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  1. MMA Playground Alumni
    Who hear on MMAPlayground joined the site when it first started?? ill go first.....I DID!! and it was the best decision i made in terms of finding a better MMA site.. to think i almost joined...
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  2. Best Shirt Ever!
    I love this shirt. If anyone knows where to buy it i will give you props for the link! HOLLA! AWESOME!!!
  3. Musical Profile
    I was browsing through the "what are you listening to" thread and I realized that a: there are a lot of people who like a lot of the same badass metal that I do and b: I don't remember seeing anyone...
  4. Will Tito get inducted into the UFC H.O.F?
    One of my favourite fighters Tito Ortiz love him or hate him he ruled the UFC LHW division for a long time, and was the poster boy for the UFC for a while, and IMO he deserves to be inducted into the...
  5. We need Metal Horns
    For emo-ticons on the site. Because the thumbs up doesnt always cut it.
  6. wikipedia ruined my day!!!!!!!
    alright get this, right before the main event tonight i went on wikipedia to see Josh Neer's record, because i never heard of him before. So when i was looking up his record it said he lost to Nate...
  7. New emoticons
    Anyone else notice the new emoticons(sp)?
  8. Cornerman Gets KO'd
    This is pretty funny! Ownage
  9. Student Passes Out While Practicing UFC Holds. (video)
    "lets choke each other and see who passes out first", Lol thats a first. Stupid kids, bad press for the UFC. Link
  10. the new Icons
    dont you just love the new Icons what do you guys think? I know there is a pimp one but this computer wont let me use it for some stupid reason.
  11. MMA Eliminations Season 2
    Essentially Survival MMA... Since the MMA Eliminations Season 1 was never finished and Survival MMA Season 3 is going to go on for a few more events I think we should revive another edition of MMA...
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  12. Can you smmeeeellllllllllll what Barack.... isss cookin?
    Trying to avoid an all out politico war here, but seeing who every one is voting for and why... This might escalate, so I put some pads around this room... Me, Im pretty far left so im going the...
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  13. The Diaz Brothers
    Nothing I hate worse then wannabe thugs, like that loser that got beat up on Tuf 8. That being said, there is nothing more beautiful to watch then 2 thugs in their natural enviorment. We should feel...
  14. Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    I love this show, It returns tonight in about an hour (my time). It is truly hilarious. Every episode of this show stands alone and will have you laughing your ass off. The characters are really...
  15. Favourite word for drunk
    Mine is Magget Used in a sentence I was soooo magget last night Lets get magget I am magget etc
  17. Happy Birthday to me!!!!
    Here is your chance to make my day or crush my world...... Answer the poll is 31 old????
  18. New Microsoft Ad (must see)
  19. Can Cote?
    IF Cote was allowed to have a weapon COULD he beat Silva? If so what weapon would it be, and how long would it take him? Could he get new weapons if he were to get disarmed by Silva? OH OH, how would...
  20. I'm Looking For a Fantasy League on
    I play the fantasy game on and I'm looking to join a league/team thingy, my username is 1Hutchinson1 and I've been playing seriously for the last 3 events, I've come in the top 150 for all 3...
  21. Funny Stuff
    Filipovic Wedding? Mirko's New Secret weapon.... The Windmill. Sakara's Dance > Rashad's dance LMAO. Get knocked out , punch the ref then celebrate your loss by mistaking thinking the ref has...
  22. Travis Barker/DJ AM critically injured
    This is shitty, hope all goes well. Prayers go out to the Barker/Goldstein (Dj AM) family link
  23. Three crazy pics form Hurricane IKE.
    This hurricane hit Galveston like a bomb. These are some crazy picsIMO.
  24. Truck bomb destroys Pakistan Marriott killing 40
    LINK In case nobody heard this happened about an hour ago in Pakistan. I wanted to post it as a simple reminder to everyone that a very significant terrorist threat is still out there in the world....
  25. Chicago Cubs - 2008 NL Central Division Champions!
  26. MMA: A Glorious Day
    Just a video I made if anyones interested: Here
  27. 2008 Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey MMAPlayground league (Head 2 Head version)
    Well Ive decided to start a head 2 head fantasy league for the playground. For those who would rather play head2head than roto, this is the league to join up. Looking for 10 teams...possibly 12, not...
  28. TV Presentor Laughs At Handicapped Baby (Video)
    What a complete dick!!! Video (It's from the British Deal or no Deal)
  29. For fans of Seth McFarlane humor....
    found this surfing on youtube today pretty good stuff IMO.....vids are retarded enjoy
  30. Must See: Bigger Stronger Faster
    I just saw the documentary: Bigger Stronger Faster it`s about sport, steroid and america. It`s also about the Bell brothers and how their life is affected by the steroid. I recommend it to everybody....
  31. Last game at Yankee Stadium
    Any baseball fan regardless of favorite team can at least acknowledge that Yankee Stadium is one of the best places to visit if you are a fan of the sport. From the pinstripes of the players, to the...
  32. Hockey Season is Upon Us
    Finally, it's been a looooong summer without Hockey. Thanks god for MMA! I have the Oilers winning the NW this year... any other hockey fans here?
  33. The "Things That Make You Laugh Out Loud" Thread
    Will Ferrell (He doesn't really even have to do anything to make me laugh. He's just that funny.) Steve Carrell (Same as Will Ferrell. He's just naturally funny.) Midgets (It's pretty...
  34. Mickey Mouse: Agent of Satan
    Saw this while reading my morning news. Taught it might interest some of you. Link
  35. Supernatural - the CW. What a great show- Do you follow it?
    Does anyone watch this show- My wife and I watch this pretty religiously and really enjoy it- the season premier was Thursday- and if you watched it then read on- (Spoiler) the Scene where Bobby and...
  36. Who is your favorite on heroes?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?(no spoilers)
    So who is it?!?!?!? sorry not enough # of choices for everyone so obviously we will get alot of others but ya. Who is your favorite and why? EDIT: BY THE WAY NO SPOILERS!!!!
  37. Dexter Season 3
    Anybody else pumped for beginning of season 3 of Dexter starting next sunday on Showtime. If you haven't got a chance to watch the first 2 seasons, i really suggest you do. It is a great show and i...
  38. One of the many cool things about MMA... the whole 6 degrees of separation aspect when it comes to fighters. (If you're not sure what I mean by the "6 degrees of separation", CLICK HERE .) I was just entering my picks for WVR and when...
  39. kimbo slice facebook group damn this guy here is really just pissing me off. he is so dumb (he is marc boisjili guy if you check the link.) he thinks kimbo discovered bas...
  40. Fight Gear Outlet Follow Up
    Got my refund e-mail the other day and will be getting the refund shortley just wondering what happened with you guys.
  41. Who makes highlights?
    Search found nothing, so Focus: who here makes highlights? what programs do you use? where do you get your footage mostly? (dvds, online...) what is something stylistically you try to put on it?...
    I'm not sure how many have you watch the news or have an opinion on this great big load of crap....... But have you heard of the 700 Billion dollar bail out for the stock market and banks???? Who the...
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  43. Fantasy Basketball Anyone?
    Yahoo Sports Fantasy NBA registration has just opened. I can make leagues for us if there's enough interest. I'll make a league if I can get at least 6 commitments. Edit: The sooner the better for...
  44. Can Kimbo KO David Blaine?
    We might find out tonight as part of David Blaine's latest death-defying stunt, according to Mania: One of the stunts Blaine has on tape that will be part of the broadcast will be him showing off his...
  45. Things that suck...
    Pico de Gallo Chinese Food Narrowmindedness Double Standards Drinking milk at other peoples' houses
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  46. 18 years old
    I think this is the most over rated age ever. It's exciting leading up to it like hey I'll be 18, but then when you actually turn 18 nothing is new. I can get a tattoo (I am on saturday), I can buy...
  47. My 1 Year Anniversary!
    Well, now i can officially say that i have been on this great site for one whole year! i have really appreciated all of the intense discussions i have been apart of here on the playground and this...
  48. Wolverine the movie.Trailer leaked!
    Looks pretty badass to me.What do you guys think based soley on the trailer?
  49. Dragon ball the movie.Piccolo revealed.
    I have to say I am very dissapointed.He's not even green.
  50. MMA word Association
    With some intersting personalities here JJfreak and emfllek off the top of my head (still cant get the face slapping dildo pic out of my mind). Type the first thing that comes to your mind: This...
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