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  1. ...and the announcement is...
    Former UFC Champion Matt Hughes will fight this little girl @ UFC 91!!!
  2. Turtle Power! Check out my new (old) toys!
    If you were a kid in the late 80's- early 90's you'll appreciate this. I reunited them courtesy ebay. For those who are a little more aquainted with them, Donnie & Raph are soft heads. Very rare. And...
  3. Grand Theft Auto Coke Commercial
    I thought it was kind of funny LINK
    This video is perfect for all of those who hate all of the Tard Outs and posers that think they are hot sh*t because they watch UFC. if you're anything like me, you'll be in tears from laughing so...
  5. What will you base your vote on ??? Presidential election 08
    The election is comming up fast and I have read a wide arrangment of opinions on the site, it got me wondering.... What is the most important issue to you?? How big of a deal is it to you on who...
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  6. We Now Live "In A World Where Movie/TV Trailers Will Never Be The Same"
    Don LaFontaine, better known as "that announcer guy from the movies" who did the voices of thousands of movie trailers, TV commercials, and spoofed himself in a great GEICO commercial a couple years...
  7. Props to posts
    Who has the best prop to post ratio. 30 props from 68 posts aint bad
  8. SURVEY: Points per event in both PRI and SEC leagues?
    PRIMARY: 50.9 points per event SECONDARY: 46.6 points per event Weeeeeeeeeeeak sauce. You?
  9. How can she slap?!? (Indian Reality TV goes wrong)
    LINK Must see, one of the funniest things i've seen in a while
  10. Sportsrage
    I was wondering if anybody saw BJ on Sportsrage last night, it was pretty cool, I only caught the second half. I'm looking for a video.
  11. anyone know who ricky gervais is?
    i am a big big fan of pretty much whatever he does... just curious if he is a household name yet, or if the majority has never heard of him.
  12. Study reveals Australia suffering from 'man drought'
    Link Road, I mean Boat Triiiiiip!
  13. Do you believe in Global Warming?
    Here's an interesting story on the front page of Yahoo! Arctic Ice Shelf the Size of Manhattan Breaks off I'm wondering what people's thoughts on Global Warming are. We cannot deny the natural...
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  14. Little Boy Get's KO'd And Friends Laugh At Him
    They shouldn't have, but they couldn't help laughing at him, poor lad. Young Kid gets KO'd
  15. The Season Starts tonight
    I dont know if its just me but im so pumped for the NFL season to start especially with my team (the giants) starting it off tonight. i cant wait for this sunday as well. best time of the year MMA...
  16. Tech people..i need help
    trying to edit some HL videos (you guys are prolly sick of hearing about them) i need some sort of program that can cut clips apart when i import them to my editing program, they are too big and take...
  17. Scorpion King 2 is a hit!
    Yo've got to be kidding me. It sold 700,000 copies in the first week! Link
  18. Death Magnetic
    A few days ago I downloaded the new Metallica album; Death Magnetic. I was expecting the same old newer sounding Metallica heard on their albums of the 90's. I had somewhat of a glimmer of hope from...
  19. NFL Regular Season Kickoff Redskins Vs. Giants
    The Giants came out looking very impressive in the first quarter. Eli led the team down the field and they got in the endzone. after that drive they just couldn't get the offense going again....
  20. Worlds Maddest Peadophile
    How weird is this guy (video)...... Link
  21. Picture of Dana saving Rampage
    Credit: Sherdog forum post off the homepage
  22. Live UFC 88 stream
    Anyone know where i can watch a free live stream of UFC 88? Im just too broke to buy this one, sux.
  23. One of the funniest stories you will ever read
    Tonight me, jiujitsufreak74, and diablofreak56, bought a 10 inch long black dildo from a porn shop to go around a mess with people with it. we stop at burger king to get some food and we see 2 people...
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  24. Matt Brown rocking the christian treasure trail!
    Anyone else notice Matt Brown's crucifix-inspired manscaping?
  25. Dead Baby Jokes please don't read if offended easy
    I just got in trouble for responding to a comment someone made about punching babies by saying it was funny. I didn't think i should have been in trouble but oh well. I just wanna get some dead baby...
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  26. What's with Sundin?
    Whats the final verdict on what hes doing. I heard he's going to the Rangers but I have no idea if thats true or not. Can anyone fill me in?
  27. English 101
    I know some of you will agree with me on this and others will tell me to take a but I think it needs to be said. Not only does proper grammar and spelling make a post easier to read, but it also...
  28. Dana White Action Figure Thread? :S
    Where has it gone? I've checked in the Padded Room and Locker Room but I can't find it, I've also tried using the Forum Search but nothing comes up. It's odd because I downloaded the picture, saved...
  29. anyone wanna play soul caliber 4 online
    pm me. only ps3 though
  30. Anderson silva is the Besssssssssssst!
    dont people understand that anderson silva is the baddest most pulchritudinus,mazing,beautiful,voodoo,majestic fighter on the planet.feodr is great.i love penn is amazing yet not one of them...
  31. bodog + parlay question
    ok, so i put a 4 bet parlay on bodog of dong hendo machida anderson silva i did it a day before thiago silva pulled out of the fight, how will it be handled? will they pull the bet and give me my...
  32. Aussies Only
    Just curious to see how many aussies there are on the playground. Post where in aus you are from. Me Newcastle NSW
  33. Chuck a gatekeeper?
    So Chuck was the big dog on the block for a few years in the UFC. People know who he is less than avg. fans would pay to watch. So he sells tix and seems to sell the likes of Rampage, Jardine, Wandi,...
  34. Opening nfl weekend
    Wow. NYJ vs Miami and New Orleans vs the Bucs were good to the last second. And better yet Drew Brees is on a few of my fantasy teams to get me 24 points!!!! i love football...
  35. Fight Magazine Curse???
    I'm a reader of Fight! magazine monthly and i love it. But it appears that they have a cover curse. It goes pretty far too. Brock Lesnar on cover - lost to Mir Dan Henderson on cover - lost to Silva...
  36. Great MMA managment game.
    Someone else turned me onto this and it seems like it's pretty cool... I just started and I wanted to pass on the love. Click here to check it out
  37. Tom Brady = done for the year (ACL)...
    ...according to numerous sources. Sorry Pats fans.
  38. anybody know the chief?
    someone said this was the best way to ask a certain question........i'm testing if it works....
  39. If You're Not Drunk Does She Have To Wash-up First?
    So you're about to mix body fluids with her and you know it's unlikely she's been in the shower lately plus, you're stone cold sober. What happens next? Do you grin and bare it not knowing how clean...
  40. Monday Night Football: Vikings Vs. Packers
    Who do you guys think will win tonight? i'm taking the Packers not only because i am a Packer fan haha but i think they have a great team this year even without Favre. the Packers defense is very...
  41. attention Gears of War fans!!!
    so i was on youtube looking up stuff about GOW2. i found this awesome video that shows some of the cool stuff and things that the player can do in the new game... including finishing off downed...
  42. Chuck Liddell - Where Is He Now?!?!
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  43. Movie Review: Mirrors
    I usually blog reviews of movie's I have seen and thought I would share them with you. First let me explain my ratings system based upon midgets and hot dogs. Midgets 1 Midget - This movie was cool....
  44. Dear Kimbo fan...
    Don't EVER tell me that you think Chuck Liddell should retire because he is "overhyped" and a "one-dimensional striker". You should lose your Man Card for that. I seriously had an argument on a local...
  45. Funny mma related picture thread
    Just because you cant ever get enough of these
  46. Alright, this is ridiculous
    Why did Ben_Hutch's thread with the Chuck Liddell pictures get deleted? i don't understand why there is a problem with it and it is seriously making me furious that people flipped out about it. this...
  47. College Football Game of the Week: Ohio State Vs. USC
    USC They're coming off a bye week but had a HUGE win over Virginia in week 1. a lot of people are overrating USC because of that game in my opinion. Virginia isn't nearly as good this year as they...
  48. A bookmark packrat shares some random funny/odd links
    I have a ginormous folder system of saved bookmarks on my home computer, organized in a dozen+ topics. While reviewing some of my finds today, figure'd I'd post a sampling of stuff from the...
  49. Funny as hell!... But at the time...
    We'll guys I'm back in my shiny new student house and already I'v got a new topic for the padded room. We've just been talking about things that are funny to look back on but weren't at the time!...
  50. Liddell and Forrest in WSOP
    It's on right now ESPN.
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