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  1. Die Hard 4 Trailer!!!! It's bad quality, so you might be able to find better. I've been a Die Hard fan all my life, I can't wait for this movie. Die Hard 3 kicked ass!
  2. Have you ever taken steroids?
    Have you ever taken steroids or any other illegal anabolic substances... HGH or whatever..? I've thought about trying it out but side-effects and it getting in the way of me competing in MMA made me...
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  3. Favorite place to vacation??
    White water Rafting anywhere in a blast man. I love Colorado period, its a beautiful place.
  4. Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager
    There are 7 episodes in total! It is Hilarious!
  5. Anyone from Missouri?
    if so, whereabouts? are there any good local MMA events to go see? I live in the northeast part of the state and there isnt crap around here. i was going to go watch the IFL in iowa, but i didnt have...
  6. Should weapons grade plutonium be legal?
    Just throwin it out there. Since guns are legal, should citizens be allowed to have access to weapons grade plutonium? Since handguns Automatic rifles etc are legal and serve a purpose in our society...
  7. Joe Rogan has heart
    The best friend a guy can have is one that will tell him when he has a gnarly hanger. Seriously, major props to Joe Rogan! I wish my friends would do the same.
  8. Worst Song Names of All Time!
    "It's hard to say I love you when you're sitting on my face!" is the name of a song by a relatively unknown band called KP. What are the funniest song titles you guys ever heard of?
  9. BJ Penn or Tito Ortiz
    whos a bigger jerk?
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  10. Your on death row....
    What do you order for your last meal??? Red Lobster Shrimp, Jack in the box tacos, TGI Fridays mashed Potatoes
  11. Favorite Family Guy Episode of all time??
    Down in Dixie....without a doubt!!
  12. Best 3:00 in the morning meal??
    Jack in the Box Tacos!!!
  13. Just got banned from Sherdog,
    lol, guess i'll be hanging out here instead, Banned for posting a naked picture of akira shoji when he was a child, A pic that akira has on his official website.
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  14. Guitar Solo?
    For the commitment required, you cannot beat the guitar practice to pussy ratio. Steve Vai performed both parts. Crossroads Duel This kid is amusing... He gets more than you. Canon in D
  15. Anyone Stayin up for PRIDE???
    Ill be up till 2 or3 or whenever it ends!!
  16. Who will be the biggest bust of 2007? (mlb)
  17. Who do you WANT to win the nba title?
  18. cummo drinks pee?
    did you hear rogan talking about cummo drinking urine everyday for the antibodies, and admitted to drinking some himself? it was also nice how haynes got the one leg take down on the ref at the end:)
  19. UFC Fight Downloads
    Does anybody know where I can download some UFC fights for free? Especially looking for Huerta fights
  20. Bob Sapp vs. Kimbo Slice...
    Who wins?
  21. Sopranos and Entaourage.......
    what did everyone think?????
  22. All time favorite country(besides USA or hometown country)
    Mine would have to be Germany what about you??
  23. Freerunning- Must See!
    District 13 Chase Two Brothers Free Running Free Running 2 Enjoy!
  24. Bad Entrance Songs
    what's up with some fighter's awful awful entrance songs! some make me want to put a bullet in my head, like matt hughes's wow. shut the hell up!
  25. Smaller wrestler takes out bigger bully
  26. Funny MMA Photoshops?
    I'll kick it off with a few:
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  27. What is the best entrance song for UFC?
    dont name an already chosen song i want a new one what would be good
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  28. Every weight class champ will be from TUF??
    Lw- Corey Hill WW- Josh Koscheck MW- Kendall Grove LHW- Bisping Heavyweight- Josh Haynes.......???
  29. Imus
    I think he needs to let his balls drop and stop playing into the game of al sharpton, he apologized already.
  30. Best Xbox 360 Game?
    Just bought a 360 and I need some ideas for games to buy. Lost of people say Gears of War, and Lost Planet. Any other suggestions?
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  31. I hate the Ipod Nano add
    If I here this chick tell me I won one more Ipod nano im going to tap her out . lol Seriously this has to be the most annoying pop up ever.
  32. Did anyone see 300 yet? and what did you think
    Excellent movie...reminded me alot of Troy , but alot more action....
  33. Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter II
    I dunno which game you preferred when growing up, but i was addicted to street fighter II. As far as game play went it beat mortal kombat hands down! Well for all you who argued with your mates back...
  34. I watched Sunshine lastnight
    went cinema with the girlfriend, managed to drag her into Sunshine, I was lclose to seeing the Premonition, believe. Now I wish I had, other than the visuals, what a aload of ball bag. Very...
  35. Hong Kong Movie Subtitles
    If you've ever watched a Hong Kong martial arts movie you'll find these pretty funny! Subtitles from actual Hong Kong Martial Arts films: I am damn unsatisfied to be killed in this way! Fatty, you...
  36. my new avatar>yours
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  37. The Other Son
    I don't know if anyone has seen this, but it's great! link
  38. My two newest highligh videos, check them out
    HL Video: WARRIORS I HL Video: WARRIORS II comments and feedback appreciated
  39. Should I buy a PSP?
    Anyone have one? Like it? No? Pros / cons... etc... It's stupid, but I ordered Pride's Hardcore KO's and accidentally got the wierd mini-disc PSP version... I was too lazy to return it on time, and I...
  40. Indie music... anyone?
    So I'm just curious, is there anybody else here that listens to indie music? I love the genre and I'm wondering if this thread could spark some good conversation about everyone's favorite bands and...
  41. Anyone a Freemason?
    Just got back from lodge and was curious if there were any other masons on here, and if so, what lodge are you from?
  42. Has any one played Fable
    it is so sick... if you havent played it try it. and it was game of the year. i give it a million
  43. It's on: Red Sox-Yankees 2007, round 1
    The Boston Red Sox (9-5, 68 RS, 36 RA) and New York Yankees (7-6, 83 RS, 57 RA) fire up the '07 season-within-the-season this weekend at Fenway Park. Gentlemen, this is a 5-round title fight in the...
  44. James Thompson thanks us after PRIDE 34
    JT shows his appreciation for the JAMES THOMPSON WARWAGON. For those who don't understand why we support him, this is why:...
    You have been selected to receive a free Xbox 360. Seriously... I gotta hear that shit about 5+ times in the 5 or so minutes I'm here browsing the site. It's extremely annoying and although I really...
  46. Luckiest find?
    Have you ever found something awesome or worth a good deal of money, and if so, what was it? Today at work, I busted open a roll of pennies, and found a wheat penny inside. My boss collects them and...
  47. happy 4/20
    happy 4/20 to fellow practicioners of the ganja i'll burn one down for everyone tonight
  48. Funniest Thread EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's like a 1,000 little gnomes with icey hands massaging your boys. LINK
  49. Picture discussion
  50. Do You Hate That Burger King Commercial As Much As I Do?
    The one with the guy in the bathtub promoting Spongebob? They play it at every ******* commercial break during The Ultimate Fighter and UFC related programming. It's driving me ******* crazy!!!!
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