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  1. Online real money MMA betting
    I'm thinking about getting into this but I'm a little hesitant. Has anyone ever been screwed over, and if so, which site? Aside from that, if not, what sites do you find are reliable and offer the...
  2. Rachelle Leah
    Is posing nude for playboy!!!!! The issue comes out in 3 months. It's on if u don't believe me
  3. MMA: Face The Pain
    Made this a week or so ago: Video
  4. Soul Calibur IV
    So I've been a fan of the series but yesterday when I finally bought this game it was another thing. Almost cried seeing SC in HD and how awesome and smooth it looks. Just a few changes as they've...
  5. For anyone who's seen my Frank Mir HL
    I made a new one(same clips different song) because the consensious is that it's a good video, bad song, I wanted to change that. So I'm deleting the original version and The Mir V.2 HL should be up...
  6. So I got busted!
    This was taken at ufc87. I told my buddy wouldn't it be cool if I got a pic with Edith looking right at her chest As you can tell, they are massive
  7. Caption this photo of Tito and Jenna
  8. So, Does Anyone In Pittsburgh Know If All The Girls Are Like This?
    If they are, I gotta move there. I met 3 of them for lunch today in DC (event as part of a social networking group we're all members of), and without giving too much away, let me just say they...
  9. EBGames
    Hey I was thinking about trading my xbox360 in with all my games and maybe even spme of my older systems and I was just wondering do u get money when you trade them in or just store credit?
  10. Overall Health = Sexual Health
    A few months ago, I could last seven or eight minutes in bed. Then the boxing coach's took the summer off (They also couched t-ball). And therefore I did not exercise at all. And I began to last two...
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  11. MMAPlayground Fantasy League #2 - ONE MORE TEAM NEEDED!!!
    I recently started a 2nd MMAPlayground fantasy league on Yahoo. Right now, we have 9 managers and we're still in need of 1 more to round out the league. If you're interested, and you're DEVOTED...
  12. emfleek -vs- cowcatcher (6-month Av bet)
    DETAILS: If the Cubs win the NL Central, emfleek wins. If they don't, cowcatcher wins. It's that simple. The loser must proudly sport an avatar of the winner's choice for a period of 6 (six) months....
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  13. Should I start Jon Garland Tonight -vs- Tampa Bay Rays ???
    pretty bored, been at work for a lil' over an hour now. This by the way is for my baseball fantasy league. Here's the deal, I already have C.C. Sab. starting and Jorge Campillo also, im least certain...
  14. Pre-season NFL Picks
    AFC Championship Game: Chargers vs. Titans NFC Championship Game: Vikings vs. Seahawks Super Bowl: Chargers vs. Seahawks Winner: Chargers Whats your predictions
  15. Need help making a tribute vid!!!
    Hey I am making a UFC tribute video but I have encountered a problem, I have the UFC best of 2007 with all the fights I wanna put on my video but, I can't seem to make it load to Windows movie maker,...
  16. Fay
    I was just wondering if ayone else in the Florida area has felt the effects of Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Fay, I live in Daytona Beach and were not to worried about it here, but it is enough to get me...
  17. do y'all ever catch that intervention show?
  18. Red Bull Supreme
    Ok, so I am a bit of a caffiene addict but I don't like most energy drinks cause of their taste. I drink a lot of Mountain Dew and really havn;t found anything better. Lately though, my friend came...
  19. Is their anyone who can make me an Internet Banner for my COD 4 Clan *** Props ***
    So my Clan is on and we want a Banner that's really cool, a Custom Banner Here's the Design, 400x400, A Banner with A Golden Desert Eagle Gun in the Middle and Golden Deagles written...
  20. Clay Guida Avatar??
    Can anyone hook me up with a Clay Guida GIF for my avatar??? I tried making one but got frustrated and said the hell with it I know I need to upgrade to premium and it will probably happen...
  21. Is there anyone that you think could beat Bruce Lee?
    I was just wondering your thoughts on this topic, Bruce Lee is argueably the creator of MMA, without him there would be no UFC, no Affliction or any other orgs. He taught the ever famous Chuck...
  22. Who do you think is the Best at What They Do?
    There are so many great athletes, today in so many sports and I was just wondering who you guys think is the best at what they do?
  23. My thoughts on today's society
    These are just my opinions, so I'd like to say that I'm not tryin to offend anyone, though I've never met a person who gets so much criticsm for their opinion than I do. Todays society is just...
  24. 153 Dead in Spanish Plane Crash
    "The death toll from a passenger plane crash at Madrid's Barajas airport has risen to 153, Spain's government says. Nineteen people survived when the plane swerved off the runway but some are in...
  25. I'm The One Person In America...
    Who liked Never Back Down. I know shocking right, an MMA fan who like that movie, well there's at least one which makes me a minority. I mean it's not the best movie by far but it made me laugh, it...
  26. I need help with an avatar.
    Ok so I found a new avatar that i like, its one of the gif (or whatever their called). but every time I upload it on here, it appears like a picture. the person in it doesnt move likes its supposed...
  27. Racewalking is not a sport!
    Literally it gives the olympics as much credibilty as the Black Entertainment Awards. If it were up to me the finish line would be a burning pit of fire. They would all fall in. Then we would laugh.
  28. Is it really worth the Olympic Gold? *must see*
  29. entrance theme
    What is that song called that Bisping comes out to now?
  30. any AOTS fans here catch Olivia shaved Kevin's head...?? (Pretty Shocking)
    WOW....I had not seen AOTS for about a month,and yesturday i finally decided to watch the show.Boy did i just witness the most shocking moment in AOTS history.....if you're a all know how...
  31. Yahoo Salary Cap Football - Playground style...JOIN NOW!
    Salary Cap Football is now open! This game is like the full game but with one kicker: You have to stay under a salary cap every week while assembling the top players with your limited funds. It's...
  32. Men and Women's 4x100 Relay
    I can't believe that both the men and women dropped the baton and won't be in the finals...anyone else in disbelief?
  33. I need a converter
    a program mac OS if possible, to convert avi. files to mepeg or quicktime etc. i am trying to use them in an editing program (final cut pro) which doesnt support avi. PROPS for any help
  34. ??????????
    My non mma motivational posters topic is gone wtf???!!!!
  35. The Darwin Awards
    its basically a website dedicated to acknowledging all the stupid ways people have died, u know? natural selection.... anyways incase u've enver heard of it here's the link Enjoy.
  36. photoshopped fighters
    i was messin around on photoshop wich im not that good at ! and decided to put the rua brothers on the front cover of the blues brothers film. Depending on feedback i want to loads of these pictures...
  37. Fruit Flies Love Beer
    So I left home for a few days ago to go up north and the day before I had a beer and didnt finish the last sip at the bottom and just left it there without thinking and I didnt have a window open. I...
  38. For Argument's Sake.....
    BJ vs GSP imo will have more talent & athleticism in the octagon than there has ever been. so, in your opinion, can any past fight, ring or octagon, beat it? i know this is an arguable topic w/ no...
  39. Fail x2
    Fail Fail x2
  40. South Park yourself
    Get onto this website, create yourself then post it. This is me in all my glory. I call this picture MR AWESOME
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  41. Top Contenders in each State/State Champs?
    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to find out who the State Champs are for each state? :)
  42. Penn&Teller Bullsh!t
    I'll link up some videos in the morning. Anyway does anyone else watch this show? I've been watching an episode whenever i get the chance these last few days, i am hooked and worried about how stupid...
  43. Famous, Funny Movie Quotes Game....(4 props)
    anyways...I thought this would be fun and dont know if this has been done before....and if it has...screw it..lets start again........I start by saying a famous quote in a funny movie....first one...
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  44. More Olympic Drama....This time it gets ugly....
    Matos faces lifetime ban after kicking referee following match BEIJING -- Cuba's Angel Matos deliberately kicked a referee square in the face after he was disqualified in a bronze-medal match,...
  45. Any Fans Of Matisyahu
    He's a jewish reggae singer, and it's good ******* music. Take a listen Matisyahu - Jerusalem
  46. 2008 NCAA Football Season discussion
    Its almost here!!! The new season!!!! and my school is ranked #1 on all polls.... with Stafford, Moreno, King, MoMas and AJ Green I see the Dawgs scoring at least 42 each game . So glad we're playing...
  47. how do i save files from ufc ondemand
    i have th eunlimited pass, and id like to use some of trhe files for HL vids. ive seen them available in torrents, anyone know how to save them?
  48. 10 sexiest Female MMA fighters
    Well, Here you have it. Link
  49. Pride Fan (PC) and UFC Fan (Mac) cartoon
    + another Fail as bonus
  50. Just got a new TV and hung it on the wall!!!
    Its a 52 inch LCD 1080p flat screen..... My wife is upset but I really don't care So do you guys have any tips for this thing??? Here is the TV Props to the help that really helps me
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