguang, a 4-year-old male Asian elephant,...
  32. Mets yearly FAILURE: out of the playoffs....(sorry jjf74)
    once again, the Mets have been eliminated in the last games of the regular season. Who said lighting doesn't strike the same spot twice? FAIL
  33. HOW BOUT DEM REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Zorn has them boys playing some football
  34. Story too funny to hold in...
    Last night I was at a high school party that got busted up by the police. The girl who was throwing it's mom showed up when everyone started to clear out. To cut threw some boring parts I will skip a...
  35. Anquan Boldin hit in Jets vs. Cardinals
    Not sure how many of you guys saw this, but DAMN! Supposedly he's recovering ok but he was carted off the field directly afterward. He started moving all of...
  36. A Song To Make The Cowboys Fans Feel Better...And Avatar Bet
    Hail To The Redskins! Hail Victory! Braves On The Warpath, FIGHT FOR ALL D.C.! Sorry, but what a win that was yesterday. HAIL SKINS! Edit: This has turned into a 6 month avatar bet on the rematch...
  37. NLDS: Cubs -vs- Dodgers
    I reeeeeeeeeeeeally hope we don't have a repeat of last year. Or hell, a repeat of the last 100 years for that matter. Anyways...I says the Cubbies win it 4.
  38. Ovechkin?
    Does anyone think he'll lead the league in scoring again? I do.
  39. Evolution of Dance
    the most watched video on youtube, remember how many of these you have done! LINK
  40. Then I guess Boldin is glad he isnt in the CFL!!
    From week 2 this year...puts Boldin's getting laid out to shame! Whats also funny, you guys must see. QB Spikes ball on TD celebration, but nails himself in...
  41. Ice Cream From Mama
    PETA wants world-famous Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream to tap nursing moms, rather than cows, for the milk used in its ice cream. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is asking the ice cream...
  42. Slow Motion Face Punch
    it's new to me youtube never thought about lookin em up before until now, lots of good ones on youtube
  43. Aussie's are kinda mad.
    Now most of the people on this site are from America, and we all know NFL players get hit hard, but thats with pads on. Watch these videos, and you'll be coughing up blood for a week. This is how we...
  44. for those who love the classics, The Wandy TP Commercial
    never get titred of this Wandy says BAAAA edit: HOW DID I NOT EVER SEE THIS ONE? Sapp Time
  45. Funny CC shoe commercial
  46. Gina on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson *(Video)
    Gina Carano was on the late late show with Craig Ferguson yesterday, just came across the video so here it is for anybody that missed it. LINK
  47. Toronto Maple Leafs
    The leafs did jack shit this off season and got rid of key players and didnt really pick anyone up. with descions like that we are going to be wating a long time till they hit the cup, or even a...
  48. NHL 09 - XBOX360
    Anybody playing with a team in the EASHL or looking to create a team? My gamertag is evilwig
  49. Your worst injury??? any type
    so i was just sittin here wonder what peoples worst injuries they gotten are. yeah Im really bored lol. I've had a couple. When i was 7 or 8 i was ridin my bike (no shoes on) and it was raining a...
  50. Madden 2009 PS3
    Who else here is playing Madden 2009 on PS3? I'm interested in joining a league to develop my skills. If you have a league or are starting a league, could you please invite me!!! My PS3 user name is...
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