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  1. Well......
    Well its one in the morning here and there is nothing to do but post and I need someone to talk to anyone up for a talk about anything type of conversation!! Any topic would be fine. So ill start off...
  2. Australian Football League!!!
    because of the favourite/least favourite sports thread i decided to make a thread about my favourite of all sports AFL I grew up watching this sport and its is one of the greatest sports anyone could...
  3. Morgan Freeman Seriously Injured In Car Accident!
    Hope he's alright. I've always really liked him. link
  4. just a funny video
    link why do this idk but if you make it i will watch lol
  5. Would you rather?
    I couldnt find the old thread to resurrect it..But i remember it being pretty funny.. So ill start a new one...Who ever answers can start the next... Would you Rather Karaoke Its Raining Men by the...
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  6. Man Calls 911 After Subway Forgot His Sauce
    911 is probably the most important phone number in our society. It’s a dependable lifeline you can reach out to when you are seriously injured, being attacked…or if that lazy Subway sandwich artist...
  7. Montauk Monster Looks crazy
  8. Dear Edouard,
    You are a total pain in the anus. your pal, tortillas
  9. Fantasy Football (for those that missed the first league) 8 CURRENT MEMBERS, MORE SPOTS AVAILABLE!
    Okay well I see that the other mmaplayground fantasy football league is full and is on its way to drafting Is there any other people who would be willing to do a Fantasy Football Draft? I was...
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  10. Gaelic Football
    just saw the aussie rules topic so i thot id make a gaelic football one any of you guys ever seen some gaelic football mix between rugby and soccer
  11. Your Must Have Games From Now Till End of 08'
    ** Too Human -Aug. 19--Just Awesome...The demo is amazing and cant wait for the real thing.. ** Street Fighter IV - Aug. 20--Street Fighter fan for life Mercenaries 2 -Aug. 31--BOOOOOM! ** Fallout 3...
  12. MMAPlayground on Facebook
    just saw this on facebook, the playground on facebook so if you've got a facebook account, come and join!
  13. Most Overused Emoticon
    I've noticed that certain emoticons get used way too much. Which one would you like to see removed from existence?
  14. Funny things you've overheard...
    Today I was walking home from work and was crossing the field. Ahead of me their was a group of lads about 10 or 11 talking about their girlfriends. One of the kids started off saying he had recently...
  15. Unnecessary Censorship Compilation
    These are some of the funniest things i've ever seen, so here are a few of them. I highly recommend the sesame street one, rampage is also in 21. Jimmy Kimmel show is severely underrated. 1 year...
  16. MonsterQuest
    Tv show usually on the History channel. Anyone ever watch it?? I do and in my opinion its one of the best / interesting shows out there. Your thoughts..
  17. Internet MMA Game
    I think mmaplayground should start their own internet mma game. Ive been to other ones and they are way too confusing and have a really bad setup. i think the makers of mmaplayground should make an...
  18. Beijing Olympics 2008
    I'll sticky this until the games are over. As always I am excited to watch the games. However, as per usual a number of events I want to see are not televised in Canada. I have heard that online...
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  19. The Proper Way to Fight Fedor
    This is exactly how I would fight Fedor.
  20. This makes me proud to be a Hoosier...
    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - A Fort Wayne man was arrested Monday for felony Public Indecency after police saw him standing naked in the window of his home. Around 10:30 p.m. Monday evening, a Fort...
  21. this is a most see lol
    i found this for the people of mmaplayground to lol at have fun link
  22. Can anyone tell me the song from this commercial?
    i have been killing myself trying to figure out what song this is but to no avail. it is from the AT&T commercial with the Techno Twins. here is a link to the video: LINK
  23. good pranks
    here are some good pranks
  24. Which TUF Winner will have the most success throughout their career?
    I dont know if a thread like this has been posted, but I was just wondering which TUF winner from every season will have the most success thourghout their career?
  25. Scorpion king 2
    it does have randy in it so i'am obligated to see it, but i must say that his movie is probally gonna be horrible. idk though it could be good. but it is going strait to dvd. what do you think it's...
  27. So How Will The Jets Do With Favre?
    Since the other thread didn't have a poll and I wanted to do one, here it is: How Favre...I mean far, haha, will the J-E-T-S go this season? (As for the other QBs, they'll probably trade or release...
  28. Who does Fedor have to beat to convince people he is the best?
    I wrote this topic because it seems there are so many people who dislike Fedor and pick against him because they think he's overrated.Obviously a scrub like tim sylvia is not enough. but he beat Big...
  29. NCAA Football Pick 'Em (Yahoo)
    League ID: 5363 Password: tapout LINK We WILL NOT be using point spreads OR confidence points. Straight pick 'em. Join if you're interested! 50 members max!
  30. Pro/NFL Football Pick 'Em (Yahoo)
    League ID#: 2822 Password: pickem LINK We WILL NOT be using point spreads OR confidence points. Straight pick 'em. Join if you're interested! 50 members max! ------------------------ ALSO... Salary...
  31. Atlanta
    Has anyone been to the Philips Arena in Atlanta, if so whats the layout of seating cause I might be going to UFC88. Thanks casey64
  32. Pineapple Express!!!!
    I saw the movie last night...... And I have to say it is one of the most hilarious movies I have ever seen.
  33. Watching UFC 87 online...
    Where can I watch UFC 87 online? I'm broke as a friggin' joke and as much as I hate to "steal" from the UFC and its fighters, there's no way in hell I can miss this event!!! I used
  34. Worlds Biggest Ecstasy Bust
    i just saw on the news that there was a HUGE ecstasy bust in Australia. There was around 4.4 tonnes of it with an estimated street value of about 440 million dollars!! 16 people arrested from around...
  35. Melvin Manhoef Takes On 5 Year Old Son "Million Manhoef"
    Manhoef's son is a badass! Little Manhoef
  36. Spurs ball boy jokes
  37. Madden 09 - August 12th
    If ya'll can't wait like me for the new Madden, heres a little appetizer for ya. Web Link Above is a link where you can see the new features, and see something called "Madden Virtual Trainer" it all...
  38. SURVEY: What fight are you most excited for @ UFC 87?
    Personally, as much as I'm stoked to see Fitch and GSP, I think FlorianHuerta has Fight of the Year written all over it.
  39. emfleek = quit smoking
    Well, I can't technically say I 'quit' just yet. It's been about 26 hours since I had my last cigarette. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it... Feel free to share your success stories and/or hints and...
  40. Interviews
    I just had an interview for a job at a MAJOR company its been a long time sense I had one it was kind of tough but the pay is 60,000 plus a 60,000 bounus every year so really its like 120,000 a year...
  41. See you at 87
    I am heading out to UFC 87. Look for me in the upper deck with my playground T-shirt on. I'll try to get some pics.
  42. Madden 09 XBOX 360 league (reply to join)
    As you are aware Madden 09 will have online leagues. I have yet to see if we are able to draft our players for our teams, or only pick a team and trade with other teams. Regardless I will be setting...
  43. photo of the vehicle driven by the woman hit by Rampage
    Photo posted over at Allegedly a photo of the vehicle driven by the woman hit by Rampage. Damage to the driver's side, including the rear frame, the front door, and the rear side...
  44. Joe Rogan
    I've been watching some of his standup lately and he's funny as hell. Anybody else think he's hilarious?
  45. Any hardcore/metal heads out there?
    I was just wondering if there are any serious hardcore/metal fans out there who wanted to brag about there local heavy music scene? I'm from upstate NY (Albany to be precise, 518). The scene here is...
  46. Breaking-Bernie Mac Dies
    Sad but true-actor/comedian Bernic Mac has died. CHICAGO - Bernie Mac, the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor and comedian who worked his way to Hollywood success from an impoverished upbringing...
  47. MMA Comic Book
    This prob has been said before but I think a comic about MMA would be amazing. Everytime I see Coutdown to UFC__ I think how the back stories and matchup's could make a great comic. Not only that but...
  48. Shut up about what fighters make
    the UFC still pays good. better than any small org fighters come up in. The fighters sign contracts knowing they can make it big and when that contract ends if they blew up they get a better one. I...
  49. Joe Lauzon=Wentworth Miller
    after watching the 3 season of prison break i noticed the resemblance of jo and michael Scofield dont you
  50. Funny MMA Videos Here's a few funny MMA videos that some people may wanna see. My favorite is the GSP vs Hughes street fighter one.
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